Teething is a Bitch.

Yes it sure is.. It is so hard watching your little one go through that kind of pain. They fight sleep, they cry more often, they want to be on you but then they push you away. I wish our babes were born with Holes for their little teeth.

I thought I would share a few products that have helped me get through this little teething time with my little fella.
Mama Body Baby Bliss Tea

In the day I make little Cruz up a batch of Mama Body Baby Bliss Tea. I give the recommended dose and I drink the rest. I find it very calming for myself and him.

Amber necklace. All I can say is, if you haven’t got one.. Get one. These babies are amazing for dribbling. When Cruz is not wearing it he dribbles so bad. But when it’s on it’s very minimal. I got this from Wray organic. You can also buy at most health shops and baby stores.


This teething necklace helps to distract my little man plus is easy and safe for him to chew on. I often wear this, so when I’m holding Cruz he can hold it and chew on it as he pleases.

Designed & made in Australia by Dandelion Baby, The stunning Trixie Fresh Mint silicone teething necklace is made with 100% non-toxic food grade silicone which is free from chemicals BPA,PVC phthalates, cadmium and lead.

Teething necklace  available from

For Mumma & Bubba- Dandelionbaby Trixie Fresh Mint Teething Necklace
For Mumma & Bubba-Silicone Elephant Teething Toy Aqua

Teething Toy available from
For Mumma & Bubba-Silicone Elephant Teething Toy Aqua

Cruz loves to chew on this. It’s safe for him to chew on and I put it in the fridge which helps to cool his gums. This helps to relieve some of his pain. These soft chewable Elephant teethers are made from 100% non-toxic food grade silicone too.

Last of all my favourite Homepathic product is Brauer Baby & Child Teething liquid.

This stuff is amazing, I was the recommended this by my midwife. You can give it quite often. He helps to calm and relax Bub. I highly recommend this.

Cold cucumber and carrot sliced a thick enough for Cruz to hold has also been a go to for us. Plus he loves the taste of them’

Last of all.. Mummy cuddles. These help a lot.. He has been extremely clingy, not that I don’t love the extra cuddles but I do want him to be pain free.

Any other tips, please comment below.

Don’t forget to check out @for_mumma_and_bubba, @braueraus, @mamabodytea on Instagram for more great products and tips.

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