Tiny Tonics – natural/organic baby products! 

I was lucky enough to trial the fantastic new range from “Tiny Tonics” .. Let me just say Wow! I am so happy with all the products..

Cassie (the owner of Tiny Tonics), has a child of her own. So she knows first hand the importance of using natural ingredients and the effectiveness of essential oils.  She also has a background in neonatal intensive care nursing and has studied baby massage. I think it is important as a mumma to know you are buying from. It’s great to know that the products have been created by an experienced mum who knows what they are talking about. She has experienced what us new mummas are going through.

Cruz has been teething and just started solids so his bottom has been sore for days. I’m all about natural products so I was very pleased to received the bottom balm at a time in need. So many products on the market are filled with nasty chemicals.. I’m just not one to put poison on my child’s bottom.

The bottom balm comes in a small compact size, perfect for the nappy bag. However it holds 50g full of goodness. You only need a small bit on the hand to apply to the affected area. Within 2 days Cruz’s bottom had cleared up. I’m going to continue to use the bottom balm to prevent the sore bottom again.

Tiny Tonics’ bottom balm can also be used to help soothe minor skin irritations such as eczema, itchy bites, sunburn, etc. This bottom balm is also cloth nappy safe.

I did a online baby massage course so I have also enjoyed using the Sleepy baby massage oil as well.

I have added it to my night time routine with Cruz. Naked time, bath, massage, story, fed, sleep.

Cruz also loves his feet massaged too.. So early this morning we did just that.. Love baby feet.. Just so cute.. The massage oil smells divine too.

If you are interested in checking out the entire range.. Head over to Tiny Tonics Instagram page for more tips and useful hints for looking after your young bubs and children.

Tiny Tonics – Instagram..

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