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I first came across Kaotic Mumma about a month after I gave birth to Cruz. I loved her strength to be honest on her Instagram. It inspired me to do they same. Being a first time mum I was overwhelmed and it was nice to know that there was other mummas going through the same thing. I love how something such as a social media site could help you form bonds with other people you hardly know. I wanted to know more about this community I see on the daily on my news feed. I love to follow people that are real and not just a staged photo. I am inspired by people in this world that are raw and honest. So today is the first on hopefully many #showtherealyou features on my blog.

I asked Kaotic Mumma to share a more in death part of her journey with you all.

This is her story…

Kaotic Mumma came from starting a fashion blog with my bestie but then realising I wasn’t posting contributing to our collaboration as I was too self-conscious of being unfashionable while I was pregnant with my third child. So, due to my chaotic lifestyle, Kaotic Mumma came to life. For me, it’s also a way to find out about new brands, interact with other mums and keep a little of my sanity. I just wish I had started 5 years ago as a lot of questions I had could have been answered or made me feel less of a failure along the way.

I am Mum to three gorgeous children and have the most wonderful Step Daughter who makes our life a thousand times easier than I could ever imagine. Most of the time, I could not be more proud of the 4 children we have under our roof and am blessed to call my family. Our life is busy, but it’s great. Don’t get me wrong, some days are terribly difficult flying solo. The tantrums, the crying, the wanting to be picked up and carried everywhere…but this is my life. These are the choices we made. I am blessed to be able to have children and healthy children at that.

To add to our chaotic lives, I decided to study after having our third child and I have 2 weeks to go…thank goodness. Working 2 days a week, running a household while my husband works away 5 days of the week and studying has been a big challenge, but I can see the end goal of eventually becoming a national trainer in Beauty Therapy within the next 5 years.
I have a basic routine in my life, which helps me get through each day – just to keep my tiny bit of sanity. Every morning I get up and I do a 5 minute workout. I find if I do this first thing in my pjs then I have my head space ready (most of the time) for what the day is going to throw at me…or what my “threenager” may literally throw at me!!!!!!

If I can, I will try to get to the gym. I am hoping this becomes a regular event in my week now they have just started to do classes with a crèche. Having Nug away for work eliminates any time I have to myself to allow me to duck to the gym, so to have the crèche open is a blessing. Gone are the days of Jameson (now 7 months) sitting there in his pram or being entertained by the staff…which is amazing of them, but does make me feel a little guilty to be working out. I find I am constantly in my active wear. Most of the time I have all intentions of working out, going for a walk or a class at the gym. Other days I’m literally going to do my housework or grocery shopping. Who am I kidding? Even just having coffee in my active wear. It’s funny, I am so naive about the many different and current brands when it comes to active wear but the great thing about Instagram is that I am discovering brands I never knew about. Now that I have started going to the gym more, I am looking forward to trying out some new active wear labels (let me know ladies I love a recommendation). At the moment though, my wardrobe consists of a whole lotta Lorna Jane.

When having a rough day, I honestly have no go to remedy. My family live interstate so I can’t call around to vent or grab a hug, I just have to push through. Sometimes I’ll have a cry, it can all get a bit overwhelming and other days I am not so proud of. These are the days I am short tempered and snappy, but generally I just stop…breathe.. re-group…and move forward. These are the cards I have been dealt. Breathe again!!!

My mantra is “trial and error” if it doesn’t work one way try another. I started this approach over 6 years ago with my youngest sister when my nephew was born. Every baby is different, each of my children are different. I very quickly learnt that if one way doesn’t work, try another approach. Life is a learning curve. I don’t believe I’ll ever fully have control of my life but at least I’m trying.
Like most mums I have many moments when I am proud of the kids, but never more so when I hear the girls encourage each other or compliment each other. I love how they randomly say things like, “I love your pjs Livvi”, “Your thongs are really pretty Bella” or “Your hair is so so beautiful Bella”. Even sitting on the sidelines at netball or swimming lessons, they yell at each other, “Good job Ava”, “Well done Livvi”, “Go Bella”. These are my most proud moments, when they build each other up and support each other. These are my most proudest moments, when they build each other up, when they support each other. Slowly teaching them how to care for others and the whole “treat others the way you want to be treated” is rubbing off on them!!!! Then I feel like we are doing a decent job as parents and not screwing them up for life.

Instagram Kaotic Mumma

Thank you so much for sharing your story. If you would like to be featured on my #showtherealyou blog email me at aliceinhealthyland@hotmail.com

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