Raw Chocolate Dip. 

I decided I wanted to make a delicious dip to go with fruit. So off I went to look in Priceline at there superfood section. I wanted something that could nourish my body but still taste delicious.

I purchased a Natures Way organic cacao, as I fancied something chocolatey (is that a word?).

They had other great products like Maca, super greens but I wanted to create a dessert.

I had Cruz’s approval too haha…

Cacao is high in magnesium, calcium, zinc and lots of the Vitamin B groups.

Recipe for the cacao dip. 

3 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp 100% peanut butter

1 tsp Manuka honey


Then mix in 3 tbsp of @natureswayoz organic cacao and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

Serve Instantly with chopped fruit. I used strawberries and banana 🍓🍌🍫.

Perfect for a morning tea, dessert or a party.
Enjoy responsibly ☺️
Cacao is also available online too here – NATURES WAY CACAO-PRICELINE

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