Hunter and Rose Lifestyle #showtherealyou

This is the third week of my #showtherealyou segment. I’m loving getting to know these Instamums and my Insta fitspos that little bit more.

This week I am honoured to have one of my close friends, Lauren featured on my blog.

I met Lauren in November at The Mama Centre while catching up with our good friend Tania. We instantly clicked as she had a little boy, Jack who is just 4 weeks older than Cruz. Lauren was one of those women that stood out in a crowd. She is a stunner and although a little shy, her confidence (yes Lauren confidence) rubs of on  you making you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to.

She is apart of my mothers group, but she is so much more than that.

Pictured above is Jack and Cruz having a play at Mums and Bubs.

I cannot wait for you all to get to know Lauren that little bit more in this raw and honest interview.

Firstly, I love your Instagram name! Can you tell me how you came up with it? 

Hunter and Rose Lifestyle stemmed from the creation of my lifestyle website, launched in late 2015.

I am about to give something away here…but Pete and I loved Hunter for a girls name and Rose is my middle name; so as I believe I will be a (blessed) mum of boys (only) I decided to make my other baby, my website, after the girl I don’t think I will ever have.

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about yourself and what Hunter and Rose Lifestyle is all about? 

About me – Firstly I am a mother to a beautifully, busy (very busy) eight month old boy, Jack James or as we know JJH and I am a partner to my best friend, Pete. I am extremely devoted and loyal to my family and keep a small group of friends, both old and new. For me life is about quality of time with the people closest to me.

I am a Public Relations and Politics Graduate, currently studying (again, crazy I know!) a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and Nutrition.

Hunter and Rose is a lifestyle destination with a feminine edge and masculine strength. For me that meant bringing together a mix of feminine and masculine energy and aesthetics across Health and Wellness, Travel and Lifestyle, Pregnancy, Motherhood and Kids.

As a private person Hunter and Rose Lifestyle is a destination to open myself up to a wider audience and explore my passions in conjunction with my knowledge from years of study. Leaving the ‘corporate world’ I am hoping it will show potential employers, when I am ready to return to work, a different range of skills and demonstrate my ability to keep my mind active whilst having this time off.

As a busy mumma what is your go to workout? How often do you find the time to move your body? 

Spin! it is the perfect 45 minute workout. You sweat and it incorporates HIIT. Spin makes sure I sweat and doesn’t keep me away for hours from my little man.

As I have Rheumatoid Arthritis moving everyday is really important to reduce joint inflammation. One day a week I do a PT session to make sure my return from pregnancy and birth is done correctly. Four to five times a week I will go to the gym doing a mix of spin and weights. For the rest of the week I will enjoy walks with Jack and my partner or with my mummy friends. If I have a busy day I may also do a Kayla workout at home.

Whilst moving my body is important, I always listen to my body and if I am tired I will rest and stretch, because looking after myself makes sure my boy has a present mum and sufficient breast milk supply.

Favourite activewear? 

At the moment I am absolutely loving Adidas, especially their Climate control clothes. Their range is colourful, sexy, supportive and affordable.

When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through? 

Talking to my closest girlfriends and my sisters, especially if my day has been ‘tough’ with Jack.


Breathing and meditation

Wine….Red Wine and a cuddle with my man

Favourite quote or mantra? 

I have cheated as a I have a few

Your only fear is possibility

Pema Chondron – ‘ Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need it to’

If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time detailing with a life you don’t want.
Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go? 

Rarely but we have decided every three weeks we are going to have a date. When we do we love 1889 Enoteca in Woollongabba. The atmosphere, food and service is the best in Brisbane.

Proud mumma moment? 

There isn’t one, but more so getting through the tough times as a first time mum and everyday looking at my little man explore the world around him with confidence and a fearless happiness.

Something you do for yourself?

Everyday it is going to the gym and moving my body. However, real ‘me time’ is dinner and wine with the girls, attending to my overdue beauty needs or a long bath with a red wine and a candle.

Who inspires you? 

For me, personally, it is a collective. Mothers in general I believe are incredibly inspiring women. We made it through birth, we then put ourselves last and raise a human being who relies on us for everything especially during their first few years.

Secondly, my partner Pete. He is incredibly hard working, determined and professionally successfully and amongst it all encourages me everyday to follow my dreams.

Professionally, Olivia Worth would be my ‘Corporate Girl Crush’.

Dream job?

For me this has changed since having Jack as I don’t feel PR is a ‘family friendly’ job for the mother I need to be to my child.

At present it is to open a health and wellness centre where I can practice in Naturopathy focusing on children’s health. If I can create a successful allied health centre I would then like to utilise my PR skills, integrating my website, to publicise and educate about my services.
Where to for the future of H&RL? 

At the present it is sticking to a regular posting schedule, currently made difficult with Jack being unwell.

Long term, in conjunction with completing my degree, I want to use it as a hub to share my knowledge to assist parents in raising mindful and healthy children. For my audience who aren’t parents I want it to still be a destination of travel, both affordable and slightly luxurious, and lifestyle information.

Eager to know more about Lauren check out her blog featuring her birthing story. 

Thank you for sharing Lauren.

Big love,

Alice xoxo

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