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I started following Court not long after I had Cruz. Court will inspire you with her daily updates of her fitness journey, her mum life tails, her handsome little man, Aston and their love for books.

I love seeing Courts smiling face and reading her real life posts on my news feed and I think you will you will love her just as much.
So here is 5minutes with Court…


Can you tell myself and my followers a bit about your self?

Sure, ok, well I’m a small town girl living in the big city! That sounds ridiculous, but Brisbane is huge compared to my hometown! I grew up on the mid north coast of NSW, and believe it or not, on a dairy farm! I moved out of home at the fresh young age of 17 to the Gold Coast where i eventually wound up working in the hospitality industry. Over the years I’ve spent time up and down the Queensland coastline, sort of just moving to a new place every few years. Thats the beauty with hospitality-you can work everywhere! It wasn’t till i moved here to Brisbane that my husband and i tied the knot and made a beautiful baby boy. I am an extremely family orientated person so i do miss my family a lot, but i talk to my mother almost everyday which helps! I always classed myself as a bit of a free spirit, just happy to live wherever the wind would blow. Its not till i moved here that i finally feel happy to stay and just enjoy life in one city.


Why did you start your Instagram page?

I wish i had a really cool story for this, but i don’t. When i first got Instagram, it was right at the start when pretty much no one had it. I was just looking on the app store for some pic editing apps and Instagram just so happened to be downloaded without actually realising what it was! Once other people i knew started talking about it i decided to give it a go! Since having Aston I’ve pretty much had to restart my insta page, i decided to keep my pregnancy off social media (which i won’t go into-but you can find the write up about it on my page) so i sort of just disappeared for a year then popped back up with this new baby! So I’m a bit behind in the ‘instamum’ world, but I’ve never been so intrigued! There is this huge network of beautiful mums all there to support and uplift each other, its amazing and I’m so grateful i get to be a part of it.


Your handsome little man is a cutie, how are you enjoying mum life?

Im absolutely loving it! before having Aston i was so worried i was going to have NO idea what i was doing (don’t get me wrong, most of the time i still have no idea what I’m doing) but i honestly had nothing to worry about, you start off with the basics and as they grow and learn, so do you! Aston’s really coming into a fun age now were he is super active and quite funny to watch. Life defiantly just keeps getting better since becoming a mum! I have to admit, i was never a maternal person before having a baby, i knew i wanted kids, but never got clucky when seeing babies. How things change once you have your own! Now I’m obsessed, id have 10 if my financial situation (and body) could support it. Ill probably take that comment back once i have two!

You are studying to be a Personal Trainer, what made you want to go down that path in life?

You know the old saying ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’? That’s definitely my motivation to work in the fitness industry! When i was younger i was never comfortable in my own skin, my weight yo yo’d excessively and i was miserable, insecure and always wanting the ‘quick fix’ to weight loss. It wasn’t till i started living a healthy lifestyle that everything started improving, my body, my mental state, my relationship! Now I know how beneficial it is i want to help others do the same.


As a busy mumma, do you still get a chance to have date night with your hubby?

HA! i wish i could say yes!! but no, we’ve managed 2 date nights in the last eight months. My hubby is a FIFO worker so he is away about 80% of the time… so when he is home its far more important for us to spend time together as a family. Its never really been an issue to us though, before we had Aston our perfect date night was getting a tub of cold rock ice cream and renting a movie on iTunes (because we are cheap skates and id much prefer sitting around on the couch with no make-up and my nasty old track pants)….sooo, i guess you could say we still have date night every time he’s back home? haha!


Favourite active wear?

Oh thats an easy one, Lululemon for sure! Their clothes are so comfortable and fit like a glove, and lets face it, when everyone is wearing Lorna Jane its nice to wear something different. I’ve never bought anything from there that didn’t last or was uncomfortable to train in. I highly recommend ladies!! Id say nike would probably be my next choice.


Who inspires you?

Wow, thats a good question! There is so many!!! hmmm one that stands out is the little ball of fire Lauren Patterson (@__laurenkate)! As the wife of a FIFO worker i can almost class myself as a single parent, and some days i struggle with one child….I honestly don’t know how she manages being a single mum to TWO kids, as well as study, work, look fine as f#@k and have somewhat of a social life. It genuinely just impresses me. There really is a lot of people who inspire me, if you have a good heart, stay true to WHO YOU ARE, and willing to go out and win at life, that to me is impressive and inspiring!

Favourite quotes?

‘Smile, nod, agree, then go do whatever you were going to do anyway’ – this one is my all time favourite, and probably me on a daily basis haha!

‘Your perception of me is a reflection of you’ – because lets face it, social media does produce some bitter comments that usually say a hell of a lot more about them then it does about you. Know yourself and don’t take it personally!

You are one fit mumma, tell us more about how you maintain your fitness? Seriously woman your body is hot!!

Haha!! Aww bless you Alice! I don’t mean to sound like I’m blowing smoke up my own butt, but maintaining my fitness has never been all too hard for me, I love it so much i look forward to heading to the gym each day! I think thats definately the key- finding what it is you love so that its enjoyable to do! I train 5-6 times a week and hands down believe that seeing results is where i find my motivation. If i had any advice it would be that you can’t out-train a bad diet, how you choose to fuel your body is paramount in the type of body you desire to achieve…and to stay consistent! Consistently make time to excercise and consistently make healthy food choices, THAT my friends, is the key to success!

Proud mummy moment?

I feel like Aston’s entire excistance so far is just a big ongoing proud mummy moment! I think the very first milestone of rolling over was pretty memorable! I guess because its the first big thing they learn to do! Admittedly the first time he actually did roll over, he was sleeping in front of me on our big square ottoman and i thought i could duck to the loo only to barely get my butt on the seat before racing back out when he decided to choose that very moment to roll….off the ottoman! thankfully its a short drop to a super thick soft mat- i still felt pretty bad though #mumfail! Another was when he finally cut both his bottom teeth…or maybe it was relief? that i might get a little break before the next couple turn my sweet angel baby into a cranky little terror.

Favourite place to hang out with Aston?

Since he’s gotten a little older we’ve been going for little outings up to Redcliffe where we go for beautiful big walks along the beachfront and play on the baby swings. Its so fascinating watching a baby in the sand, they think its just the coolest thing ever! It will be great by the time summer comes around because they have a big lagoon up there that i can’t wait to take him swimming in.



Can you share if any, some #mumife melt down moments? Haha I know I have had a few

Of all my award winning mummy meltdown moments, i have one in particular that i won’t ever forget and unfortunately its probably not going to be very relatable. Now to understand my meltdown, you sort of have to know how Aston’s birth went down. I ended up needing an emergency c-section, though my epidural (to what i can figure out) wasn’t done correctly. They sent me in to the operating table, and to cut the story short, i wasn’t at all numb when they started my delivery so the hubby was ordered out of the room and i was quickly put to sleep before i started screaming like a wild banshee. Not only was i asleep when my baby entered the world, i was so groggy, confused and whacked out that i don’t remember meeting him or the first few hours. I thought i was handling the experience well till a few months ago when id had a rough couple of nights, and having more trouble than usual keeping my PND under control, i just broke down. It was the biggest meltdown i think I’ve ever had in my life, everything was too much. I felt ripped off that i didn’t get to experience one of the most beautiful and memorable parts about becoming a mother, A failure that i didn’t birth him naturally like i planned, and guilty that it took me an unnaturally long time to feel like i had a bond with my newborn baby. Its been an ongoing process to accept that what’s happened has happened, but thats the one and only time i let my feelings get the better of me.

Thank you so much for sharing a little more about yourself with us. Its defiantly a little dawnting doing so, but you should be proud! I giggled, LMAO and even shed a little tear reading your answers. I love that we can all learn from one and other. 

For more on Court follow her Instagram on www.instagram.com/miss_is_g



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