Clean Chicken Palmy & Chips

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So as promised, I said I would share my new meal plan with you all! Over the next few months I am cleaning up my diet due to my wedding being in September (EKKKKK so close). Its my passion to recreate those not so healthy meals and make them healthier, your waist line will love it.  So this challenge won;t be to hard for me if i can get creative with my food.

Last night I had chicken breast, sweet potato and broccoli on the menu. Hmmmm its not that I don’t love these foods, its just I wanted to come home to a something a little more inviting after getting my but kicked at HIIT AUSTRALIA.

So I came up with a Clean Chicken Palmy and Chips idea. It also fit my macros! BONUS!




140g organic breast

3 tbsp organic basil and oregano tin tomatoes

1 tbsp organic cottage cheese

30g organic sliced ham

140g home cooked sweet potato sliced into chips

Unlimited broccoli and greens to serve


  1. Cook chicken breast in the oven ( I used a webber).
  2. Once cooked, top chicken with tomatoes, sliced ham and cottage cheese.
  3. Place the topped chicken breast under the grill for 2 minutes.
  4. Serve with cooked sweet potato chips, I just steamed them, then cooked in the air fryer for 15minutes.
  5. Steam Broccoli and greens and serve.
  6. Enjoy.


I look forward to sharing more recipes like this with you either here on my blog or on my Instagram page @aliceinhealthyland

Stay Tuned!








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