Day 3 + 4 + 5 of living clean for $10 a day

Day 3 – 6th July 2016

Still going strong, I was a little tired today. I think it’s the no coffee thing and my 3rd day of weight training.

Rest day tomorrow. Only a walk.

Meal 1 – oats, coconut water and a grated Apple

Meal 2 – stuffed capsicum, with mince, cottage cheese and greens

Meal 3 – green smoothie

Meal 4 – cucumber and tuna

Meal 5 – omelette and sweet potato

Stuffed capsicum and greens


1oog cooked mince 

1/4 tin tomatos

Chilli flakes and chives

Cottage cheese

2 tbsp Sweet potato mash

1. Cut the top of a capsicum and scoop out the seeds and inside. 

2. Place in 3 tbsp sweet potato.

3. Place the mince mixed with the tin tomatos and chilli flakes on top. 

4. Top with cottage cheese and chives.

5. Place in the oven for 30minute on 180degrees. 

6. Steam greens to serve. 

Cucumber with tin tuna on top. 

Omelette with greens, zucchini noodles, cottage cheese, mushroom, chives, chilli flakes and salt. 

Serve with home made sweet potato chips.

 Day 4 -7th July 2016

Today my meals were adventurous to start of with and ended with a boring meal. I’m used to having more food to work with, though this  is the challenge I have set out to do. I will succeed, I have too. Feeling great that I haven’t spent much money this week.

Meal 1 – breakfast cake

Meal 2 – rice cakes with peanut butter and 1/2 a cucumber

Meal 3 – tuna a rice and broccoli

Meal 4 – tofo, greens and brown rice

Breakfast cake

40g oats

1/4 Apple grated, 1/4 roughly chopped

1 egg

1 tbsp sweet potato mash 

30ml coconut water ( can use milk if you prefer )

Pinch of cinnamon 

I would normally add 1 tbsp of rice malt but it’s not on my challenge this week. 

1. Pre heat oven to 180 degrees

2. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon, can blend if you prefer. 

3. Top with 10g blueberries. Place into muffin tray. 

4. Bake for 30min. 

I made this last night and had cold but you can eat warm if you wish. Nice with yogurt too. 

Was nice today to not train, I just took my dog for a walk with a friend.

Day 5 – 8th July 2016

Glad it’s the last day of eating limited foods as I really haven’t  got that much left. Today I went on a picnic with friends and their babies. I ate before I went and straight away when k got home. Was fine. Side tracted myself with the cute babes!

Today I had a personal trainer and just did a light walk with Cruz.

Meal 1 – pre workout was 1/2 a banana

Meal 2 – oats, egg and Apple pancake

Meal 3 – rice cakes with cottage cheese, broccoli, Tuna and rice

Meal 4 – 1 tbsp peanut butter

Meal 5 – tofo curry with greens

Tofo curry

Today is the last day of #livingclean410aday and to celebrate I used all the ingredients I had left to make this curry (which wasn’t much 😂). Tofo & spinach spicy curry.

150g organic tofo

1 mushroom chopped

Greens (a whole heap – kale, Pak Choy, spinach leaves, chard, all picked from the garden)

2 tbsp chobani

1/2 tsp peanut butter

1 tsp curry powder

Sprinkle of chilli flakes

Coconut water ( as much as you like to thin out the paste )

Brown rice to serve. 

1. Heat non stick wok or pan

2. Fry tofo and mushrooms lightly 

3. In a bowl mix the peanut butter, Greek yogurt, curry powder, chilli flakes, and coconut water

4. Add in the greens and any other vegetables you wish to use

5. Pour the sauce over the tofo and veggies

6. Allow to simmer on low heat for 10minutes

7. Serve with brown rice.

Yes I ate this all to myself as I was #hangry. This tops all meals this week! My favourite.

Cannot wait to have a coffee tomorrow.

On Saturday with my coffee in hand! #happy

How I felt about the challenge!

To be honest, I thought it was pretty easy to do, I think sometimes we are very spoilt for choice. It made me plan all my meals, be more creative, I minimised wastage and enjoyed and appreciated my food a bit more.

It was a nice break from coffee too. It made me more aware of the money I was spending too.

I did get a little hungry sometimes on the challenge,but I think that came down to laziness more than anything and I just needed to create something, rather than just snacking on raw treats, quest bars or protein smoothies.

I have decided to do it again this week, but I will be able to use any left overs from last week.

I can also have 1 coffee mid week and am allowed protein powder after my weights sessions.

Anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

Pictured above is this weeks (Sunday 10th June 2016) food shop.

It came to 46.50 but I also went and spend $6 at the fruit barn. Total 52.50. A little over but still very close to my budget!   Won’t be blogging about this weeks journey but I will share recipes on @aliceinhealthyland (Instagram account).

Thanks again for following my journey.



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Facebook – Alice In Healthyland

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