Brittany Scala AKA @fashionable_fitmum #showtherealyou

I was so excited and practically  jumping for joy when Britney approached me to be part of my #showtherealyou segment. (It took me like 3 weeks to get my shot together and finally write her the email of questions as let’s all face it, looking after a Bub and trying to type emails can be hard!) Britt does exactly that everyday, shows the real Britt across her social media platforms. She is REAL and tells you exactly how it is. I love love that about her!

Britt is a personal trainer, inspiring mums to live an active life. She has first hand experience as she is a mum to gorgeous little Millie. Her Instagram page tells stories of motherhood  (my god those photos of Millie are just so damn cute), her own postpartum fitness and wellness journey, motivating quotes, self love, fashion and so much more. Britt is someone that any girl/woman can relate to. I know you will all love her as much as I do. I have met Britt in real life (hahaha) over a Insta bestie catch up, yes she is just as amazing in person! 

Sit down, have a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy 5 minutes with this amazing woman! Although that 5 minutes may turn into hours googling her blog, watching her snaps (getting clucky because Millie is so cute) and reading all her inspiring stories like me hahaha. 
Can you tell myself and my followers why you started @fashionable_fitmum? How did the name come about? 

The name is simply just a combo of what I wanted my page to be about fashion (mainly bub fashion these days), fitness & mum life. 

To be honest Im not 100% happy with the name anymore as I feel that “fit mum” can turn people away because they are worried all they will see is gym posts and my page is more directed towards maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle while living a busy life.

Why did you start your Instagram page? 

I started my Instagram page to help inspire other Mums to start living more active and healthy – I wanted to show them that it is possible to be a new mum and still find time to care for themselves and the importance of doing so. From there it has really developed in to sharing real and honest stories about motherhood from the good to the bad and everything in between. 

I have found through sharing my battles with motherhood, anxiety, depression & body issues and talking about self love I have been able to connect with , help and inspire so many more women than I ever thought possible already and my journey has only just begun! It is amazing and refreshing to see how much people respond to you being real and honest instead of painting a picture of a “perfect” life

I also wanted to give realistic, correct and safe expectations and information regarding postnatal fitness. There is a lot of info out there but a lot of it is also incorrect, unrealistic and unsafe for new mums when they are returning to fitness after giving birth . A womans body has been a lot during pregnancy and birth and it is so important that exercise is done at the right pace and safely to ensure no long term damage. 

You have a beautiful little girl “Millie” What are you loving about #mumlife? 

That’s a tough one! I think for me the best thing about motherhood is how it has changed my perspective on life. I used to suffer very bad from anxiety and body issues but since having my daughter I feel like I know who I am as a person and I am happy and confident with the person I am today. I also love that she has shown me a love that I never thought possible and has brought so much happiness and positivity in my life. 

On a day to day basis I love the little thing about being a Mum like going for a walk with her in the pram, playing in the park and meeting so many like-minded beautiful Mothers (like yourself) who I can now call friends.

Proud mumma moment? 

There are so many proud moments like her first smile, her first laugh, when she started crawling or when I saw her swim alone underwater for the first time but nothing beats the first time I held her in my arms – I was so proud to call her mine.

 Mumma melt down moment? I know I have defiantly had a few?

Millie was an excellent sleeper from birth – she was sleeping 10-12 hours everynight from 8 weeks old but in the last couple of months that has changed and now she rarely if ever sleeps through . I am really struggling to deal with the lack of sleep and getting her in to a routine where she sleeps through so Im finding I am a lot more impatient and tired during the day and I forget EVERYTHING.

What is your idea of a great night out with your girls? 

My idea of a great night is cocktails, wine and tapas at bar. No where too noisy where we can chat and laugh together – BABY FREE! 
 You’re a personal trainer, how important is it to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

I have worked in the fitness industry for a long time now so a healthy lifestyle is not just a lifestyle choice but is my career and I believe that you should always practice what you preach. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing to me – not only for the physical benefits but more so the mental and psychological benefits. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety I fully understand how beneficial being healthy and active is to your overall wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle to me includes not just planned exercise but also healthy nutrition , incidental exercise and looking after my mind through yoga, mediation and counselling. 

Also, as I suffer from IBS and food intolerances I need to ensure my diet is balanced and healthy so that I am not constantly unwell. 

You are one fit mumma! What type of exercises do you do to keep yourself fit? 

Thankyou! I do a combination of different forms of exercise – I try to get to the gym to do weight training 3 times a week, 3-4 F45 sessions ( HIIT style group fitness) plus I walk most days, do some circuits in the park and try to do yoga once a week. 

Most weeks I get this all done but other weeks I don’t make it to the gym or I just need a break so I cut back a bit – I believe its all about listening to your body and having a balanced life!
What do you think attracts women to your site? 

I like to think it’s my honesty and genuine love of helping others. I want women to feel they have the power to do anything they want and I want my site to be a safe place where stories are shared and women can come to feel less alone. I also like to think the information I give regarding health and fitness is understandable, relatable and realistic.

Best moment since starting your page? 

The best moments come away from my main feed when followers send me emails and messages saying thankyou for inspiring them to get active or thanking me for being real. One email that really stands out to me and touches my heart,l I received from a followers Mother ( this lady doesn’t even follow my Instagram) – she sent me the most beautiful email, saying as a mother she wanted to thank me for inspiring her daughter and for being so real and genuine. I couldn’t believe that this woman had taken the time to tell her Mum about me and then her mum took the time to send me such a beautiful message. 

That type of moment is why I spend so much time creating my blog, Instagram and documenting my journey! For me its not about money, “fame” or anything like that for me it is to connect, help and inspire. 

Favourite healthy meal? 

I love, love, love baked salmon or snapper with steamed greens and mashed sweet potatoe! Sounds boring but its my go-to favourite. I also love home made Mexican bowls and any kind of seafood. Because of my intolerances I love things that are simple and fresh! 

Favourite activewear? 

Lorna Jane and Lulu lemon! 

Where do you look for daily inspiration? 

I look for inspiration from other everyday women (like you) who are busy raising children, working or studying but still managing to live a healthy balanced life! 

What is your favourite quote/mantra that you live by? 

This too shall pass!” – my go to mantra in any anxious moments or times

Want to see more of Brittney, check her out on her other platforms. 

Blog – The Fashionable Fit Mum

Instagram – @fashionable_fitmum

Facebook – The Fashionable Fit mum

Snapchat code – Brittany_scala

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