The Corporate Mummy #showtherealyou

I am super excited to share with you the gorgeous Andrea from The Corporate Mummy for this weeks #showtherealyou feature. 

Andrea is a lawyer juggling #mumlife with work life. She openly shares her successes and tough stories with both sides of her lifestyle. Her gorgeous daughter would defiantly make you clucky and ovaries hurt with her adorable cheeky smile on her adventures. 

Andrea recently shared her own brave story of her pregnancy loss, I cried for her as I know it’s something that so many women we know and love go through. My heart broke for her.  It was amazing to see the support of so many strangers and loved ones reaching out to Andrea on social media Shows there is stil love in the world. Andrea decided to speak about this topic with her followers to spread awareness and to let others know that they are not alone. Wow what a woman right?

Take some time out this week to get to know the beautiful Andrea, the woman behind The Corporate Mummy a little more. I know you will love her and will instantly be able to relate to her like I do. 

Can you tell me a little more about your blog and Instagram name “The Corporate Mummy” how did it come about? 

I started The Corporate Mummy late last year after I returned to work from Maternity Leave. I wanted to share my own experiences as a first time mum and also share my journey of returning to work as a Lawyer. When it came to picking a Blog & Instagram name, I wasn’t very creative….. I work full time as a Lawyer so I mixed my two jobs together and came up with the Corporate Mummy. 

I love the way you connect with your followers? Is that why you started your page? 

When I started the Corporate Mummy I did it so that I could connect with others – to share my own experiences of motherhood and to learn from others’ experiences too. What I love about Instagram is that there is this wealth of knowledge available. There are so many mums that I love following that inspire me. What I like the most is their honesty. Down to earth accounts of what motherhood is really like. The truth is that it isn’t always cuddles and smiles. Some days are tough. Even when you think you have the whole mum thing down pat they manage to throw a curveball at you, which throws you out. I love sharing the good and the bad days with my followers. 
Over the last 8 months I have learnt just how incredibly supportive the insta community is. I have loved connecting with other parents and building friendships with so many people. Just recently, we lost our second baby when I was just under 2 months pregnant. It was heartbreaking. I shared our story on the blog and the support that we have received was overwhelming. I received so many beautiful emails from followers, some sharing their own experiences of losing a baby. Having this support was such a big help. We didn’t feel so alone and we will be forever grateful for the support that we have received.

Who inspires you to keep going? 

My daughter. She has shown me a love I had never experienced before and she has made me realise that there is more to life than work. My family is my everything. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a loving and supportive hubby too. There is nothing better than watching the two of them play together, she is a massive daddy’s girl and I love it.  
Your little girl is just gorgeous! What’s one of your most proudest #mumlife moments? 

Where do I start. Just like every other mum I’m proud of everything she does so this question is a hard one. If I had to choose something recent though, it would have to be having her tell me “I need poo” (such a clever girl) and then picking her nappy up after I changed her, walking it to the bin and putting it in herself. 
What is your biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments? 

This is easy. My biggest #mumlife “oh no” moment happened when our daughter was only a few months old. I made the rookie error of taking her to the shops without a change of clothes and she managed to have a poo explosion all over herself (and all over my white top!). Any new mum will know just how hard it is timing a trip to the shops with a newborn in between the 3 hourly feeds, sleeps and short wake times so there was zero chance of me turning the car around and going home to clean her up. If walking around Coles covered in poo wasn’t bad enough, when we got home our neighbour’s elderly mum wanted to cuddle the cute newborn and managed to put her hand in poo before I had the chance to tell her it wasn’t a good time! 

Do you have time to workout? If so what do you do and how often? 

In between full time work and being a mum I struggle to find the time to exercise every day. Exercise helps keep me happy. It clears my head. I know on the days that I exercise I feel better so I try and squeeze in a walk as many nights during the week as possible. Some days I might walk 15 minutes, others I might walk an hour. I don’t put too much pressure on myself though. If I don’t get out walking for a few days I don’t give myself a hard time about it. I just make up for it later in the week by doing a long walk where I can.
Favourite active wear? 

This answer is easy – Lorna Jane. I am obsessed with their leggings which seem to suck everything in and flatter all the lumps and bumps. I love their leggings so much that I spend the majority of my time in them (when I’m not stuck in a suit) and may have even worn them a few times to casual dress fridays at work…. 
Do you still get a chance to go on a date night with your man now you have a little girl? If so where is your favourite place? 

With both my hubby and I being so busy, we don’t get the chance to go on a date night as often as we would like to. We try and have one meal out a week and this is usually with our third wheel who is now at the age where she won’t sit still for longer than a few minutes and manages to get more food on the floor than in her mouth…. But, it makes these dinners all the more fun.  
When we do get the chance to go on a date night now we go big. They are few and far between so we make the most of them when we get the chance. We either go for a day trip down to the Yarra Valley where we usually taste our way around the vineyards or choose a fancy restaurant that we have wanted to try. My hubby loves his food and we figure that as we don’t get out all that much, when we do, we can spoil ourselves and go somewhere fancy. We recently went to Dinner by Heston for date night and it was incredible. Such a beautiful view overlooking the city and the wine and food was delicious.
If you had a hour of “you time” what would you get up too? 

When I don’t have my daughter attached to my hip I love sneaking off for a vino (or two) with friends or going out for something to eat. I am a sucker for a nice hot long bath so I try and squeeze in as many of these as possible during the week (normally when our daughter is asleep and my hubby is either cooking dinner or on the couch). 

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