Amy Waterhouse NOT Winehouse #showtherealyou

Amy Waterhouse, not Winehouse and I first met over a insta mum catch up. Yes she wasn’t actually there in person but her photograph was! Selfies all afternoon with Amy!!!
Funny story is I was following two different Amy Waterhouse on Instagram, by accident so when Amy would comment on my pics, I would never reply (she thought I was a bitch hahaha) but I was actually replying to the wrong Amy, that I didn’t even know.. Just some Amy with no children that was travelling Europe? Weird huh.. then only difference in their insta name was an underscore. The wrong Amy must of thought I had gone mad and the real Amy thought I was a snob!! hahahaha.
Enough with the funny stories that probably only Amy and I will ever laugh over. In all seriousness I am so pleased to have Amy on my #showtherealyou segment. She has a big heart and she really does tell you how it is. She is brave, she swears, she takes the piss (in a kind way) and she is super inspiring. Her 2 handsome boys will have you oooooing and rrrring over there cuteness and SELF LOVE posts will have you sheding a tear. THis girl is AMAZE balls! 
Sit down with a delicious smoothie (because she makes you want to drink one with all her yummy posts) and enjoy your 10 minutes with the REAL AMY WATERHOUSE!!
Can you tell us a little about who the REAL AMY WATERHOUSE is? 
Haha – I have been ‘Amy Waterhouse’ only for two years since I got married! But here’s some things I know are real about myself;
I am a mother to two beautiful boys. I never saw myself with sons – my family is overrun by girls! Jack and Lachlan are my life, and I am constantly in awe of them – I wonder how I got so lucky for them to have chosen me. Even though they drive me bananas at the best of times. Lachlan is behind the couch tangling up my blinds as we speak. Typical.
I am a wife to my husband, Clint. We have been together for almost 9 years – and I don’t think forming relationships with people on Instagram is weird – because my husband and I met on MySpace!
I am a big sister to my four younger siblings, an Aunty to one gorgeous niece – and a daughter to my mother – who does the job of “Mum & Dad” since my Dad passed away almost 6 years ago. She is amazing. Like seriously, she comes over and drills holes and does handy work that Clint doesn’t even do. I am grateful for my family.
I’m loud, friendly, enthusiastic, loyal, and honest, sometimes a bit too much so if that’s possible. I see life in black and white – there is no grey area with me. I’m a people person and always do my best to be kind, so it really offends me when people don’t like me and I do lose sleep over it! I would love to say “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me!” But the truth is, I am sensitive to other people’s opinions.
And I really like coffee. Especially a quality brew that someone else makes for me!
What’s the story behind your Instagram and blog? Why did you get started? 
Ok so there’s a few reasons – ahh where to begin;
If I could change anything from my experience as a first time mother was not taking it all in.. And not taking enough photos! After the birth of my second son, I “spammed the ‘gram” haha! I wanted to have something to look back on and reflect on how I was feeling in those very moments.
Writing my feelings and sharing my experiences drew some awesome, likeminded women to my page – and me to theirs. So I just kept sharing and continue to do so! I’m very grateful for the friendships and experiences that logging my experience as a second time SAHM has brought me, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
My blog is kind of the same thing. Motherhood is a lonely place, and it helps to release your thoughts and “let it all out” sometimes, I think. I’m a person that has a lot to say, but when I’m at home with young children all day, I can start to feel quite isolated. So I log my thoughts. On my blog and in little ditties I write on my Instagram. Getting things off my chest clears my mind and I feel better for it. It’s such a lovely bonus that other women have read and related to some of the things that I have written – and I must say I have also read some blogs by others that I have met through the platform that resonate with me. It’s a great community.
What do you think attracts women to your page? ( I think it’s your honest and absolute hilarious stories, but hey you are answering the question not me). 
I always find these type of questions so hard to answer! I get told quite a lot is that I have no filter and that I don’t sugar coat things. I’m guilty of quite a few profanities (I have made a conscious effort to reel it in for this interview – don’t worry!) And I’m quite a joker by nature – I love to laugh and try to see the humour and light in every situation – even if I really should be yelling ‘FML’! My Instagram is basically what I’m doing and how I’m feeling every day. If it’s a ripper of a day – you’ll be able to tell. If it’s a shitter (Sorry! I mean “not-so-good”) day – you’ll be able to tell too. I like to keep things honest.
You hashtag #shredlyf tell us more about it? I love it and I totally hashtag that word myself! 
Oh my goodness hahaha, it stems from my husband tempting me with bad food choices! Clint would be like “Bub, do you want an icecream?” And I would cross my hands in front of my face and say, “Can’t, shredding!” He would proceed to ask, “Chocolate?” And I would just answer, “SHREDLYF!” Of course he was just teasing me – he fully supports me on my mission to good health through diet and exercise! So “Shredlyf” is just the word I use to describe myself making good food choices and moving my body every day. So many people have asked me “what is this diet that you’re doing? Shredlyf?” But it’s not a plan. It’s a commitment from myself, to myself. Haha that sounds so lame, but it’s true. Funnily enough, I wasn’t the first person to use “#shredlyf” so I’m sure it exists in many forms! You are definitely a shredlyfer too, Alice!
Being a mum, we know it’s hard to make time to stay active. How important is it to you to continue to move your bod? 
Ok, here’s the weird thing. Before I had kids, I didn’t give a hoot about staying active. I played team sports in school, and was always the type of person to go for a 5km walk and then come home and neck a block of chocolate because “I could because I exercised”. It was only after my eldest son, Jack, was born, that something clicked and I thought – I am the equal biggest (next to my husband) influence in my child’s life. So I need to set a good example for him – and now for my younger son, Lachlan. That’s why it’s important – first and foremost. Secondly, I’ve discovered that if I move my body every day – even if it means hauling the kids out in the pram and on the bike just for a half hour walk – I’m a better person for it. It clears my mind and puts me in a great headspace. And what’s that saying – happy wife, happy life? Happy mother – happy brothers (Jack and Lach) – if I’m happy and taking care of myself, my positive mood rubs off onto my family.
Favourite activewear?
Do you know what – I absolutely cannot go past Lululemon! That’s why I only own a few pieces of activewear – they are such good quality pieces, but you definitely pay for what you get! I do also have a few Lorna Jane tops and crops – but to be honest, I still find myself wearing those “ugly” anti-boobie-bounce bras from Target or Big W because well .. After two rounds of breastfeeding, it looks like my boobs are doing the harlem shake when I commit to exercise otherwise – haha!
It’s hard to keep out S%#t together sometimes, can you share with us one meltdown moment, that you thought how the hell am I going to get through this? 
I think my whole life was a meltdown during the newborn phase with both of my boys – is that good enough? Haha! I do NOT do well on no sleep – I know that nobody does, but I’m actually a full-blown monster. Clint used to fear for his and the boys’ safety when I would get so tired, frustrated and inconsolable.
But in all seriousness – I just remember one afternoon, we had gotten home from me making an ENORMOUS effort in taking the kids to the aquarium with some friends of ours – we had a great day – and then Jack decided to kanga the toilet (sit backwards on it) and go number twos when he wasn’t angled properly – poo ERRWHERE. In the middle of arsenic hour with a 5 month old, and one of our friends had just arrived at the front door with a birthday present for none other than the “little shit” (pardon my French and the pun). I actually texted her and asked her to please leave the present at the door because it wasn’t a good time to be in my house with shit everywhere, a whinging fournado and a screaming baby. I actually SCREAMED the full version of ‘FML’ – being a mum is all effort and no reward some days. I pulled up my big girl pants, cleaned everything up, and put them both in front of Paw Patrol while I went outside and enjoyed a nice glass of moscato – when I then realised the neighbours had heard every second of my #mumlife meltdown. Hahaha. It’s funny now!
Share a positive #mumlife moment?
One happened just before. I was hanging out the washing while both boys were happily playing (rare), when I heard “MAAAAAAMA! EXCUSE ME MAMA?!” So I ducked my head inside –
“Yes honey?”
There are so many positive #mumlife moments in a single day, I couldn’t name them all. I love it when my boys learn new things – Lachlan started crawling last week, and although it’s pretty annoying that he’s all like “Bye Felicia” when I’m trying to give him a nappy change now, I was beaming with pride at my clever baby and what he had achieved. Jack came home from school the other day, and said “Mama – Babies eat through the “unnerical” [umbilical] cord when they are in their mummy’s tummy.” Today, he showed me the “warrior” yoga pose that he learnt at school.
I think that whenever you catch yourself gazing at your babies in awe – you have just experienced yourself a positive #mumlife moment – no matter how big or small it may have been!
Mantra or favourite quote you live by?
One of my best friends said to me –
“Just do you, boo.”
And it’s stuck with me. At the end of the day, if you are true to yourself and honest in all your actions, it doesn’t matter how others perceive you, or what they have to say about what you’re doing. Like I said before – I am sensitive to other people’s opinions – but I’m getting better at this. Just be yourself, because that’s something that nobody else can be. “JUST DO YOU!”
What is your favourite go to healthy recipe at the moment? 
I’m about to fangirl so hard over you – but your healthy chocolate recipe is the bomb! I would not be able to do what I do (diet and exercise wise) if I didn’t have that little something to satisfy my sweet tooth. So anyone that is reading this would have probably stalked your blog and seen it anyway – DO IT! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!
Where and who do you look for inspiration? 
This is going to sound corny, but my biggest inspiration comes from myself. Don’t close the screen yet guys, I promise I’m not a wanker. Personally, I feel so much better about doing something  if I have achieved it through good, honest hard work. With “shredlyf” for example, yes I use recipes from other sites, but I don’t follow any specific programs or guides. I just do what I think is best for MY body – and when I see results, that motivates me to keep going, because I know I’ve done it myself – does that make sense? It gives me a sense of pride.
I surround myself with an amazing bunch of family and friends, and I do follow a load of real, inspiring women via Instagram – who would know who they are. You have interviewed many of them on your #showmetherealyou segment, because they are truly amazing! Whether it’s fitness inspo, mumlife inspo, work-life balance, happiness and wellbeing inspo, or healthy eating inspo – I feel like that between my friends (and Insta gal pals!) they have all got me covered – and I am truly grateful to know all of the uplifting people that I have in my life
Thank you SO much for having me Alice xxxx

Want to get to know Amy more? Then go stalk stalk stalk…

Instagram @amywaterhouse_
Snapchat – shutup_amy

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