So Saturday was wild. Myself and 38 ladies jumped on a bus to celebrate my Hen’s do. I had no idea what the girls had in store. But seriously they threw a party I will never forget. I am so grateful that I got to celebrate with close family and friends. I loved it.  I am pleased that I lasted the whole day and was the last one standing, yes still in my high heals too.

I had a lot of you ask if I could do a mini blog post of photos, so you can all have a sneak peak. I have also tagged what I wore for you as I had lots of questions on the personalised sash and the shoes.

Dress – REVIEW


Make up – @jdolls

Shoes – PAYLESS SHOES (yes I know right)

Make up by the amazing @jdolls

Cruzie boy with my photo frame.

My gorgeous mumma.

Yes there were penis cakes. Thanks Teoni!

This was the whole crew.

And that’s how it ended hahaha.

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