Voome Challenge -$10 A Day Healthy Dinners

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Do you just want to be inspired by new healthy food ideas?

That’s what I love about Voome, it’s designed to target individuals that already have a bit of a grasp on their nutrition and fitness and just need a little motivation maintaining it. With their meal planners, great recipe collections and workout tools, Voome are able to accommodate a whole range of individual appetites and lifestyles.

As a busy working mummy, I love the convenience of the meal plans and shopping lists they have to offer, plus the variety and ability to change recipes and ingredients around if you dislike anything on the plan..

Back to the challenge. On the weekend I hit the supermarket with my printed shopping list (argh thanks Voome for having this tool, it’s seriously the best) and started shopping. I found everything I needed in most of the outside aisles and a few extra bits in the health food aisle.

My goal was to spend just $10 per meal. Depending on what ingredients the meal required, some cost only $8 per dinner and some were nearly $10. My total shopping for the five meals came to $46.40. I am extremely happy with this, David and I eat pretty simply, so we were super excited that it was kind to our bank accounts but we got to try new foods. Plus, we were still sticking to our clean eating goals!

The five dinners that were chosen were – 

Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing 

Rainbow Vegetable Salad

Chicken Rice Bowl

Quinoa, Feta, Lemon & Chilli Stuffed Capsicum 

Burghul & Chickpea Salad with Egg

My favourite was the Chicken rice bowl and David’s was the Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing ( I think that was Cruzies too).

As you can see all the recipes (listed above) from the meal plan have a good mixture of protein, carbs and good fats. This is really important to me so I can acheive my nutritional goals. Each recipe provides you with tips on how to change the recipe up a little, for example if the recipe is made with chicken and you want to change it up, it gives advice as to what other meats will be best suited to the flavours in the dish. It also provides you with tips on how to create the dish in a fast timely manner, this is great for the days when you finish work and the whole family is sitting there “HANGRY” waiting for dinner.

Living on a budget and still creating delicious healthy meals from the Voome fitness and nutritional program was totally achievable for our family. Sticking to our budget definitely will help us financially as we are saving for our family home. So it’s another win for us. Proud to say that I have completed another challenge proving that you can eat healthy yummy foods and easily afford it! Looking forward to meal prepping and planning next weeks meals. My healthy eating habits are back in action!

Want to hear more about Voome? Check them out here: 



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