30 minutes of #metime thanks to trefiel

Me time – hmmm sometimes I wonder what those two words mean. Life is so crazy busy now with balancing #mumlife, part time nursing work life, blog life and everyday housework. Not to mention  being a wifey, a friend, a sister and a dog walker. I understand that me time is something that is important for our sanity and well being so I am truly going to try my best to commit to some time out for my self.
I do pencil in 3 workouts a week at the gym which is important to me for my overall health but sometimes I feel like I need to put my feet up, give myself a pamper and lye down horizontal without any interruptions.

I had recently read about trefiel’s self care movement on their instagram. It’s a pledge to take 30minutes of me time while pampering yourself with their stunning lace masks. SOLD I can commit to that!

So last week that’s exactly what I did. Once I had put Cruz to bed, I put on my mediation music, lit a candle, opened my mask from trefiel and after taking a selfie (of course) I laid down horizontal and feel fast asleep with my alarm clock waking me 30minutes later.

Not only was the 30minutes of doing nothing absolutely heaven, I was treating my much needed skin with extra love and care it desperately needed. The masks are plant based sheets that super easy to apply. As soon as you put one on you feel a sense of coolness on your face anchor know it’s doing its thing to make you preeerttty!

So ladies and gentlemen too, you should totally join the trefiel self care movement too. Honestly is 30minutes of pure bliss. There are four formulas to choose from depending on your skin type, brightening, firming, moisturising and repairing. Get on to it.

Sponsored by trefiel. 

3 thoughts on “30 minutes of #metime thanks to trefiel

  1. Jess @PTcontender

    Self care is so important! I had never heard of this movement, but I have gotten to the point where I do a face mask once a week – but they’re usually collagen masks. So, I’ll have to look up the ingredients of this one and see what’s up with it. Thx for the idea :))

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