#showtherealyou – Tahana Lee AKA @talkhealthytome

I am super excited to share with you this weeks #showtherealyou feature, Tahana Lee AKA @talkhealthytome AKA @tahanalee AKA mummy to @achillies.lkc! Seriously people this mumma is a superwoman! Finding time juggle looking after her little man, be a loving partner to her man, train her but off and run 3 Instagram pages and a blog! You go girl! Plus she is seriously the sweetest thing ever! This girl hides nothing… what you see if what you get and that’s what I love about her and I know you will too! 

Grab your phone or laptop and put your feet up and enjoy 10minutes with the lovely TAHANA LEE! 

Favourite hot drink? 

I LOVE myself a JUMBO hazelnut latte. It is my guilty pleasure which I probably have more often than I should.

Can you tell me who the REAL Tahana Lee is? 

I’m not sure I even know at the moment.

I know I am passionate, driven and motivated and I thrive off helping other people. I always do more than required and always makes the moments count. I am a hopeless romantic and I’m not afraid to express how I feel. I am strong, mentally and physically and I finally know what I deserve in this life. I’m madly in love with the most incredible man. I LOVE being outdoors and doing things and trying new experiences and visiting different places. I want to be extremely successful and work for myself. I love nothing more than being a mother and my family is my home.

At the moment I am kind of struggling to find who I am outside of being a mum. I love it so much that its all I want to do but at the same time I crave some aspects of me back in my life. I’m so caught up in being a mum I’ve probably lost a few of the qualities I listed above and I need them back, I don’t want to feel vulnerable anymore and worry about doing everything right, I want to feel strong and like I can take on the world again. All that I can do is find balance in this beautiful chaos.

Tell me about a day in the life of Tahana Lee?

As you would know with a little one, no two days are the same! I have been back at work full time for almost four months now so those five days a week are a massive struggle for me leaving the little man. So I will go ahead and tell you our typical weekend as those are the days I love the most.

We wake between 4-5am for the first feed (I say first but more than likely hes up at 2am as well for some night time milk) . After that one we fall back asleep in our bed for a few hours and then wake to Ben’s alarm and then have family cuddles until the last minute when we have to get out of bed to start the day!

We cook breakfast and eat it as a family.

On Saturdays we head for our weekly coffee in Paddington where we more often than not get a little cake or macaron (French bakeries make it hard to resist). Ben then works for most of the day and Achilles and I typically enjoy the day playing, reading and venturing about and there’s usually a visit from the grandparents.

On Sundays we do our weekly grocery shop and occasionally we will get lunch out as a little treat as we rarely eat out as Ben is training to be a body builder so his diet is pretty strict so I like to support him and eat super healthy as well haha.

Before the tedious task of meal prepping, we go to our local park for a nice stroll together and play with Achilles on the slides and swings.

I treasure weekends so much more now I am at work. As much as I wish I could spend all day, every day with our little man.

You are a gorgeous mumma to your son Achilles (who is extremely cute) can you please share a favourite #mumlife moment?

How do I choose but one! Last weekend, we were sitting on the couch together and he just blurts out “book” and then said it another four times whilst looking at his favourite book! I cried with pride. Just seven months old and he loves his books enough for it to be his third word (hey and dad are the other two). You know I took him to the shops that day and got him many more books! Have all of the books! It’s amazing because Ben and his family are such book people (his parents have over 30,000 in their own library at home) so it was extra special to us!

What drove you to create your Instagram account @talkhealthytome I love it? 

Thank you!

It’s kind of a long story but I will try to keep it short. My teen/ early adult life I struggled with being healthy, it was just never at the top of my priority list, at all and I never bothered to educate myself about what healthy actually meant. In 2012 I changed that and became the real me. The healthy, happy, energized, extroverted, real version of Tahana. Shortly after, I entered an unhealthy relationship which reversed everything I had done.

After a year I realised how unhappy I was and that I was back to the version of Tahana I didn’t like or want to be. I’m always a RIGHT NOW person so I created the account that day! I was originally anonymous on the account as I was still in the relationship and didn’t want them to know. It was my way of getting ME back. It gave me the strength to end that relationship and gave me a platform to share my journey back to healthy, back to me and hold myself accountable! I am SO SO glad I started this account because it is actually how I met Ben, the love of my life!

What do you think attracts women to your site?

You’ll see from my account I’m not shy about sharing quite a lot of my life on social media. I’m pretty raw and don’t bother posing for photos with pretty backgrounds or looking my best, I’m just posting photos of me in the gym, workout videos of me working my ass off, motivational quotes and now of course, photos of my gorgeous son! I also think there are so many women who can relate to struggling to find healthy and I think the fact I shared my struggle with that and the journey to how I found it resonated with some people. Now I’m a new Mum and going through a different struggle all together and I know that seeing other people fighting through the same thing helps me, so I’m hoping I’m helping them too!

What is your favourite quote or mantra?

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

I’ve lived by this for so long now and I just love it. I even used it during labour! haha. You HAVE to believe in yourself if you want to achieve your goals. Switch on that posivite thinking way of life and you’ll achieve so much more!

I see you are an active mumma. How often do you find the time to move your body?

These days it is whenever and wherever I can. Pre baby and during pregnancy, there wasn’t a day you wouldn’t find me in the gym lifting heavy weights and breaking a sweat. Post baby and I think I’ve been inside a gym max ten times (not including my PT sessions). I’ve started PT and go two times per week and on the other days I vow to leave the house as soon as I get home from work after feeding Achilles and we go for a walk in the local park where I’ve started recording my little workout sessions I do there! Getting a PT was a big deal for me as I am studying to be one myself as I had vowed to never go to one again after going through so many and never finding one with as much passion as I do for health. Luckily I found an amazing one who even lets me bring Achilles along which is just so incredibly helpful.

Favourite activewear? 

I don’t discriminate against any active wear. If it’s active wear, I dig it and I wear it… A LOT. Some of my fave brands are Lorna (of course), Running Bare and good old Nike and Adidas!

Go to healthy recipe? 

At the moment, Ben and I are really in to omelettes. 3 eggs, 50g spinach, 50g red capsicum, 50g, onion, 50g tomato et voila, deliciousness! I cannot get enough, I’ve been having them for breakfast every morning and sometimes I’ll double up and have it for dinner as well!

What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a blog/Instagram?

Just like I did, just do it! Especially with a health account, it is such an amazing way to hold yourself accountable. You never know where it will take you or who you will meet!

What more from this gorgeous lady? 

Blog: www.tahanalee.com

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