CAVEMAN KITCHEN – Nourish. Thrive. Repeat.

As you all know, eating healthy is extremely important to me. I love creating nutritious meals for my little tribe. However sometimes the craziness of life kicks in.. haha who am I kidding? The crazy, busy, happens every day! I was super excited when I came across, Caveman Kitchen on Instagram. Caveman Kitchen thrive to deliver healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious meals, that are delivered right to your front doorstep (I found this part extremely convenient).

Two weeks ago, I was delivered the Caveman Kitchen meals (conveniently before lunch) and when I put little Cruz down to nap, I dived into my first meal. I had the Chicken, Pesto & Haloumi Stack and boy did it taste amazing compared to my daily Chicken/Tuna and Broccoli. The meal tasted fresh and the ingredients list was exactly what you could see when you looked down at your plate. The ingredients list is super important to me, I am very cautious of what I put in my body, especially while being pregnant. Below is an image of proof of the ingredients in the meal that I ate. No perspectives, no added sugar and they use good fats in all their meals prepared!I tell you what? It certainly feels like Christmas getting the meals delivered and its so fun going through them all, deciding which to get when. I lot less stressful that my usual meal prep manner haha.

Straight from the fridge.
Chicken, Pesto & Haloumi Stack.

The rest of the weeks lunches continued to taste amazing. I love cooking and preparing my meals, but on work days I am very time poor, so I was very impressed that all I had to do was take a meal from the fridge and put it into my lunchbox. Meal prep made super easy. I think these meals would be fantastic for someone that loves eating good, nourishing food however tends to go off track with their meal plan. My husband took a meal to work to and he was very satisfied with one of the larger meals. He also found the meals to be super fresh, very tasteful and didn’t have that yucky frozen taste that most “frozen boxed” meals have in the supermarket.

Smoky BBQ Brisket with Kale Slaw
Smoky BBQ Brisket with Kale Slaw.

Ordering the meals is super easy, you click onto their website (here) to join the tribe, choose the meals or plans and as they say “chow down”. The meals are delivered every Monday, so this sets you up beautifully for the week ahead. The company offer a wide range of plans to suit you and your lifestyle, or even better a “build you own” plan for those of you that like to pick and choose your meals. Their is no lock in contracts and you can cancel at anytime. The website also has a “chat now” application if you require any immediate assistance.

Check out the gorgeous team at Caveman Kitchen in their “About Us” segment on their webpage here, I had a smile reading about their vision and passion for health and wellness. I love their “meet the team” section. I love seeing where my food comes from and learning about the people behind the business.

Dave & Abbey – The Founders.

Caveman Kitchen have offered a DISCOUNT CODE exclusively for my followers only – aliceincavemanland (enter at the checkout for $30 off your first order).

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