#aliceloves feat. Bloembee – Rumbles Paleo Pete Evans Chindii Cookies. 

This weeks #alicesloves Feat. A posy from Bloembee segment, is something super delicious. I get to share my love for Rumbles Paleo newest addition to their healthy snack range, the Pete Evans Chindii Cookies. 

I am loving the support and positive feedback on the previous #aliceloves blogs, so thank you so much. You are all so kind.


A little about Rumbles Paleo

Rumbles Paleo is founded by an inspiring duo, Jen (who loves to cook) and Brian (who loves to eat). Rumbles Paleo has recently grown into the leading Paleo Health Snack range on the market. Jen and Brian both live and breed paleo, however their snacks are perfect for anyone to munch on. Their promise to you all is that they source the best possible ingredients to bring you the best tasting Paleo treats there are on the market. 


I am a huge fan of Pete Evans and love his and families outlook on life. So I was so excited for my friends over at Rumbles Paelo, when I heard the news that they were collaborating with Pete to create this delicious new cookie to add to their delicious Paleo range. 

You all know that I love to create my own recipes, but being a busy mamma it is great to have some snacks that are easy to just throw into my handbag. I give them to Cruz too he loves them. If we were going out to a cafe for a date with a friend, I normally chuck the pack of two in the nappy bag so Cruzie can have one with his baby cino and if I’m lucky I get to have the other one with my tea. 

What I love about the flavour of the Chindii cookies is the delicious burst of cinnamon (I am a huge cinnamon fan) you get in your mouth as your munch on them and the chewyness of the coconut. 

I will definitely be stocking up on these cookies to munch on once my new born comes too as they will be a great grab and go snack. 

A special thank you to @bloembee for collaborating with me on this mini #aliceloves project of mine. We both enjoy sharing our love for the great products that we genuinely love that are new on the market.

In this weeks Posy of Blooms we had white disbuds, pink roses, white chryssie, green chryssie, pink alstroemerias. 

Bloembee provides a posy of blooms, delivered to the Brisbane area from just $30.

If you would love to be featured in this mini segment in the near future please email me at aliceinhealthyland@hotmail.com

Want more from Bloembee or Rumbles Paleo?

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