My baby “latches” to the bottle.

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I made a little promise to myself  when I was pregnant with my second child. I would do my best to try give my second baby a bottle from 6 weeks if I could breastfeed. The reason behind this is because Cruz (my first child), still to this day has never taken a bottle. I tried so many brands but he was just never interested. All he wanted was the boobies! That wasn’t to much of an issue to me back then as I had him home with me for the 10months of his life. However when he went to day care he would refuse my EDM or formula. I could never really pop out for to longer periods either as he would want to be fed. Cruz was not great on solids either. So he needed my breastmilk to nourish him.

When I had Winter Rose (my second child) I started her on the Munckin Latch Bottle with EBM and she took it. To my surprise she would quite happily go from boob to teat and back to boob again. I couldn’t pump in my first 4 weeks of feeding due to over engorgement but when my boobs had settled down and I could start pumping, I offered her the bottle every second day. I am now pumping daily and able to give her a bottle of expressed milk daily.

From the bottle to the breast.

I found out about the Munckin Latch Bottle from other mumma bloggers on Instagram raving about it. I am currently using the 120mls Bottle with the Stage 1 Nipple Teat. The teat is able to move with the baby, which is just like the breast does. So when Winter Rose sucks the nipple of the teat she is putting pressure against the nipple teat and it then releases milk as baby sucks, hence why I think Winter Rose happily goes between the breast and the bottle. The anti colic valve in the bottle  prevents air bubbles from getting through so the baby is less likely to get gas or colic like symptoms. To be honest I don’t think Winnie has had any wind pain post bottle feeds which is great.

We go to Thailand as a family in a month, I am a bridesmaid. I feel confident that Winter Rose will be able to take some EBM from my husband or close family with this bottle so I can commit to bridesmaid duties. When we go to Thailand Munckin have these fantastic Sterilizer bags that you use to wash the bottle and teats in the microwave. I emailed the hotel and they have kindly given us a microwave for our room. With the steriliser wash bags you simply Rinse before use, add water, place in bag, zip closed, microwave for suggested time then empty water. So easy to use and perfect for us travelling as we already have to take so much stuff.

I really wish I knew about these Latch Bottles when Cruz was little but I guess its all part of motherhood and we learn from our past experiences. I am forever leraning as a mumma. I think it’s super special for David to have some bonding time with Winter Rose when feeding her and he feels more confident that he can settle her when I’m not close by.

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