Everybody Is Beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie

Everybody is beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie


I am damn proud of my body and what it has achieved. I have grown two beautiful babies for 9 months during pregnancy, laboured and birthed them and breastfeed them both (still going with Winnie). The women’s body is amazing right?

I am a mumma to two darling little ones, Cruz and Winter Rose. I look at them everyday with proud eyes.  This is something I constantly have to remind myself, especially when my “inner mean girl” creeps into my mind faulting my body image every now and then. Now days I am pretty good at shaking her off quickly though. I don’t want my babies to watch their mumma constantly putting herself down and wasting her time doing so, especially not in front of them. Ever since I gave birth to Cruz I found a new respect and love for my body. I was blown away with what it went through to achieve motherhood. So I decided to go on a journey to find self love and inner peace. I no longer wanted to care about a number on the scales or a size on a dress. I wanted to treat it as if it my best friend with a kind heart and respect.

To me body love is about building a friendship with your body, giving it the respect it needs. Practicing mindfulness, giving it the attention it needs by nourishing it with good foods and plenty of water, resting it when it needs and moving your body accordingly to how it feels that day.

There is so much pressure as to what the perfect postpartum bod looks like. The pressure comes from our universe with social media, the shows we watch, glam magazines filled with models that have been done up for hours prior to the shoot. These models are beautiful in their own way, however there is so many different types of women that they should portray and we all have different body shapes, not just the certain body type they promote as the perfect woman. If they use a gorgeous curvier woman too, she is labeled as “plus size” what is that? Seriously she is just a another gorgeous woman doing her thing.

Social media can also have a positive impact on being yourself too and promoting body and self love. There is more people out their showing the real them. No filter and I love that! Keeping it raw and honest.

Being a new mumma is overwhelming at times and we don’t need that extra pressure from society to push us to want to look a certain way. We want to enjoy our babies and feel comfortable and confident doing it . I was introduced to Hot Milk Lingerie by Robyn from Yummy Mummy Lingerie. She told me about this amazing label and sent me some of their bras to try during my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. I fell in love. I wore the “My Necessity – Nursing Bra” in nude and blush pink throughout my pregnancy. I wore these bras to bed, under my work uniform and pretty much every day haha. In fact I am wearing one right now haha. They are seamless and have super soft fabric which makes it perfect over the bump. I love wearing them when I was pregnant and I love wearing them now while breastfeeding. They have an easy access clip which makes it perfect for nursing your baby (especially when they are hungry NOW).


Hot Milk Lingerie have also sent me the “My Necessity” bra in black, so I now own the whole collection. I am looking forward to purchasing and trying some more of their other styles in the near future. I highly recommend this style, especially if you are looking for a comfortable bra to wear in hospital.

I have also been wearing the “My everyday camisole” to bed at night. Its super comfortable with a built in bra and great for midnight feeds.


Hot Milk are currently hosting a competition to win $500 worth of Hot Milk goodies. All you have to do is show the real you and share your postpartum body and be proud. hashtag #hotmilkrealwomen for more details click here. I love this idea. All about self love. Check out the hashtag to view all the beautiful women that have entered so far.


Winnie loves to hold on to the little bow when feeding so cute.

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