Mama The Label – ELYSE #behindthelabel

Mama The Label was created by a gorgeous Aussie Mumma. It is designed to take you through your pregnancy, breastfeeding days and beyond. I wore a few of their staples during my pregnancy with Winter Rose and continue to wear them now. I love that the pieces are not only staple pieces for my wardrobe but they add a bit of glam to my everyday look. As a new mumma you want total comfort, but you still want to feel good in what you are wearing and Mama The Label brings you exactly that. My personal favourite is the wrap dress and the floral short sleeve wrap. So flattering.

I chatted to the woman #behindthelabel Elyse to find out about why she started Mama The Label and what are some of her favourite pieces from the current collection and why!

Your go to hot drink?

French Earl Grey Tea or Flat White

Can you tell us a little more about the women #behindthebusiness at Mama The Label?

My name is Elyse, I’m 28 and live in Newcastle, NSW. I’m the wife of my wonderful husband Christopher and Mama to the cheekiest little monkey, Hugo. I love to read, cook, shop and plan my next holiday!

What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding label Mama The Label?

When I was pregnant I didn’t find the right mix of affordability and comfort, but i survived! However, when it came to breastfeeding I really struggled! Breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest journey for me and i found the clothes a hindrance or left me feeling completely exposed. I made a decision to create my own clothes so that when baby no.2 comes around it was one less thing to worry about! I then thought that perhaps it would help some other mama’s on their journey as well! Win-win 🙂

What is something that you practice for self love daily or weekly?

I always take time out at least once a week to read and explore new ideas.

What is your favourite Nursing piece currently in store and why?

I’d have to say the little linen number! It has a cap sleeve and button down front perfect for nursing. It’s also extremely flattering on a post-baby body, clinching at the waist to create a beautiful feminine silhouette.

Best Seller?

Definitely the short sleeve wrap, it’s a beautiful addition to most outfits and doubles as a nursing wrap. The prints are also stunning!

What are 3 key things a women should look for when buying a maternity and breastfeeding clothing?

Soft, beautiful fabric. Easy accessibility to ‘the girls’ and a cut that leaves you feeling comfortable so you can focus on either growing or feeding your little one.

What more from Mama The Label?



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