#selflovesunday @therealsimonemarie

My name is Simone and I am the face behind @therealsimonemarie 💕

For the last 13 years I have always worked in the Mining and Construction industry in an office environment working Monday to Friday in the Human Resources and Recruitment department.

Since I was a little girl I have always had this beautiful and happy sparkle inside of me that just longed to help people, somehow? 🌸

Now fast forward to where I am today and since joining the 30’s club last year is where I really started to dive deeper in to the person I am and how I can really get my passion and vision out there more….which brings to me where I am now 😊

I share my passions for fitness, food, fashion across my page as well as keeping it raw & real “with no sprinkles” added on feelings of self doubt and breaking the mental health stigma, especially anxiety which I talk about even though it’s really hard at times.

So here is what I do to fill up my own love bucket;

✨I enjoy drinking my warm lemon water and apple cider vinegar every morning to flush out the unwanted toxins and wake up my body.

✨I move my body at the gym most days of the week, even if it’s just a walk. I find this really good for my mental state.

✨Drinking 2-3L of water every day.

✨I celebrate any proud moment I achieve and actually ‘pat myself on the back’.

✨Speaking positive words of affirmation daily – eg. “I am strong” “I approve of myself” “I am proud of the person I am and who I am becoming” “I love and accept myself”

✨Spending time with your loved ones whether it’s a beach day, watching a movie or going for a walk.

✨Making delicious treats in the kitchen and getting creative.

✨On the days you don’t feel yourself – choose to be a little more kinder and gentle to yourself and say out loud “its okay”.

✨Give yourself some time out for you even if its only 30 minutes🙏🏽

✨Go buy yourself a book that really sings to your heart, I really love self-love books.

✨Reminding yourself its okay to say no sometimes.

✨Have a dance off or sing it out to one of your favourite songs, I often do this in the car and shake off any energy that isn’t serving me🙌🏽


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