Mumma Bear Nursing Wear #behindthebusiness

Hayley is the woman behind the online store @mummabearnursingwear. I recently had the privilege to interview her and find out a little more about her and why she started her business. Hayley has set up a special discount code for my tribe. Use ALICE15 to receive 15% off storewide. 
Mumma Bear Nursing Wear showcases a range of clothing that’s breastfeeding friendly! Hayley wants to make it easy for mums to feed with confidence, without comprising style. She believes we all deserve to feel good and dress nice, especially after having a baby. Mumma Bear Nursing Wear stock a range of sports bras, activewear and clothing specifically designed for nursing, making it easy for you to feed no matter what you’re doing. Hayley also hand-pick tops and dresses from the latest fashion trends that feature easy feeding access, making Mumma Bear Nursing Wear a one-stop-shop for breastfeeding friendly fashion.
Favourite Hot Drink?
Ok I have a confession, I’m a Mum and I don’t drink coffee! I know what you’re thinking, how is that even possible? I’m just simply not a huge fan of hot drinks and don’t like the taste……I know #weirdo! But don’t worry, I do like to indulge in a good hot chocolate in winter!
Can you tell us a little more about Hayley? The women #behindthebusiness Mumma Bear Nursing Wear? 
I’m a Mum to an almost two year old, and I’m also pregnant with my second bub, half way now in fact……can’t believe how fast time is flying second time round. I swear I kept track of every week with my first, but this time the weeks seem to fly by with a toddler! It’s just me #behindthebusiness. I source all of the feeding friendly styles, pack your orders and I’m always happy to help by providing advice on fit and style. I really love being able to help other mums!
What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding boutique Mumma Bear Nursing Wear?
It really was my experience with breastfeeding after I had my daughter Evelyn, that prompted me to start Mumma Bear Nursing Wear. Like a lot of us do, I had a really tough time in the beginning with breastfeeding. Tongue ties, mastitis, bleeding nipples and oh my gosh the pain! But with support from family and friends and an awesome lactation consultant, I continued breastfeeding and it got easier and easier, and before I knew it I was really enjoying it! I’m also a mum that loves to be active and get out and about and socialise with other mums, but I really struggled to find feeding friendly clothes that provided quick and easy breastfeeding access…..hence the beginning of Mumma Bear Nursing Wear. Now the store has a range of options including activewear, sports bras, clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding, and everyday feeding friendly fashion that allows you to feed anywhere, anytime!
You must connect with a lot of amazing women seeking advice on what to wear while pregnancy or breastfeeding? Is this part of the reason why you love what you do?
Yes!!! I love connecting with other mums and providing advice! I think it really helps that I’ve been in their position, so I know exactly what new mums are going through, and the journey of breastfeeding. For me, finding feeding friendly clothes really gave me the confidence to feed anywhere, and also helped me regain my sense of style after having a baby, and I hope I can help other mums feel the same to! 
What is your favourite Nursing activewear piece currently in store and why? 
Oh my gosh that’s a tough one, because I absolutely love the entire Cadenshae nursing activewear range that we stock. If I had to choose, I absolutely live in my smoothie crop, because it’s just so damn comfy and easy to feed in! Coming close in second would be the 3/4 classic leggings, because I can continue to wear them while my bump grows.
What are the key things a women should look for when buying maternity and breastfeeding clothing?
I guess I look for a few things when I’m purchasing breastfeeding clothing, and I make sure everything I stock is something I would happily wear and recommend to others. Firstly, I’m a sucker for comfort and quality, and something that will stand the test through breastfeeding several babies. Secondly, I love being able to wear clothing specifically designer for breastfeeding, or everyday feeding friendly fashion that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a breastfeeding mum’ and can continue to be worn long after you’ve finished feeding.
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