One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

A Review written by A. A. Bingham.

I recently had a luxe facial with the gorgeous Jamie from One and Only Beauty. I had such a wonderful, relaxing experience I decided to blog about it.

One and Only Beauty salon is owned by the gorgeous Jamie. Jamie is an experienced & knowledgeable therapist that has been a beautician for over 10 years. Jamie decided to recently create her own beautiful space and to use her experience and technique to create something magical. She is a mumma to two gorgeous babes and knows how important it is to have that me time as a mumma. She made me feel like an absolute queen.

I arrived at Jamie’s salon and was instantly greeted with a big smile. Jamie made me feel comfortable the moment I walked through the door. Upon entry to the O + O salon, the spaciousness, tranquility, soft music & elegant decor instantly sets the mood up for a relaxing luxe facial treat. Jamie asked me a little bit about my skin and briefly explained that she would be using all organic skin care product (good enough to eat, trust me they smell amazing) by Eminence . She stated that she wouldn’t explain the products in to much detail during the facial as she just wanted me to relax. Any questions I could ask at the end (I had loads as my face felt amazing). The music was was at a perfect volume, I lied on the bed and she asked me to take three deep breathes. It was just what I needed to let everything go and just be present in the room. She started a massage and I think I lasted 5 minutes and fell back asleep. I only woke up to the slight tingle of the peel and then straight back to sleep. While Jamie had the peel on my face she did the most amazing foot and leg rub (my hubby needs to learn her technique).

At the end of the facial Jamie woke me to let me know it was finished. I couldn’t believe how I had slept the whole time. I think I needed it. When I finally woke up properly from dream land I my touched my face. It felt so good and smooth. It had that after facial glow.

I love that she uses all organic products as we all know that we are what we eat, but we forget that we are what we apply to. Eminence Organic Skincare ingredients is so great you could pretty much eat the product and it wouldn’t harm you. I love that they aren’t full of nasty chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ in the body. It absorbs all those nasties so quickly so I love finding more natural products to fill up my beauty cupboard with. Jamie’s facials are tailored to suit each persons skin type

During a facial with O + O all of the products are diluted with not water, but herbal teas. Because the products Jamie uses contain absolutely “no water” she uses warm natural tea blends to compliment the fact that every single ingredient used on your skin was grown both under organic and bio-dynamic conditions. The room smells absolutely divine.

I have been trailing the Eminence Acai Firming Skin care products from Jamie at O + O for almost a month now and I have had 3 people ask what I had done to my ski as it looks so clear and plump? Someone even asked if I had botox as the light wrinkle lines on my face have smoothed out (thanks Jamie). The products smell divine and I actually get excited to do my skincare routine as I am loving the results of using the products.

Something very special about One + Only Beauty is that for every single facial performed by One & Only, $5 will be donated to the @thepyjamafoundation helping to support little ones in their life in foster care. How beautiful is that?

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