Pawpaw & avocado deliciousness for Winnie

Written by Sarah Nicholls



Papaya, also known as papaw, is a rich source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and special digestive enzymes. The powerhouse of these enzymes is the proteolytic enzyme papain.

The papaya enzyme papain plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down tough protein fibers.

Introducing pawpaw into your babies diet as one of their first foods is a great idea, as the digestive system is so immature in babies, pawpaw will help support the developing system, rather than inflame or disrupt it. It is so important to be gentle & supportive to our babies stomachs at this young age, as we are setting up their digestive & immune systems for life!

Avocados are also a terrific first food for our bubs, And is also easily digested, however the biggest benefit which comes from this is the healthy omega 3 fatty acids which are crucial for healthy brain development. It is so important that our babies start consuming healthy fats right from when they start eating!

Mix these two together, and you will have one delicious new meal! And as a mama you can be satisfied that you are serving your baby healthy & nutritious food that will nourish their little bellies.


1/2 avocado

1 large piece pawpaw

1 serve probiotic

(You can also freeze these into icy poles for your baby or turn into a baby smoothie)

Baby led weaning

Cut the pawpaw & avocado into finger food sized servings & let them play 🙂

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