#alicedrivesawayhappy with Cricks Mt Gravatt – Jeep Compass Limited.

Written by Alice Bingham AKA Alice In Healthyland

Collaboration with Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep

So a week ago I was lucky enough to collaborate with Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep. From Thursday evening to Monday morning I drove around in the yet to be released Jeep Compass Limited 2018.

I moved in, literally haha. I put both the kids car seats in, put in my diffuser and connected my iPhone up to the Apple CarPlay. I also put my double pram in the boot and I didn’t have to taking wheels off (winning). So I test drove the Compass as if it was my own. These are my adventures …


Thursday night – I drove it home from Cricks with Winnie asleep in her car seat and tested out the BEATS sound system, listening to my tunes (not my sons haha) and singing at the top of my lungs. I did feel a bit like a mumma from the “real wives of orange county’ hehe.. leather seats and those new car smells. I felt very luxe haha. Leather seats are great if you have children to as they are easy to wipe up the mess when kids spill food. I loved that I could put my hand bag under my seat to as there is extra storage. Love cool little storage features like this one.

I then picked Cruzie up from day care. Lets just say he was just as excited about the Jeep Compass as I was. He thought he was getting to drive around in “The Wiggle Mobile” -“the big red car” haha. It was the cutest. He kept running to the garage and saying … “wow mummy red car red car.”

Friday – I spent the day just doing what I normally do with Cruzie + Winter Rose. We went to my parents house for a swim, took Cruz and Winter Rose to the park and ran to the shops. I tested out the Parallel & Perpendicular Park Assist. Lets just say this feature is AMAZING! A little overwhelming at first putting so much trust in the car, but knowing that I was putting the gear shifter in park and reverse helped. I only tried this feature once though as I was honestly a little nervous to use it. You would totally get used to it though. I picked mum up for a drive to and we tested the dual zone climate control. She hates the air con cold and I love it. So I thought this little extra feature was fantastic. Plus it is always great to keep your mumma happy haha.

Saturday – Picked up my bestie and headed to the point for a coffee and a walk. We tested out the bluetooth feature and reminisced by pumping Usher in the car to bring back some good memories.

Then it was FAMILY TIME. David (my hubby) and I took the kiddies to Coolum Beach for the afternoon. We put the address in MAPS and off we went. It gave us the fasted route and other options if needed. I loved driving the Jeep on the highway. I tested out the cruise control. There was a bit of traffic so I could not use it the whole way but it was great to drive a little more relaxed when I could. Cruizes favourite song is Ed Sheeran so we pumped the PERFECT by Ed (see highlights on Cricks Jeep Insta here for all the cuteness). On the way we were getting lots of texts from my sister who we were meeting. So it was great to have SIRI read them out to me. I was then able to reply safely buy asking SIRI to do so all while driving and not taking my eyes off the road. This is a very important feature for me as I am driving with two babes in the car. Having my phone put away and out of reach is a must. I love that the Limited model had the Apple CarPlay feature. We drove the car home at 8pm at night and the car had great lighting in the car and wasn’t to bright on the eye. I loved how the car had adjustable headlights to suit the drivers height/vision needs when driving at night.

Sunday – Market day and food shopping. We piled the car up with our weekly shop and market haul. We did have to put a few bags in the car as our double pram did take up a lot of the boot. Although we did do a big shop. It is definitely big enough as a family car. So much leg room in the back seats. A bonus for me is that another car seat can be fitted it has the extra attachments already fitted to (thinking of the future here).

To finish the day, the babes fell asleep early in car on the way home from Grandmas house, so David and I took the car for a drive down to Wellington Point to watch the water just after sunset. Pure bliss way to end the weekend mind you sets you up for the week.

So you know what I loved about the car as I listed all the AMAZING features above in my adventures.

Here were a few things I would love to either change or have different…

  • A coffee cup holder next to the wheel. There are two in the middle but I honestly chuck a my water there and lippy and garage key. Purely personal this one haha.
  • Maybe a little more room in the boot. I totally did have a big double pram in there though. I didn’t have to pull it apart either like I do in the car that I drive now.
  • The accessories and safety features were amazing but they I did find the beeping a little overwhelming in the beginning. So maybe have the volume down a little on them Jeep haha. It was great using the reverse camera though, this safety feature is a must in any new car and especially if you have kids.

Okay, okay I am not really finding that much I dislike about the Jeep Compass Limited. Its certainly a nice upgrade to what I have now.

Would I buy one?

YES if I had the money haha.

If you love what you read and decide that this car is for you, state my name ALICE and you will receive $500 off the purchase price or $500 off accessories! 🚗💃.

WANT MORE from Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep?

Chat to one of their friendly staff members (seriously so nice, they were fantastic with my kiddies).

Website – http://www.mtgravattjeep.com.au/

Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/cricksmtgravatt_jeep/?hl=en

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