My journey with Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba – Part One

Written By Alice Bingham

I was told about Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba by a dear friend. She also goes to see Mel and she told me that I would absolutely adore her, not to mention how great she felt after her appointments with her. So I decided to go and say hey to Mel and meet this woman that my friend praised so highly.

I walked into the clinic and was instantly greeted  with a smile and a hello. After chatting with Mel for a few minutes I knew she was passionate about what she did, but she really cared about her clients too. I was there when someone was arriving for their treatment and the lady looked at me and said “ohhh you are going to just love Mel.” So I booked in for my first treatment and the rest is history I am hooked…

This is my personal Colonic Journey with Mel…

The first session – To be completely honest I was quite nervous and excited all in one for my first session. I had read all the notes that Mel had emailed out to me ( she is very thorough). So I clearly knew what I was getting myself into. I feel it was important for me to know why I was going to be doing this. The week prior I had been extremely emotional, anxious, not to mention snappy at David and just overall stressed. So I was really looking forward to seeing how it would improve my mental health as I had read that Colonics are meant to be amazing for not only your physical but mental health too.

To begin with Mel and I just sat in her “educational” lounge while I had my consultation and I learnt all about Colonic Hydrotherapy, she is amazing has an answer for everything I asked her about Colonics #gutguru. Then she showed me where I will be having the treatment. I expected something different. the room was so welcoming. I loved the crystals, the oils in the diffuser, the relaxation music and not to mention the bed where you lay on when you poop is so comfortable. Mel was so respectful, always maintaining my privacy.

During my first session, Mel guided me through it, always leaving the room when appropriate. Always knocking before entering the room. Oh and the question I have been asked ALOT is – Does she see your private parts? Haha nope she covers you up the whole time. She also is out the room when you insert the little part of the tube in to your bottom. The room is so welcoming to she has styled it to make you feel empowered, relaxed and ready to let that shit go.

The colonic goes for 45 minutes (hell yes I get to lay down for 45minutes) I refuse to take my phone in as this something I want to truly be present in. I thought I would feel pain, but I can honestly say that for me I felt no pain at all just a few cramps here and there, right before a release. During this session I lost quite a lot of pop in the first part of the session, the nothing for the next 15 minutes then to finish I lost more. This could be TMI but hey I will share it, at first my poop was all broken up and mushy but as I continued I sure bits of un chewed food and older dryer bits (yuck I know). Mel would come in when I would push the door bell to call her to check on me. She always knocked twice and then waited for me to come in. Making sure I was okay at all times, I love that about her she is so caring and considerate.

Once I completed the session I able to chill out for 5minutes on the bed and relax. Then I went back out to the consult lounge for a debrief and some water + gut loving drinks. I actually felt like I was walking on a cloud after the session, I almost could not talk back because I was so chilled out. My shoulders felt relaxed, my stomach felt lighter, my head felt so in tune with my body. I have felt like this before and I know at this moment my body wanted more.

Mel continued to check on me for the next 24hrs via text. Argh she is so sweet.

So my second session –  I returned for my second session eager to see what I would Dumb today haha. Mel explained that I would probably lose even more today because the intestines would be so hydrated from the pure water that entered on Monday. Plus it is know that you should always have another to help release all those nasty toxins your body has naturally started to rid of since the first colonic.

I felt more confident with this session as I knew what I would be doing. So I had mentally prepared myself to lose more shit today. You know what? On the Tuesday night I dreamt about letting go of more shit in my life. It was such a vivid dream too. I lost double the amount I lost Monday. I even got emotional on the table (maybe it was because I could be potentially letting go shit from my childhood). After todays session I didn’t feel as relaxed but instead I felt energised. This night I slept so well and even decided to go to bed at 8:30pm as my body felt ready to sleep earlier.

My third session – Okay so now I am hooked on the feeling post colonic. My eyes sight feels brighter, my mind clearer and I feel less emotional. No joke I have been so much calmer with the children to when things don’t go to plan. I discussed with Mel that I started this journey for health maintenance, but now I know its going to help with my varicose veins, my emotional health, my skin, my energy, wow the list just goes on.

This session I lost double of what I lost on the second, my body was really allowing me to let shit go (literally). I laid on the colonic bed thinking about my goals and just letting things go emotionally. I was even losing (TMI) longer bigger poos (which is great and what normal poops should look like), bile and still lots of mushy stuff. During my sessions my bowels were working perfectly as my body felt so hydrated. I did get a little nausea in this session but I really did loose so much. I went straight home and made a green juice with lemon to really help to detox those extra nasties that were still there.

What now? – I am going to continue to see Mel, not just for Colonic’s but to really look at my overall health and wellness. We will be chatting about lymphatic drainage, my circulation and my diet. I will keep you all up to date with this journey as I know you all have been so interested in it. I know I share a lot of TMI (to much info) but I feel its important as you can really see an in site for of journey with Colonic and then make your own choices. I know we are all different but I am just being completely honest about why I love this for me. If anyone has any questions about Colonic, I am happy to help but I urge you chat to Mel, she is the guru. She has an amazing package she can send out to you if you want to know more.

In a few weeks time I will be interviewing Mel for a blog feature. Asking her the nitty griity of her journey and why it works for her. This women is a walking book of knowledge and a genuine kind hearted women. I cant wait to share the interview with you all.

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