Alice’s journey with Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba – Part Two

So you may have seen from my insta that I am continuing to see Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba. In fact I feel I am her “stage 5 clinger” and I always have so many questions and topics I chat with her about. I laughed with David (hubby) and said I think I am chatting more with Mel than you hahaha. I have been going to the poo fairy AKA Mel, for a little over a month now and I am really enjoying this new health journey I am on. I will be forever grateful to my darling friend who referred me to the Poo Palace.

So, since I last chatted with you all I had, had 4 Colonics. Well now I am on a more extensive treatment plan with guidance from Mel. I have now had 8 in total. Of course everybody will be different if they choose the Colonic journey. It will be according to your lifestyle, time schedule and budget as to how much a new comer would like to invest their energy (in) with Colonics. I would imagine that even just the 3 would do your body wonders!

So what are the changes I have been seeing with my mind and body so far?


  • My eye sight is clearer – this was one of the first huge changes I noticed. Everything sees clearer? Maybe I can see clearly now that I am letting shit go, haha who knows.
  • Forearm length poo – hmmmm too much info? Well you wanted to know it all so I am happy to share haha. My bowels have never been so regular. I will go sometimes right before my colonic and I think to myself surely I won’t dump much today in my treatment? Then I blow myself away with how much I do. Like I said earlier, I have has 8 treatments now and each time I am letting go of more and more poo. How can that be….
  • Emotionally more in tune with who I am – This journey for me is not just about letting go of a bit of poo. Well to be honest that’s what I thought it would be in the beginning. I feel I am really starting to see the type of person I want to be more of and I feel I am able to listen to what my body wants. I think Mel really helps to guide me with this. Sometimes when I am passing a bowel motion that is a little harder in texture, I really feel emotional letting it go while it’s happening in the treatment but feel a sigh of relief when its gone.
  • My skin feels amazing – The Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment uses UV purified, filtered water only. So I feel my whole body is getting hydrated not just my gut. I had a few extra pimples when I first started, but I feel that my body was letting out the toxins.
  • My period was less painful and more tolerable. I have only had one cycle since starting the Colonics but the difference was huge in comparison to the last period. Maybe emotionally I handled it better. I kept up my hydration during my cycle too.

I took Cruz to hang out haha

Above are just some of the changes I have noticed so far in my Colonic journey with, Mel. It is not something everyone agrees with but personally for me I love what I am doing and have never felt so healthy in my life.

I look forward to sharing Mel’ s journey with you all shortly too. If want to know more just contact Mel the poo fairy – 0466 155 354 and text her your email to send through more information. She has a great package she sends out with all your questions answered.

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2 thoughts on “Alice’s journey with Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba – Part Two

  1. tigerlilystales33

    Thanks Alice, after seeing your posts and with the tummy issues and many other issues I’ve had lately, I’m booked in with Mel and really looking forward to it.


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