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I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Insta Live with the gorgeous, Monique Peters. Monique is a all natural organic make up artist and has a passion is health and wellness. As promised here are some notes of our insta live put into a blog for you all…

Alice – Why she switched over to natural/organic beauty?

Monique –After spending over 8 years in the mainstream beauty industry, I have worked with hundreds of different cosmetic brands. Although I wasn’t oblivious to the health concerns linked to conventional cosmetics, it took my own health issues to be encouraged to dive deeper into the natural beauty realm.

As someone who has been diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea (a condition in which menstruation stops), lots of gut/digestive issues, thyroid and high cortisol levels. I was and still am, on a mission to feel at my optimum.

My biggest belief is “we aren’t just what we eat, we are what we put on our skin too!” I mean, we work out and we eat healthy, right? Why are we are so concerned with how our bodies are looking, why shouldn’t we also be concerned about what we are putting on them?

After doing countless hours of research and learning all about the world of natural, organic beauty. I decided to completely make the switch. Not only just my own personal products, but my entire freelance makeup kit! Even though in the back of my mind I knew that I could lose clients, or bookings, I knew that the natural products I was now using performed just as well! I decided I had to stay true to my intuition and alignment and using products that contained harmful chemicals didn’t serve me anymore.

I am on a misson to educate as many women as possible on making better makeup and skincare choices. It’s not about doing it perfectly, its not about throwing out your whole makeup bag. It just about taking baby steps and making more conscious decisions because what we do today, creates our tomorrow.

Alice – Why do you believe we should be using chemical free products?

Monique – Our skin is our largest organ and 60-80% of what we put on it is absorbed into our blood steam.

Many mainstream cosmetics are filled with cheap and nasty preservatives and toxins that extend the shelf life of the product to keep it stable. For e.g Parabens. A known preservative still found in many products, have been found in breast cancer tissue.

We have over 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings on your scalp to soak in the toxins so using natural haircare free of synthetics Is so important.

I also believe that finding beautiful, high performing beauty items has never been this easy! I also would like to add, I am not sharing this knowledge to panic or alarm people.I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have and its never to late to start. I am also simply just sharing my journey and what I have learnt along the way. My passion is to empower other women to take a bit of a closer look at the products they are currently using and see where there is room for change? It’s all about conscious decision making.

Alice – What are the top 5 products do you recommend making a priority to switch out?

Monique –

Body lotion – it covers the largest surface area on the body and is usually packed with synthetic fragrance. By opting for more nourishing plant based oils or organic butter based moisturisers, you will largely reduce the synthetic ingredients used on your skin.

Toothpaste – Your mouth is the most absorbent place on your body and you use this product twice per day (well lets hope). Conventional toothpaste is jam packed with nasty foaming agents that you don’t want to be using anywhere near your mouth. Opt for a natural alternative.

Shampoo and Conditioner – we have over 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings on your scalp to soak in the toxins so it doesn’t make sense to be using chemical filled haircare.

Lipstick, lipbalm and gloss – Where do you think your gloss goes when it wears off? You guessed it. You eat it! Natural lippies are usually jam packed with nourishing plant based oils as appose to mineral oil and polymers.

Perfume – Fragrance is a big business and sadly brands don’t have to disclose any of the ingredients they use! The formulation is deemed intellectual property and is protected from being copied. So you never actually know what harmful things are lingering on your skin for hours upon hours. Using essential oils and other natural fragrances is a beautiful way to switch out.

Alice – What are your TOP 3 multipurpose SKINCARE products you can recommend for anyone on the go?

Monique – 

· Easy cleanser that will remove all makeup but not strip your skin – BE FRAICHE

· A good serum that targets everything – BIOLOGI Serums – pigmentation, aeging,fine lines, breakouts.

· Moisturiser that contains SPF – Hynt beauty

Alice – What are your top 3 quick and easy natural makeup products?

Monique – 

Ere perez Lip and Cheek tint with a mirror!

Brow gel – Ere Perez

Mascara – Inika or Lily Lolo


Monique and her gorgeous friend Natalie (Kindred Toxin Free Facials) are hosting a Master Class workshop on the 8th April 2018. From morning and evening skincare routines, how to interactive demonstrations, colour matching foundations for your unique skin tone and more, Natalie and Monique will guide you through all you’ve ever wanted to learn about creating a natural skincare and makeup routine that works into your day.

Buy tickets here –

Want more from Monique?

Website –

Instagram – @thebeautyjournal__

Want to start your natural/organic beauty collection now?

Monique’s friends at conscious.kin are offering a generous discount code to all Monique and my following. Use BEAUTY15 at the check out.

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