8 Ways To Get A Better Nights Kip

Written By Alice Bingham AKA @aliceinhealthyland

Feat. The Goodnight Co

I have recently become obsessed with trying to set myself up for a good nights kip because let’s face it… who likes to feel disorganised and disheveled throughout the day. I think a night time ritual is a must when setting myself up for success for the next day. When I am not getting the necessary amount every night it can absolutely cripple my body physically, mentally and emotionally. It affects my social life and how present I am in my workplace.

Okay so getting the 7-9hrs like the professionals say would be totes easy for me if I didn’t have a 1000 things going through my mind every night, not to mention a cheeky toddler that decides waking up after midnight multiple times throughout the night and wanting “mummmmmmmmy” only doesn’t help achieve that either. But I think the winding down of a evening helps me to settle into a better quality nights sleep. Even if it is a broken one.

Here are some of the rituals I have added to my bed time routine. Mind you I don’t do all of these every single night, because let’s face it I’ll probably be exhausted if I did try to fit it all in. But I like to try incorporate most of them into my evening the best I can.

Epsom salt bath or lavender steam hit in the shower.

I try aim to have a bath once or twice a week with epsom salts + lavender essential oils. I am also trying out the GOODNIGHT co lavender sleep ritual bath soak tea bags. They are a great treat to spoil your body and ease yourself into your sleepy vibes with ultimate relaxation. It does take me a lot mentally to commit to a bath, but once I am in, the relaxation is divine. When in the bath, switch off your phone, put on some music or a podcast and just chill out. Your body will get into relaxation mode a lot quicker.

If you don’t have a bath you can do a lavender steam shower. Spray the sides of your walls and floor in the shower with with cold water + 10 drops lavender in a spray bottle (stick to the tiles or shower doors only as less messy) and then turn shower on hot for 20 seconds before hoping in, allow the shower to steam up. Take in some big deep breathes in the shower.

Use Essential Oils

I love to use my oils to help me wind down and get a better sleep at night. Keep in mind though, that every bodies biochemistry is so different and what I think works for me may not be the right oils for you. It is critical for you to follow your intuition, and listen to your body, its all about trial and error.

Create a sleepy and calm blend with Essential Oils and diffuse it in the lead up to your bedtime and while you sleep. I am currently loving Cedarwood, Vetiver, Lavender and Roman Chamomile diffusing throughout the night. Find out more about the essential oils here.

I have been rolling the GOODNIGHT co  Goodnight essential oil blend down my spine after my bath or shower to for extra sleepy vibrations.

Meditate or taking some deep breathes

So I am not great at this meditation gig, so if I am going to do it I use a bed time guided meditation off youtube or off my Fit Mummy Project app. This is not something I do daily but when I do, I feel great. It truly sets me up to feel lighter mentally before nodding off to sleep. I must do this more. Even just simply taking some nice slow deep breaths helps to calm my mind.

Hop into bed about half an hour before your set bedtime.

Switch your phone off, chat to your partner if you have one, write in a journal or read a book. When I go into my bed a little earlier than my bed time, I feel my body relaxes a little more about the whole aspect of going to sleep. I am not climbing in and laying down straight away with my mind saying…”go to sleep, now go to sleep now, you have to get up in so many hours, you must fall asleep asap”… Enjoy your rest an sleep space for what it is. Your body will enjoy the extra wind down time too.

Read a book

Every night before I put my baby and toddler to bed, I read them a book. Its something that I have always done with my children. We hop into bed or find a comfy spot to just read stories.  It really sets them up for a good nights sleep as they know that bed comes next in the routine.

I love switching off my phone and TV, opening up a paperback book and just letting it take me on a journey where I don’t really have to think about much else other than the story its telling me. I usually take my sleepy herbal tea and cosy up in bed. I love a bit of romance (I tend to read this for a longer period), but I do love a good self love or motivational one book to. I feel like I have learnt something that day.


Drink a herbal sleep tea blend or take sleep supplement to help you get a more restful sleep

Now I am not a doctor so always speak to your health professional before starting anything new with your wellness journey. I like to also do my own research too before taking something new as I am putting it into my body. I love using the Goodnight co, sleep supplements.  I am currently using the Goodnight Tea blend, Deep Sleep Activated Charcoal Powder and the Oral Magnesium Spray with Peppermint. I having been trialling these for about a month now and have noticed that I am certainly falling into a deeper sleep much quickly that usual, I feel that my sleep is much more restful, even if I am getting woken by a cheeky toddler a few times a night for a drink of water. I do fall asleep much quicker after being woken too.

Have Sex

Well I don’t  know about you but I certainly am ready for a goodnights rest after sex.

Use a silk pillowcase and sleep mask.

The Goodnight Co state that the benefits of sleeping with silk are many and they include, its comfortable, sleep allergen free, no bedhead hair, great for your skin (I don’t wake up with lines in my face anymore).

A sleep mask will help your eyes rest more quickly. You won’t be distracted by phone charger lights or street lights. I love the sleep mask as my eyes are so sensitive to light. My hubby says I have paper thin eyelids.

I use The Goodnight Co silk pillowcase and sleep mask.

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