Winter Rose’s Room Makeover

Winter Rose’s Room Makeover

With online styling help from Elisa – @thezeroprint + @blond.noir


We lived in a granny flat for almost 3 years so I was never able to style a nursery properly for Cruz. Then when we moved in to our new home in August, Cruz has a toddler room and Winter Rose well we just chucked the baby furniture in her room. She was on 6 weeks old then. The rooms needed painting which was on our to do list, so we thought there was no point decorating until we could afford to to that first. Then a few months past because you know – LIFE  – newborn, toddler, adjusting to our new home.

In January my dad said he would paint the children’s bedrooms. I was so excited as that meant I could finally start decorating. I had never done a baby nursery before so I contacted my dear friend Elisa from @thezeroprint and asked her for some tips. Who by the way is amazing. Elisa owns two online boutiques. The Zero Print – Birth prints and Blond + Noir – No Glue + ReUSABLE Decals + art Prints. Such a clever cookie.

This is what the plan was that we came up with together…

  • I used all my furniture (used to be Cruz’s) that we already had because you know money.
  • I loved her wall decals – so she created the Delilah print.
  • I wanted two gorgeous pieces of art work – so Elisa suggested Illustrations by Narin Barnett – MY hidden FOREST
  • I have always loved Goodnight Butter Cup handmade bed sheets and Elisa also suggested these to.
  • I wanted to use some of the gorgeous wooden pieces + books I had collected for Winter Rose from the online + local stores over time.
  • I wanted to display her favourite wraps, so that I could just grab and go on our outings.

And this is what it now looks like…


Pictured above – @kikiandspice vintage rose + autumn rose bamboo wraps + @toshidesign wrap. White dress by Country Road + straw hat by Best n Less. Leaves by @blond.noir

Pictured above – My little Winnie laying on the @goodnightbuttercup Wisteria cot sheet. Bunny – Jellycat from Seed.  Wrap – autumn rose by @kikiandspice.


Pictured above – Lets go outside newborn book by @mylittlebookywooky and lavender room spray by @hausfleur.


Pictured above – Eco friendly wooden musical instruments by @marchingbambino and horse and carriage by @willownoak. Book by @rubyredshoes I brought from my local baby boutique. Miss unicorn illustration by @myhiddenforrest


Jute rug by @bigw


Pictured above are the illustrations by Narin Barnett  @myhiddenforest and on the duchess are all my little knik knaks I have collected. for Winnie or was Cruz’s. I will tag these businesses on my instagram images as some of them were gifts and I am unsure. Plus there is quite a lot pictured.


Pictured above – Wall decals created by @blond.noir. These are the Delilah style and they are so easy to put up. If you make a mistake you just simply pull off and can re adjust. They come with simple instructions on how to care for them. You can see me putting them up on my instagram page @aliceinhealthyland


Pictured above – Winter Rose on her gorgeous wipeable change mat cover by @bubsfirst.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped with their input on this mini makeover of her bedroom. The walls before were a yellow/cream colour, black thick shelves and lots of wholes. So thank you also to my dad. A huge thank you to Elisa from @thezeroprint for all your styling advice and keeping simple for me. You were a dream to work with.



You know I like to be honest with you when I collaborate. I was not paid by anyone in this collaboration, however I was gifted from a few labels. and as baby shower gifts from friends.  I did purchase a lot of these things myself to.


Thank you for reading. Now for Cruzies bedroom. Phew one down haha.


Alice xoxo

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