#alicedrivesthekodiaq for Mt Gravatt Skoda – Skoda Kodiaq 2018.

By Alice Bingham AKA @aliceinhealthyland

Feat. Mt Gravatt Skoda

For the past week, I have been lucky enough to test drive the Skoda Kodiaq 7 seater 4 x4, from Mt Gravatt Skoda. Let me just start by saying how impressed I was. I struggled to return it today as it is now on my “dream car” list, haha. For a 7 seater it was so easy to handle on the road. The past week we have had a mixture of weather here in Queensland. Its been raining on and off, so I feel I was really able to put the Kodiaq to the test. I feel I was really able to test drive the car as I got to drive it for a whole week. I used it as if it was my own. I put the kiddies car seats in, I blue-toothed my iPhone to the sound system, I put my car diffuser in, put the double pram in the boot (without having to pull it to pieces to fit), I even put the kiddies food in the cooler glove box (yes you read that right). I went to the airport in it, to the shops, the markets , drove it and parked it at work, and we even enjoyed a family outing on the Saturday. 

Our adventures in the Skoda Kodiaq in the video below.

What features did I love?

Argh all of it, haha but here are a few of my favourites…

  • Door edge protection – I loved this feature because its a little challenging getting the kiddies in and out of the car in our tight garage or even in tight car parks at the shops. So if my toddler pushes the door open (he wants to get out of the car on his own, Mr Independent) I know the door is protected and so is the car next to us. The edge protectors just slip back in to when you shut the car to the car still looks luxe.
  • The umbrellas in the driver and passengers door – It really is the little things the Skoda really does live up to its slogan “simply clever”. The umbrellas are hidden in a slot inside the door, so easy to access and grab when leaving the car.
  • We can have another baby – Haha okay okay, this is always an important feature for me as we would love another child one day. It has 3 car seat access safety points. #winning – Look out hubby.  The extra two seats are fantastic to as you can still fit the grandparents in on days out and you do not have to go in two cars. Or when the children are a little older their friends can all fit in the car to.
  • Spacious Boot – I can fit my double pram, the weekly family grocery shop (in the Skoda shopping stable bags), nappy bag, gym bag and Cruzies dump truck we take to the park. So much room.
  • Carplay – Loved this feature so I can listen to my tunes, reply to messages safely and answer calls, all without using my phone. Plus the car has a non slip compartment to put your phone away safely so the road has your full concentration.
  • The full sun roof – Do I need to go into this haha? Lets just say the winter sun  and vitamin D on our family trip on Saturday was pure bliss.
  • 360 reverse camera – We have two small children and I think this feature is amazing. Its so clear and I love the alarm system, alerting if anything is to close to the car vehicle . This safety feature is brilliant.
  • The steering is extremely easy – For an SUV style car too, it handles so well on the road. I test drove it in busy traffic areas, on the open roads and in car parks.
  • The blue disco light on the door when you are in the dark. Cruzie and I put on some dance music and pretended we were having a dance party in the car haha.

I think the only thing I would change would be more coffee cup holding space. Maybe next to the wheel? Because Mumlife I usually have water bottles in the middle console. Honestly that is all I could suggest. I genuinely loved the Kodiaq!

Want more from Mt Gravatt Skoda?

Website – http://cricksmtgravattskoda.com.au/

Instagram – @cricksmtgravatt_skoda

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