Why we decided to give our Winnie goats milk formula.

By Alice Bingham

#notsponsered just sharing our journey.

So when Winnie was about 4 months we choose to give her some formula. She was a tiny thing and not gaining weight from birth with my breastmilk alone. At the time emotionally it upset me but we were heading over to Thailand with the family and my breastmilk alone was not helping her to put on the grams. We choose a formula we were extremely happy with and we continued on our breastfeeding + bottle fed merry way. From 4 months she held her own bottle and started to gain weight. She was just such a happy bubba. I was still able to feed her via the breast too, which was so nice to have that connection with her, because when she had her “bot bot” she was miss independent. I was not allowed to hold it for her haha.

When she was about 7 months old she ended up getting a really bad run of eczema all over the backs of her knees and on her face. I spoke to a health professional and natropath that was helping treat me about it and they suggested we switch her to a goats milk formula. We tried that and within days the eczema cleared. I didn’t want to waste the other formula so I just retested her on it again and unfortunately the cows milk formula caused her eczema to return. Hence why we made the decision to switch. So out of no disrespect to the company we loved, we switched from and everyone we recommended the original formula too, we decided to go with Oli6 Goats Milk. Its about $36-$39 a tin however we were happy with the ingredients list and at the time I was still breastfeeding too. I believe each journey with a parent and child is completely an individual family choice. You just do what you do is best for you and be proud. No judgement on anyone else either.


We have continued to stick to the Oli 6 Goats Milk Formula when Winnie turned one too. She self weaned from my boob at 9.5months. She loves her ‘bot bot’ before bed. She has a bottle in the middle of the day and one before bed. So cute she sees the tin of formula and says bot bot. We feel she digests this formula well and has also had less bouts of her Reactive Airways as well as the ezcema too. We buy our Oli 6 from Chemist Warehouse. They usually have fun promotions like free ugg boots or sippy cups. The Oli 6 range is manufactured in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) and adhere to the strict Australian regulatory guidelines and fully comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

If you want to find out more about Oli 6 formula for your child please visit https://www.oli6.com.au/about/

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