Mexican Bean Wraps

The easiest most delish dinner ever! Took 10minutes max to put together. 2 out of the three kids smashed it (Winnie doesn’t like dinner in general 😂). And I’m sure 2 adults will have a good go at this too.


✨ 1 pack wraps ✨ 1 tin @globalorganicsau baked beans ✨ 1 can @globalorganicsau tomato’s ✨ 1 can black beans ✨ 1 serve @mingleseasoning Mexican herbs ✨ 1/3 cup organic corn ✨ 1/2 serves of spinach block (frozen) ✨ 1 Tbsp. vegan mayo or mayo of choice ✨ 1/2 cup vegan cheese, cashew cheese or cheese of choice✨ Fresh coriander to top


✨ Place baked beans, tomatoes, corn, black beans, seasoning and spinach in the pan. Cool for like 8minutes.✨ Place a little olive oil in a oven proof dish. Get the wraps and fill them with mixture. Roll up, doesn’t have to be neat. Put in the baking dish.

✨ Place left over mixture on top of the wraps. Then sprinkle with the cheese, mayo and coriander.

✨ Bake in pre heated oven for 20minutes on 180degrees. 

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