Behind The Business with Hannah from Bam Loves Boo

Interviewed by Alice Bingham

I am absolutely pumped to be bringing back the #behindthebusiness segment again, that you all loved in the past. I am so excited for you all to read this months interview with Hannah, from Bam Loves Boo, she is someone that truly inspires me. I know she will inspire you too.

I won’t give to much away, but Hannah has the most divine Bamboo Organic Cotton Babywear online boutique. The pieces are timeless so can be passed down from sibling to sibling. They are unisex too which is a huge win for me, meaning you will get more wear again if you have a mixture of girls and boys in your family.

Hannah has carefully thought out the whole process of her business, to be as kind as she can to Mother Nature. From the sweet little post cards that can be used as a print in your nursery, to the mesh bags the clothes come in that I love to use to put my fruit in at the markets, to even the biodegradable post bags that the goodies come in.

Anyway enough from me, let her to know the lady “behind the business” – Hannah from Bam Loves Boo.

Favourite Drink?

Good English cuppa – even though most of the time its cold.

Can you share with us a brief description about your business?

Sure, Bam Loves Boo is a conscious collection of Bamboo + Organic Cotton baby and children’s wear. Clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces are our design mantra – Our pieces are timeless, versatile and made to last with sustainability at the core of each design.We use chemical free dyes & non toxic inks as well as organic fabric to ensure our pieces are eco-friendly and are then ethical made.

Share 3 things about YOU the woman behind the business?

I’m a Mother of two Beautiful girls earthside and a little boy above.

I’m English and moved out here 12 Years ago after meeting my now husband backpacking and went home!

I’m a Children’s wear designer by trade graduating Fashion degree in England and working in London before continuing my career here.

What motivated you to create your business in the beginning?

The Birth of my daughter and the aim to build something flexibly to allow me to work from home. Before having my daughter I was working long hours, long commutes, overseas travel and high pressure design roles and the only way I could see to stay in the design industry but to work flexibly was to work for myself. Our design mantra is also motivated by the lack of gender neutral eco friendly options I experienced at the time, the eco friendly and ethical options were very plain and uninspiring so I really wanted to create something more interesting, trendy but also gender neutral, timeless and most importantly quality made.

You have a beautiful community that follow along your beautiful business and connect with you online? Apart from your honestly with you audience, can us how you created this connection?

Thank you, I really am blessed to have such a wonderful audience who are always so supportive. I really do enjoy chatting to my lovely network and getting to know them and I guess this just naturally builds a relationship, I’ll often reach out to some of my best customers when designing and ask their opinions and thoughts and trust them more than myself sometimes haha. I think too my community are just like me, we are mothers or mothers to be and can all relate in some way or another and have this instant connection and being real with one another.

Why Bamboo?

I could write an essay on this as there are soooo many benefits to bamboo. But in brief its buttery soft and so breathable making it perfect for that delicate baby skin. It’s also Thermoregulating meaning that it helps to regulates the body’s temperature so keeps bub cool when its hot but then keeps them warm when its cold too making them great core layers during these cooler nights or also cooler in hot sweaty summers. As well as these amazing qualities it’s also great choice of fabric for our environment. Bamboo is very sustainable as its the fastest growing plant on the planet, our Bamboo is also organic so doesn’t require any chemicals or pesticides to grow it. We then blend it with Organic Cotton to make even more softer and washes and wears so well, it’s a beautiful blend that we think we have got just right. So hard to condense into a paragraph so if anyone’s interested I do have lots of information on our website around the magic of our fabric.

Favourite piece from your latest collection?

Our Terrazzo Leggings – my youngest is crawling everywhere so living in these at the minute. they just wear so well and offer great protection on the knees but don’t bag and sag like just cotton leggings do, plus the simple design means they go with everything!

Something you do daily for you?

Is it sad that this is the hardest question of them all to answer ha – when my little one has a nap I sit down for ten and have a cuppa before going again – does that count?

Want more from Hannah?

Instagram –

Website –

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