Steph Pase AKA justanothermummyblog #showtherealyou

I would love to indroduce  you all to the beautiful Steph Pase  from @justanothermummyblog. Steph shares daily Instagram posts of delicious healthy recipes, her gorgeous little daughter Harper, her #mumlife moments and also shares some fantastic make up tips. She has recently created a blog for her followers to share in more detail the topics mentioned above. 

Steph is a mumma that is open and honest about what she really feels. This is a quality I love and the reason I enjoy watching her jouney. 

Sit back and enjoy a cuppa or a class of wine (just like Steph hahaha) and check out this lovely ladies #showtherealyou interview. 

1. Can you tell us a little about who the Steph Pase is? 

I am a 25 year old wife/ makeup artist and new mummy to my baby girl Harper Rose. I am your everyday Aussie chick who loves health and fitness. Years ago I was quite unhealthy and gained over 20kgs in a year from not moving enough and eating junk. I decided to turn my life around and lost 25kgs and went to compete in Fitness model competitions and even managed to be featured in a couple of magazines and calendars. Since then I have continued a healthy lifestyle but now I have found a balance and still manage to let my hair down and enjoy life. My baby girl is everything to me and I’m just like every other mum surviving on coffee and learning day-to-day.


2. What’s the story behind your Instagram and blog? Why did you get started?


I started up my mummy blog for a few different reasons. Firstly, because I love being able to connect with other women who have the same interests as me. Also as a new mum I felt I really needed to share my experiences with other mums so we can all feel reassured that we aren’t the only ones going through different struggles and so we could relate to each other. Knowing there are other women out there who understand you really makes the tough times a little easier.


3. What do you think attracts women to your page?


I think some women enjoy my page as I don’t sugar-coat my experience I am very honest with how I describe my life as a new mum. I think it is so important for mummy bloggers to share not only the good times but also the hard. It isn’t all sunshine being a mother but it is truly an incredible gift that sometimes we need to remember what a blessing it is. But it is also important to know it’s OK to have hard days where all you want to do in stay in bed and eat chocolate. I also think women enjoy my page because I show them it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle with a baby.


4. You openly share your first time mum stories with your Instagram, do you think this also helps to support you too?


I think social media is such a blessing for us mothers as I know somedays it can be so hard to even leave the house with a baby attached to you, so being able to reach out to other women and talk really helps us get through the tough days. Sharing my life with other women definitely helps me feel supported and not alone. We can see other women on the same journey and connect in this big mummy community.


5. Being a mum, we know it’s hard to make time to stay active. How important is it to you to continue to move your bod?


I suffer from anxiety so exercise is so important for me to keep a calm and clear mind especially now that I’m a mother. I find when I managed to even go for a 30-minute walk in the morning I’m so much more productive. Exercise really is the most underused anti-depressant. Since having bub I am unable to get to the gym as much as I used to so now I do most of my workouts at home whilst bub is napping or she just watches me (which I’m sure she thinks is hilarious). There are many ways to get your body moving with a baby. I feel like the lack of sleep feels even worse the days I am not active. It is also just as important to know your limits too. Even acknowledging that every small health/fitness goal you achieve is just as important as fitting into your pre-baby clothes. Don’t push yourself too hard and expect to back to the same fitness level right away. I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be but I try to look at it as a new journey. I haven’t gone backwards but rather I’ve gone forward with my life and this is just a new chapter for me and my body. You have a new life now and you need to factor that in but also not use it as an excuse to not be active.


6. Favourite activewear?


I love Lorna Jane but I prefer just black leggings none of that fluro to highlight my cellulite (haha) I also love Cotton On Body and Kmart (yes I am a huge Kmart Lover).


7. It’s hard to keep out S%#t together sometimes, can you share with us one meltdown moment, that you thought how the hell am I going to get through this?


I’ve had a few of those especially in the first couple of weeks where your sore, exhausted and somehow misplaced your phone in the fridge (yes I did that more than once). The hardest moment for me was when I was 3 weeks postpartum and had milk supply issues and I couldn’t satisfy Harper. At the time I had retained product and that was why my supply had significantly decreased, It felt like the end of the world and that I had failed (even though obviously I hadn’t). My husband really had to take the reins and reassure me that as long as Bub was fed that is all that matters. I ended up getting an operation to get it removed and Bub had to have a bit of formula. Which I then realized wasn’t bad at all and I learnt to relax a little. This taught me a valuable lesson about being a mother. That sometimes things don’t pan out as you’d like but that’s just part of being a parent. As long as your baby is loved and fed that is all that matters. Unfortunately, we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect but in reality no matter how you raise your child YOU are the BEST mum for YOUR child. Don’t ever doubt yourself and always follow your gut.


8. Share a positive #mumlife moment?


There are so many positive mumlife moments! But my favourite is when bub was first born and I was in hospital. I was so surprised how confident and what a natural mother I was soon as she was born. The midwives kept asking if she was my 2nd baby as they said I seemed to know exactly what I was doing. This totally surprised me as I was always the awkward lady who would make babies cry when I held them. SO if your currently pregnant with your first don’t doubt those amazing natural mumma instincts! Another one of my favourite mumlife moments was when I was sooo utterly exhausted from being up most the night with bub and then the next morning I brought her into my bed and I was thinking to myself “how the hell can I keep doing this I’m so tired” and then Harper looked at me and smiled at me properly for the first time. My whole heart jumped out of my chest and it totally changed my entire day it was so beautiful and it reminds you that it is all worth it.


9. Mantra or favourite quote you live by?


My favourite quote to help me with my anxiety and life is “A year from now you won’t stress about what you are right now”. My favourite mantra for health and fitness is “The day will pass anyway whether you eat healthy and exercise or not. Use your time wisely


10. What is your favourite go to healthy recipe at the moment?


I’ve always loved a good protein ball recipe to help keep my sweet tooth at bay. But I am loving zuchinni lasagna lately it’s such a good meal to have in winter and honestly tastes so good! I slice it up and it lasts me for lunches for the week.


11. Where and who do you look for inspiration?


Instagram! I find other beautiful mumma’s and inspirational healthy women everyday and they truly help me pull my finger out on the days I couldn’t be bothered to move my body or eat well. Social media really can be used for so many positive things. Some of my favourite women I look up to is of course Alice, Ashy Bines, Sophie Guidolin and Chontel Duncan. All amazing real women who manage to live a healthy life with a baby!



Instagram: @justanothermummyblog

Snapchat: justanothermum

Roshini McCartin AKA @rosh_tulaliving #showtherealyou

img_5098-1Roshini AKA @rosh_tulaliving is a new mumma to the handsome little man Louis, but its not the only thing that defines this amazing woman. She is a yoga mentor and a teacher, a wife, an ocean lover, a writer and so so much more. This superwoman is constantly sharing ( I am learning so much from her) about how she honestly deals with balance in her every day busy lifestyle. I came across Rosh, when I accidentally stubbled on a blog article she wrote on Choosing to see the beauty within. It was like she was writing this post to me. It was exactly what I needed to read on a day I was feeling like shit. I urge you all to check it out its an amazing self loving article. Her writing is so powerful that she draws you in to want to read more. Since having our bubbas, we have both connected online and built a virtual friendship. Hopefully that changes to an in to  face to face catch up soon. 
So ladies its that time of the night again to put you feet up with your wine or your cuppa and enjoy 5 minutes with Roshini…

Tell us a little more about your Instagram? Why did you start it?
My Instagram is @rosh_tulalliving. Tula Living is my blog, website and brand name (eventually). Tula means balance in Sanskrit. The reason I started my Instagram was initially to be honest because everyone else was, I used to try and mimic and copy others because I actually had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted this account for. Now it’s a whole different ball game, I keep my Instagram as fun, light-hearted, real and inspiring as possible. There are so many FAKE highlight reels on any social media platforms that I think it’s really important to stay real. I love to share openly about life, yoga and motherhood. I want to inspire others but also not sugar coat anything especially to do with motherhood stuff, because as you know Alice it’s a constant roller coaster ride navigating highs, lows, good days and some friggin incredibly challenging days and nights.
You are a new mum. Your little man is just so adorable. Can you please tell us a little about your current #mumlife status?
So my little boy is 7.5 months (can’t believe I am actually writing that). Wow, where has the time gone? I actually LOVE being a mum I had no idea how much more love and joy enters your life once becoming a parent. It is seriously such a gift (as challenging as it can be). I feel I have been offered an opportunity to dive deeper into knowing myself, I feel I have been offered an opportunity to rebirth and see the world with fresh eyes. Things that used to drive me crazy or I’d worry about are much less relevant now.
I”m a working mum, I teach yoga about 7-8 classes a week and am very fortunate that Tim my fiancé has flexible hours through his massage clinic so he can mind Louis whilst I get to go and do what I love.
This, of course, has its hurdles and battles, but so far it’s working pretty good and I LOVE that Tim gets to see our side of it and I love that he gets precious bonding time with Louis and I also get filled up and get to offer and share in a whole other realm. I also get to interact with adults which are not mums as well which is so refreshing and nice. (ha ha).
My little Cruz is struggling to sleep through the night.  Does your little one sleep well? Do you have a sleep routine?
I have to say sleep is something I have focused on since day 1, and really trying to set familiar patterns each day, so Louis can start to learn what is coming next. He is in a semi-routine which of course as all you mums reading know changes with whatever they might offer you and be going through on the day (little dictators ha ha). He is pretty good, he still stirs once a night for a resettle then again for a feed, so this magic sleeping through the night you hear of has not happened YET. I’ll be shouting out to the world when it does and how I got 7-8 hours solid sleep, ( I can’t even remember that feeling)
Do you ever have time for a date night? If so what do you get up too? 
Date nights are a bit hard for us for 2 reasons, we have no family support in Sydney and secondly the one night we did go out I was soooooo tired I asked for the bill at 8.30pm (oh dear).
So now a friend of mine hopefully monthly take Louis for his morning walk and we go our for breakfast and get to chat awake and alert and suits us both much better. I’m sure the night dates will come back again one day, but for now, this suits us perfectly.
Tell us more about your passion for yoga? How long have you been practising? 
Oh, my passion for yoga has been an on-off love affair for well over 10 years now. I fell madly in love with it in Ireland when I was living there as it was so bloody cold I needed to move my body in some way to get some heat into it and so I got addicted to Bikram. The more I practised the better I start to feel on so many levels and now seriously it’s like my drug my medicine. My days of long practices at home or studios are not quite as frequent since becoming a Mum, but the opportunity to practice it and integrate it off the mat is. Which is truly such a gift and huge passion and drive of mine. I’m really learning so much more about myself and the beautiful benefits of this gorgeous practice this way. Which brings me to answer your question below..
Favourite quote? 
Ohhh this is hard as I have quite a few favourite quotes. But in relation to yoga, I LOVE these 2 quotes
“don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living”
“Yoga is an internal practice the rest is just circus”
What inspires you? 
LIFE itself. How precious and short it is and the opportunity each that we have a clean slate to learn to grow, to have fun, to laugh, to share, to make mistakes, to love and to right now be the best version of myself and the best fiancé and mum I can be.
 Favourite active wear?
lululemon hands down. The quality of the product is amazing and you can seriously wear their products for years, its defiantly worth the investment. My other 2 brands I LOVE for yoga tights are liquido and dharma bums 
What’s your favourite go-to healthy recipe?
Hmm one of my faves is sweet potato chips cooked in coconut oil and dusted with coconut flour and a new one more sweet wise is chocolate/banana muffins from Jessica Sepel’s blog.


Have a cuppa with OLIVIA WHITE AKA @houseofwhite_

I first came across Olivia White AKA “House of White” when I was pregnant. I loved coming across gorgeous real women to follow, that know how to completely keep it real! I love that she is down to earth, she is raw and honest and her children are adorable (they will hurt your cheeks smiling at them so much on your screen) and she loves a wine. Olivia you won me over woman. Plus I love your humour, like I pee myself reading your posts! 

So Miss Olivia White is the first to feature in my segment “have a cuppa with” so sit down, have a rest and take 5. 

I present to you …. Drum roll please … 



Your Instagram and blog is all about the “White squad”. Tell us more about why you started?


I started my blog a few years ago as a creative outlet while on maternity leave. It was also a great way to connect and share without women and mums at a time I felt very isolated.


Your girls are adorable! Seriously I love the White squad updates! Why do you think it’s important to share the good and the bad about parenthood on your platforms?


Stemming from the reasons I began the blog, I felt it was important to share all aspects of parenting and motherhood, whether good or bad, as I don’t want to portray an image that truly isn’t us.


Some days are good, some days are bad and I don’t want to dupe anyone into thinking it’s all fairies and rainbows over here!


What do you think draws women to your social media platforms?


Ummm I’d hope it was for my honesty and because what I post and write resonates with them! I find that now I’ve had my presence for a while that I’ve really drawn in a little community of people who’ve followed our journey and we can all be there for each other – sounds corny I know but I love it!


Where do you look for, for daily motivation?


I’m a lists gal! I make a list of things I need to do and I start from the top and work my way down. Even getting one thing done I feel so good ticking that off.


Otherwise I start cleaning, once I get one a roll with cleaning I feel great. A cluttered and messy house makes my mind a mess! So clean house, clean thoughts!


Instagram accounts you love?


Oooo so many I love but favourties are @reviejane, @rozaliarussian, @___laurenkate, @kellandmase, @themodernmumma, @newmumstheword, @daniloxton, @yummololaberry, @stylingthetribe, @whatwouldkarldo, @newmumsthword, @taradixon_ for all my lifestyle and house type stuff! And of course, yourself miss Alice!


Do you work out? If so how do you find the time?


I walk a lot. I walk with the girls, We walk on the weekend. I walk down the street! Walking is my thing haha


Favourite active wear?


I’m old school. Puma and Nike!


What advice would you give to other mummas that are about to have their first bubba?


My advice would be that there is no definitive! No right or wrong way to do things. It’s all subjective. Every baby is different; every parent is different. Take it all in your stride and just do what works and what feels right!

The Corporate Mummy #showtherealyou

I am super excited to share with you the gorgeous Andrea from The Corporate Mummy for this weeks #showtherealyou feature. 

Andrea is a lawyer juggling #mumlife with work life. She openly shares her successes and tough stories with both sides of her lifestyle. Her gorgeous daughter would defiantly make you clucky and ovaries hurt with her adorable cheeky smile on her adventures. 

Andrea recently shared her own brave story of her pregnancy loss, I cried for her as I know it’s something that so many women we know and love go through. My heart broke for her.  It was amazing to see the support of so many strangers and loved ones reaching out to Andrea on social media Shows there is stil love in the world. Andrea decided to speak about this topic with her followers to spread awareness and to let others know that they are not alone. Wow what a woman right?

Take some time out this week to get to know the beautiful Andrea, the woman behind The Corporate Mummy a little more. I know you will love her and will instantly be able to relate to her like I do. 

Can you tell me a little more about your blog and Instagram name “The Corporate Mummy” how did it come about? 

I started The Corporate Mummy late last year after I returned to work from Maternity Leave. I wanted to share my own experiences as a first time mum and also share my journey of returning to work as a Lawyer. When it came to picking a Blog & Instagram name, I wasn’t very creative….. I work full time as a Lawyer so I mixed my two jobs together and came up with the Corporate Mummy. 

I love the way you connect with your followers? Is that why you started your page? 

When I started the Corporate Mummy I did it so that I could connect with others – to share my own experiences of motherhood and to learn from others’ experiences too. What I love about Instagram is that there is this wealth of knowledge available. There are so many mums that I love following that inspire me. What I like the most is their honesty. Down to earth accounts of what motherhood is really like. The truth is that it isn’t always cuddles and smiles. Some days are tough. Even when you think you have the whole mum thing down pat they manage to throw a curveball at you, which throws you out. I love sharing the good and the bad days with my followers. 
Over the last 8 months I have learnt just how incredibly supportive the insta community is. I have loved connecting with other parents and building friendships with so many people. Just recently, we lost our second baby when I was just under 2 months pregnant. It was heartbreaking. I shared our story on the blog and the support that we have received was overwhelming. I received so many beautiful emails from followers, some sharing their own experiences of losing a baby. Having this support was such a big help. We didn’t feel so alone and we will be forever grateful for the support that we have received.

Who inspires you to keep going? 

My daughter. She has shown me a love I had never experienced before and she has made me realise that there is more to life than work. My family is my everything. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a loving and supportive hubby too. There is nothing better than watching the two of them play together, she is a massive daddy’s girl and I love it.  
Your little girl is just gorgeous! What’s one of your most proudest #mumlife moments? 

Where do I start. Just like every other mum I’m proud of everything she does so this question is a hard one. If I had to choose something recent though, it would have to be having her tell me “I need poo” (such a clever girl) and then picking her nappy up after I changed her, walking it to the bin and putting it in herself. 
What is your biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments? 

This is easy. My biggest #mumlife “oh no” moment happened when our daughter was only a few months old. I made the rookie error of taking her to the shops without a change of clothes and she managed to have a poo explosion all over herself (and all over my white top!). Any new mum will know just how hard it is timing a trip to the shops with a newborn in between the 3 hourly feeds, sleeps and short wake times so there was zero chance of me turning the car around and going home to clean her up. If walking around Coles covered in poo wasn’t bad enough, when we got home our neighbour’s elderly mum wanted to cuddle the cute newborn and managed to put her hand in poo before I had the chance to tell her it wasn’t a good time! 

Do you have time to workout? If so what do you do and how often? 

In between full time work and being a mum I struggle to find the time to exercise every day. Exercise helps keep me happy. It clears my head. I know on the days that I exercise I feel better so I try and squeeze in a walk as many nights during the week as possible. Some days I might walk 15 minutes, others I might walk an hour. I don’t put too much pressure on myself though. If I don’t get out walking for a few days I don’t give myself a hard time about it. I just make up for it later in the week by doing a long walk where I can.
Favourite active wear? 

This answer is easy – Lorna Jane. I am obsessed with their leggings which seem to suck everything in and flatter all the lumps and bumps. I love their leggings so much that I spend the majority of my time in them (when I’m not stuck in a suit) and may have even worn them a few times to casual dress fridays at work…. 
Do you still get a chance to go on a date night with your man now you have a little girl? If so where is your favourite place? 

With both my hubby and I being so busy, we don’t get the chance to go on a date night as often as we would like to. We try and have one meal out a week and this is usually with our third wheel who is now at the age where she won’t sit still for longer than a few minutes and manages to get more food on the floor than in her mouth…. But, it makes these dinners all the more fun.  
When we do get the chance to go on a date night now we go big. They are few and far between so we make the most of them when we get the chance. We either go for a day trip down to the Yarra Valley where we usually taste our way around the vineyards or choose a fancy restaurant that we have wanted to try. My hubby loves his food and we figure that as we don’t get out all that much, when we do, we can spoil ourselves and go somewhere fancy. We recently went to Dinner by Heston for date night and it was incredible. Such a beautiful view overlooking the city and the wine and food was delicious.
If you had a hour of “you time” what would you get up too? 

When I don’t have my daughter attached to my hip I love sneaking off for a vino (or two) with friends or going out for something to eat. I am a sucker for a nice hot long bath so I try and squeeze in as many of these as possible during the week (normally when our daughter is asleep and my hubby is either cooking dinner or on the couch). 

Teoni Kelk #showtherealyou

Hmmmm now where do I start with this big, big list of why I wanted you to get to know my good friend Teoni? Arghhh so many reasons why! She is so so kind, she is a kick arse weight lifter, a dream chaser, has a huge heart, shredded 26kg, knows how to make anyone smile and has gained so much more confidence in herself since I have met her, that it will just rub of on you! Surround yourself with positive people and they will lift you higher right? Heck Yes Teoni makes me feel like I can take on the world when I am with her.
I met Teoni at Hiit Australia just a few years ago, we were both doing the 8 Week Challenge. I could see the determination in her eyes and the passion for her new found love HEALTH + FITNESS. I knew I wanted to hang out with this girl as she instantly inspired be to be a better version of myself. Every morning we would meet up at 4am before the 5am class to do our fat burning walk before class. I soon got to know her and learnt about how she had turned her life around for the better. As the weeks went on, she kept on smashing goals and her smile got bigger and I had found someone that shared very similar dreams to me. I had to snatch her up as my bestie! 

A few years on and I call Teoni a best friend (yay I did it). She is one of my bridesmaids and I know she has my back whenever I need her. Always answers the phone and always would be over my house within minutes if I needed her! What a friend right?

Sit back with a cup of tea, maybe a healthy alternative to wine haha and enjoy the next five minutes with my girl Teoni Kelk.
Teoni, do you think you could share a little bit about yourself?
I’m 29 and for the last few years I have a new found love for the gym, fitness and health after being overweight/obese for most of my life.

You are one inspiring woman turning your life around to live a healthier lifestyle. Tell us more about your weight loss journey?
I was my heaviest at the age of about 20 I was 94 kgs (I’m only 165 cms) – was very unfit, unhappy, uncomfortable and lazy. It has taken me a long time to get to my current weight (approx. 68 kgs) and maintain it.

When was that moment in your life you thought yes there is no going back! What drives you to continue along this path?
I don’t think for me there has ever been a significant point. For me it’s about being the best version of myself and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?
I have definitely relapsed back into old ways a few times. My issue was more that I ate too much rather than indulging in things like chocolates, chips etc. I love food too much!

Favourite quote or mantra?
She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.

When you need daily inspiration to keep going, which influencers on Instagram to look too?
I wouldn’t say that most of my inspiration comes from Instagram – I love following you of course Alice…you’ve always got a new creation that I want to make and Sophie Guidolin is fantastic on Snap Chat.
My inspiration mostly comes from the girls I train with day in and day out. We push each other at gym, discuss meal prep ideas/recipes and enjoy going out to breakfasts etc. Surrounding yourself with people that have similar goals helps to keep on track.

Favourite active wear? Being one of my nest friends I already know this answer .. haha
Lorna Jane – it’s rare you will see me working out in anything else. I love that the leggings last forever and I don’t have to worry about half the gym seeing my underwear through my pants whilst at the squat rack. They may not be cheap but they are worth every cent.

How many runners do you own? Not often I see you in the same pair.
I think on last count I had 14 pairs. My favourites are the Nike 4.0 Fly-Knits. My latest pair are Nike Zooms – still wearing them in and they may soon be a favourite. For the ladies who have smaller feet (up to a size 7 or 8) have a look in the kids section next time you need joggers – you may be pleasantly surprised at you can fit kids shoes and they are much cheaper.

If you could whisper something to someone starting out their new journey, what would you tell them?
If I was speaking to someone who wanted to lose weight, I would say that it’s so important to eat and not starve yourself. Create a maintainable lifestyle for yourself. I try to eat very well Monday to Friday but on the weekends I like to go out and socialise. Of course in doing so you won’t always want to eat chicken and salad but try to take the healthier option where possible – opt for grilled fish instead of crumbed or battered, avoid the hash browns at breakfast etc.
I’m such a believer in a good exercise routine also. We all have different schedules and budgets to stick to but there are a couple of activities that are always free…walking and running. Walk to the water, do some stair climbing, run to get your groceries and organise a lift home. I often go walking at lunch, after work with friends that have babies and school aged kids or go on the weekends – the time flies by as you chat and walk and it doesn’t feel like exercise to me.

Favourite cheat meal?
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day…I love heading out with the girls on a Saturday after a big workout and then breakfast. I love Acai Bowls, Haloumi and Coco Whip – If any of those are incorporated I’m a happy girl.  I always make sure I train before having a big cheat meal.

Healthy recipe or food you would love to share?
One of my favourite meal bases at the moment is the Woollies Macro Organic pasta sauce. You can create so many different meals with it – Clean lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, marinara, use it on a wrap for a pizza sauce, clean chicken parmy or meatballs.

Candice Williams -The Working Mumma #showtherealyou

I had a few weeks off from the #showtherealyou segment on my blog, I really missed it. I love that I get to interview women around the world that we can all relate to or learn from. Not only do the woman I have featured, inspire me daily to be the best version of myself , but they teach me that it’s okay to fail as long as you pick yourself back up and work hard to chase your dreams. 

This week I choose to feature a dear (Insta) friend of mine – Candice Williams AKA @theworkingmumma. I followed Candice, after she would continuously write kind, meaningful words on my posts daily. She constantly lifted my spirits when I needed and I would see her spreading continuous encouragement to other mummas and fitness bloggers that I followed. She has a huge heart and she bares all across her social media platforms. 

I love watching her journey, I know you will to. 

Here is my 10minutes with Candice…

Firstly, can you tell us more about your Instagram name Instagram and how you chose it? I love it, I think it totally suits you. 

Oh thanks! Well when I decided to a blog, this name instantly came to me. ‘The Working Mumma’ describes me and what kind of mummy I want to be. Before having William I worked 60-70hrs per week, slowing to a 35-40hr week at 33weeks pregnant because I fainted at work and my DR requested I ‘slowed down’ so working is important to me and I am lucky that I absolutely love my job. It also describes what my blog will be about one day too.

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about yourself and what your page/blog is all about? 

Well, I am a 27 (nearly 28!) year old who’s from Melbourne, I absolutely love the beach and would LOVE to move to Queensland one day, even just for a year. I love the sunshine and hot weather. One of my favourite places to visit is Port Douglas, I have been there upwards for 20 times in the last 14 years. I am a first time mummy to a beautiful little man, William who I call turtle. I am recently engaged so I am adding “party planner” onto my job description! I am a nurse and LOVE my job. I often find myself dreaming of overseas holidays, I want my family to be well travelled. I am a people person, but also have anxiety, so I am either really out there or quiet depending on how I am feeling. Family is so important to me and I want twins one day! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Nikes, Disney and the rainbow.

My blog right now is about my journey from pregnancy to motherhood but ultimately what I wanted to show with it, is that I CAN be a mum and work at the same time, I want mums to know that if you have a dream, you can achieve it. No matter what your dream is, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, I had SO many people kept telling me while I was pregnant that I couldn’t have both of labels, career women and mother, so my goal is to show that you can. You can do whatever it is that you want and be a great mummy too. I will share how I juggle my life, the triumphs and the down days. And to keep sharing my life as a mother because I love the supportive mummy community that IG offers. It is honestly amazing.

As a busy mumma what is your go to workout? How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I have the Ashy Bines Booty Program app on my phone and that is my go-to workout! I love it because I can do most of them at home! I aim for 3 workouts per week and 3 walks per week as well. I would LOVE to do more but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself and set myself up for failure. I try and do 1 or 2 yoga sessions a week as well, for me, moving my body is essential to keep my mental health in check.

Favourite activewear? 

Hands down – Lorna Jane! I walk into her store and just want one of everything! My goal for my work out wardrobe is to have one in every colour of the rainbow of tights, crop tops and singlets, my fiancé thinks I am crazy, and he’s probably right! I am obsessed with Nikes as well!

When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through? 

Good questions because today is one of those days! I actually wrote a blog about how to cope with a bad day not long ago. I find the best way to cope is to have acceptance that it is happening, I then just keep telling myself that the day will end, he will eventually settle and everything will be ok again. I also throw all the rules of being a mummy out of the window, if he wants to be held all day – fine, if he wants to watch tv on the couch with me – fine, if he wants his breastmilk in the bottle instead of from the boob – fine. Anything goes when having a bad day! Reaching out to other mummy friends for support is also a great way to cope and get through it.

Favourite quote or mantra? 

You can’t keep doing the same things and except to get the same results.”

This has been essential for me and my personal growth. It’s so important to re-evaluate all aspects of your life, if something isn’t making you happy or you’re not getting the outcome you want, you need to find out why. I have, at times, really needed to reflect on myself and see that I need to change my plans, change my eating, change my attitude, whatever it may be, to get the result I am after.
Never look back” is another one. I actually have a tattoo of this on the back of my leg. It got my through a really tough period of my life when I hit rock bottom personally and needed to pull myself back up. I had to stop looking back on my past – I couldn’t change it, I had to keep looking forward.

Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go? 

Yes I do! Ever since Will was about 2 weeks old we have been having date nights. I LOVE spending time with just Kyle and I, we really enjoy having a few hours away from Will. It makes us such a better parents, better people and allows us to feel like the ‘old’ us again. It gives Kyle and I a chance to reconnect and gives our parents some bonding time with the baby. Kyle and I have grown so much closer since having Will, we feel like a new couple just starting to date again. I was told that a baby changes your relationship and luckily for us, it has made it 10 times better!

Proud mumma moment since Having william? 

When he learnt how to giggle! The day he learnt how to giggle, I sat on the floor with him for a good 2 hours sitting there laughing with him, I have never felt so proud in my whole life!

Something you do for yourself? 

Working out! I love exercising and I use it as my time to unwind and get all my frustrations out. I am always happier when leaving the gym, it also makes me feel accomplished and that I am nailing mum life! I also feel guilty about going and spending money or doing other things for myself – mother’s guilt bah! But going to the gym not only benefits me, it benefits my family and it will one day show William a healthy way of living.

Who inspires you? 

My 3 best friends inspire me. They are 3 very different, but totally amazing and beautiful people; one is a business owner and she inspires me with her achievements and dedication to her profession, one is a mother of 4, she is the best mother you have ever met and she is also working really hard to start her career and the other is a intensive care nurse who is just doing amazing things in the nursing field, she is also the most kind hearted person I have ever met. They say that you become who you are because of the people you surround yourself with, so I am pretty lucky!
Ashy Bines and Chontel Duncan inspire me as well, they are hard working business women, they want to help people, they live and breath healthy living and appear to be such beautiful women, they are my working momma crushes!

Dream job? 

I want to own my own business one day, I have done a post graduate degree in cosmetic nursing and would love to open a business doing Botox and Fillers! I’ll get there eventually – watch this space

Love Candice as much as I do. 

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The Mummysomniac #showtherealyou

Kirsty from The Mummy Somniac tells you exactly how it is. Her blog and Instagram is filled with gorgeous photos of her children, mumlife, her amazing #fitspo bod, new outfits and REALLIFE (sometimes wee your pants funny) stories!

When she said YES to featuring on my #showtherealyou segment I jumped for joy. I’m a big fan and I’m sure you will be too.

 I love your Instagram name!I think it is so clever! Can you tell me how you came up with it?

Haha thanks! I used to joke with my friends about ‘Preggo-Somnia’. Where if ‘Insomnia’ means you don’t sleep, then ‘Preggo-Somnia’ means you sleep like a pregnant woman, which generally speaking, isn’t that great. After I had my kids, it just turned into ‘Mummy-Somnia’, due to the fact that my kids don’t sleep that well… My eldest has always been a horrendous sleeper, she just turned 3, and still doesn’t sleep all night!

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about why you created themummysonic?

2015 was an extremely difficult year for me. I had just had my second baby (Dec ’14), and with an almost 2 year old, and a 4 month old, we moved from Brisbane to Canberra. My husband and I are used to moving, but not with two very small children. My body had been hit hard by my second pregnancy, and the recovery was taking much longer than I had anticipated. Basically, our lives had been turned upside down, and I wasn’t feeling that great. I realised I was starting to follow the same path that I did after my first daughter was born. Back then, I had suffered from mild PND and anxiety, and found it really difficult to cope with day-to-day things. When I realised that it was starting to happen again, I started to write. At first I didn’t do anything with the pieces that I wrote, but then after following some of the other amazing bloggers out there, I realised that it can be a pretty fantastic way to connect with other like minded mumma’s. So I turned my little Instagram account public, and posted my first blog. It was really the best outlet for me, and I’m sitting here almost 9 months later, feeling infinitely better than I had been, and I have made some amazing connections because of it.


As a busy mumma what is your go to workout?

Generally speaking my go to workout is throwing together a bunch of old favourites like, squats, lunges, or even just star jumps. I either do it in the living room while my little one naps, or out in the back yard. I really just do whatever I can to get my heart rate up, and to get the blood pumping. Sometimes, depending on the day, I’ll load the girls in the double pram, and take them for a walk. Pushing that thing full throttle up a hill is a pretty good workout.


How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I aim for once a day… but that doesn’t always happen. So often I get caught up in general day-to-day mum life stuff that I forget, or I honestly just don’t have it in me. So it ends up being about 3 times a week. I generally don’t do anything on the weekends, mostly because I’ve been working every Saturday and Sunday lately, but also because it’s our only time together as a family. In saying that, we do often find ourselves going for a walk to the park together, and every little bit helps.

Favourite activewear?

If we’re talking brands here, I’m a sucker for Lorna Jane. I cannot walk into that store without spending way too much money! But I recently received a Cadenshae nursing sports bra, and Holy McGoly is that thing comfortable! I’m not even breastfeeding anymore, but I still wear it more often than I wear any others!


When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through?

I actually left this question until last. I really had to put my thinking cap on to try and pinpoint what it is that truly helps! I’m terrible for getting caught up in the heat of the moment. I find it so hard to be able to walk away and take a minute to calm myself, or the situation down. As time goes on though, I’m getting much better at this. So when I’m having a rough day, I try to reach out to someone. I send my bestie a text, which is so helpful, because often times she’ll come back with something similar, and we have a giggle at how our lives have changed. I try and find some time to sit and write about it. I have found that looking at the situation and trying to find the funny in it (cause there’s almost always something to laugh at… no matter how small), really helps to put things into perspective. I guess that’s why most of my instagram posts are the way that they are! Knowing that it’s not the end of the world, that other people are in the same boat, or that there’s always a silver lining helps to pull me through.


Favourite quote or mantra?

“This too shall pass” is an old favourite, and so relevant to life with little ones! Another one I love is, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift “I shake it off, I shake it off”… Ok, I know that’s not quite a quote, but it’s always stuck in my head, and I think old Tay Tay’s got it right here… Cause haters gonna hate, hate, hate, and fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, so forget that rubbish and SHAKE IT OFF BABY!


Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go?

Sadly, date nights are few and far between for us, but when it does happen we love to go out to dinner together. We love just getting out of the house and sharing something together that we both enjoy (food), having a drink, and chatting uninterrupted. Even if the conversation still revolves around the kids!


Proud mumma moment?

I really had to stop and think about this question. I think my proudest mumma moments are those ones where I can see my girls growing and learning (given that they’re 3 and 17 months, it’s the little things! Lol). When my three year old counts her Barbies and says ‘Mummy, I have seven. See, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven’ (Ok I know, that’s a lot of Barbies… but I blame my husband for that!), or when she insists on dressing herself, or using her manners with other people, without being prompted. It’s those mundane, every day moments that mean the most to me. It means that the time and effort we’ve put into teaching them our morals and values are starting to take effect.


Something you do for yourself?

SLEEP! Oh wait… I’m a mum! Haha

Ok, but seriously, this is hard. One thing I always try to do is get my hair done, on a regular basis. I’m not one for beauty treatments, or day spas, BUT getting my hair done is definitely a ‘for me’ treat. It gives me 3-4 hours of sitting still, drinking a cup of tea or coffee while it’s still hot, and having a chat with my stylist… the man is hysterical! It’s something I look forward to every few months. Out of all of the things I used to do for myself pre-babies, this is one thing that gives me back a little bounce!

Who inspires you?

Firstly, my dad inspires me. Every, single, day. Without going into all of the details, that man as been to hell and back in his time, and he’s never once waivered in his love and devotion for me, and my three sisters… Oh god, I’m tearing up as I’m typing this. The man is unlike any other!


Secondly, my two closest friends inspire me. These women are truly amazing. Each of them have been through, or are currently going through infertility. I had never really experienced infertility until these ladies were touched by it. I’m so very lucky to be close enough to them to have an extremely open and honest relationship. There are no details spared, and I think that has really helped to give me a level of perspective on my own life, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I have been in awe of them, and inspired by the level of love they have for babies that haven’t even come into the world yet. I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to put it, but that’s just one of the ways I see it. If they can put themselves and their bodies through the kind of torture that fertility treatment and IVF is, then these babies (when they arrive) are the luckiest babies around. To be loved with such intensity before you even exist, what an incredible thing to have!

I guess these people inspire me because of the love and determination the have, and show. I can only hope to be the same way.


Dream job?

Ok, well this one’s a hard one to answer! My first answer would be SOCIALITE! Is that even a job? I mean, I know socialite’s exist, but do they get paid for it? I’m thinking Kimmy K, and Paris here… I guess you don’t need to get paid when you come from money, and I guess therein lies my answer! Ok, no socialite-ing. I would also love to be a flight attendant, for one of those gorgeous airlines like Etihad or Emirates… They always look so glamourous, and they get to travel the world, and get paid for it! I’m sure it comes with some serious downsides (like every job)… but the only problem with all that for me is, I hate flying, I get serious anxiety! Which I manage to keep in check most of the time, but I couldn’t do it on a regular basis.


So I guess I’ll go with writer! How I would love to get paid for something that I do now for fun… Let’s see if one day I can get there!

Best advice you have been given?

That sometimes being the parents of small children can place a lot of pressure on your relationship. OH EM GEE did this ring true for us. Suddenly we found ourselves in the deep end, with this tiny, little, squidgy, squawking, bundle of joy! We both had no idea, no support nearby, and the lack of sleep hit us both hard. We found ourselves bickering and arguing about every little detail. A friend of mine opened up to me, and told me that it’s really hard work, and a lot to adjust to, and it’s ok to feel the pressure! It made me realise that our relationship wasn’t failing, but that we’re just feeling the gravity of raising a little person. It’s still true for us now. We know that when things get a little tougher, or the sleep goes out the window again, that we start to take it out on each other. It’s at these times that we try to regroup, talk it out, and readjust our strategies for dealing with all that life is putting in front of us.


Favourite beauty product?

Hmm… I’m such a minimalist in the beauty department! I have always had super sensitive skin, and found that I reacted to so many different products, especially on my face. So these days I only use Jojoba oil, rather than traditional moisturisers. I don’t get the reactions like I used to, and I don’t get any of the oiliness that the other moisturisers used to cause. I have also always used (and swear by it) a deodorant crystal. It sounds super weird I know, but I won’t use anything else! Do they count? haha

Thank you for sharing your life a little more in depth with us all. Keep doing what you do Kirsty, you make me smile on a daily basis.
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Lifelovetravelfood (Danni) #showtherealyou

I unfortunately have never met Danni, but I feel like I know her. We have been following each other for a few years now.

We both share a passion for healthy eating and we just happened to both have our babies close together. Both boys too.

Danni has been a great support to me and I would love for you to get to know her like I do.

So for my second #showtherealyou blog feature, I was honoured to have Danni share  with you all a  little more about her self.









Firstly, I love your Instagram name! Can you tell me how you came up with it? It truly does suit your lifestyle.
Aww thanks! It came about when I first moved to London and was trying to keep in touch with everyone back home. I decided to start a blog so family and friends could read what we were up to. We were travelling so often and planning our wedding so that’s where the ‘love’ and ‘travel’ bits came into it and anyone who knows me knows I looooove food so I just added ‘life’ and it was the perfect fit!

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about yourself and what lifelovetravelfood is all about?

My name is Danni (but most people call me Dan) and my big passions are cooking, writing, family, yoga and living a healthy life. I’m married to my best friend, Ben, and we’ve been together since we were 18. We recently became first time parents to a delicious little boy, Hamish and are absolutely LOVING parenthood.

lifelovetravelfood – my blog and instagram – are all about my life, a whole lotta love, my passion for travel (which I must admit is a little quieter than it was five years ago!) and lots and LOTS of food! Even though I’ve had the name for years, I still love it!

As a busy mumma what is your go to workout? How often do you find the time to move your body?

Oh I wish I could say I had your motivation Alice! I try to move every day but realistically it’s probably four to five days a week.
Little workouts I can do from the comfort of my own home are ideal because I don’t have much family in Perth so I have to take Hamish with me when I work out. High intensity mini workouts like the LJfitchallenge are great or I try to fit in squats or sit-ups during my day where I can. There’s always an opportunity to move, like doing squats in the shower!
Once a week Ben gets home from work early so I can go to a yoga class, which I absolutely love – yoga is hands down my favourite form of exercise. I also love going for walks around my suburb with my chubby monkey in the pram. He’s a bit of a whopper so pushing him in the pram is a workout in itself!!

Favourite activewear?

When I can afford it, Lorna Jane! I also recently got a pair of tights from Dharma Bums – oh my goodness, they’re soooo comfy! But for every day pieces with a more affordable price tag, I love Bonds and Cotton On Body.

When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through?
I need to talk!! I can’t bottle up my emotions and the way I get over things is by talking or writing about them. I keep a diary so I often find just writing it down helps. My sisters and Mum cop most of my venting!! I ALWAYS feel better after I’ve put it out there. I also use social media, especially instagram, because there is nothing better than knowing you’re not alone in having a crappy day or a difficult time with your baby. The support I’ve received from girls I’ve never even met is simply incredible. Stepping back from the situation and remembering to breath is so important, especially when Hamish is giving me a hard time! And if all else fails, there’s always wine

: )

Favourite quote or mantra?
Great question! I have a few actually!
I love this one – Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot.
This is my daily mantra – Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.
Move, nourish, believe. This was one of the first mantras that really stuck with me when I started on my healthy journey (thanks Lorna Jane – yes, I am self-confessed LJ addict!)
And this one has really resonated with me when it comes to parenting and when things aren’t going to plan – don’t hate the player, hate the game (I stole that from one of my #instacrushes, @newmumstheword)

Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go?

We don’t get a chance to go out just the two of us very often as most of our family lives on the east coast (we live in Perth but both call Brisbane home even though we’ve not lived there for over ten years). When we DO get to go out, we like to go to a good restaurant and check out a few cool bars. I make sure we choose places that aren’t pram friendly cause I know we wouldn’t be able to go there with Hamish! Because just the two of us date nights are quite rare, we still try to do stuff with Hamish in tow like dinners out (pram friendly, obviously!) or I love to cook for us at home and we share a bottle of good wine. Even though we’ve been together for 13 years, I’m more in love with Ben than I ever have been. He’s the most wonderful Dad and seeing him with Hamish makes my heart happy.

Proud mumma moment?

Hamish is five months old and is learning everyday and so it’s the little things that delight me. He’s currently learning to sit up, grabbing on to things, getting close to rolling over (we’re not quite there yet!) and learning to pick things up. But I think my proudest mumma moment has been seeing how healthy and chubby my baby is and that it’s all down to my breastmilk. I’m really proud of that.

Something you do for yourself?

I love doing yoga, cooking and writing. I don’t often find the time or motivation to exercise but when I do I immediately feel SO much better for it and wonder why I don’t do it more often! I also adore cooking and find it so relaxing. One of my favourite things to do is to take a classic or naughty food and create a healthier version. I love writing too, as it’s a real outlet for me.
And I’m not gonna lie, one of my favourite times of the day is when Hamish has gone down for his morning sleep so I get a bit of time to myself to chill out with a coffee in front of the tv.

Who inspires you?
In mummyhood, my best friend Val and my two sisters. Val is incredible at balancing full time work and being an amazing Mummy to two adorable little boys. My sisters are both wonderful Mum’s too, and I’d be lost without their help and advice.
I also find women on instagram incredibly inspiring. @newmumstheword, @ashybines @ljclarkson, @the_healthy_me, @kaotic_mumma and you, Alice – just to name a few! Honestly, I find it quite amazing how social media accounts can provide me with daily inspiration, motivation and support.

Dream job?

I’d love to be able to blog and instagram for a living! Isn’t that the dream?! But something to do with health and food would be wonderful because I’m really passionate about both. Working for Lorna Jane would be pretty incredible too.

Thank you so much for sharing a bit more about you. I loved getting to know you. I hope now more fitspos and mummas can be inspired by you just like I am. 

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Have a great week.

Alice In Healthyland