Feeding your baby for the first time. By Gina Rose AKA @nutritionbyginarose

Boston & Winnie are just about to venture into the wonder world of food, where did the last 5 months go! Lucky for them they have Mother’s that are serious foodies.

Infant nutrition is crucial for supporting optimal growth and development. Think about this for one minute.. choosing foods for your infant can either prevent a disease or feed one. Now, that sounds serious, but we actually have the power to influence our children with fuel to set them up for a healthy life.

The philosophy of Naturopathic medicine is “First Do No Harm”. As a mother I want to know that what I’m offering to my child is not going to hurt them in any way. This means providing a diet that their tiny immature digestive system can assimilate and absorb. I can’t emphasise this enough – The gut of a 6 month old baby is very different to an older child’s and must be treated with care.

A baby begins to acquire his gut bacteria in utero from the mother’s digestive system. This bacteria is affected by the maternal diet and lifestyle. The health of the mothers gut at time of birth directly relates to her baby. Interesting right! All the more motivation to make sure Mum is healthy during pregnancy.

It is during the first 6 weeks of embryo development that the formation of the digestive system begins, and it is not until well after birth when a fully functioning digestive system is complete. The delicate digestive system of an infant requires a bit of TLC & respect before honing in on food glorious food.


First of all every baby is different so there is really no magic number that says start feeding your baby on this date. Observe your baby’s signs.

When babies are ready for solids they start leaning forward at the sight of food and opening their mouths in a preparatory way. I know Boston is almost jumping out of my arms at the sight of my food.

At around the age of four – six months your mini humans should be able to sit up and coordinate breathing with swallowing.

A good test is to see if they push their tongue out when a spoon or bit of food is placed in their mouth– this is another good indication as the tongue reflex disappears at around four – six months of age.

Don’t forget that we are all different and some babies wont like certain textures and flavours. If they do screw their face up or spit it out in disgust don’t be scared to offer it again another day, they may like it the second or third time when they become more familiar with tastes & textures.

So how do we know what foods are best for our tiny humans?

My number one rule is to ensure your baby is a “whole foods baby”. Avoid processed and refined foods, this also includes supermarket baby food. A puree that has been sitting on a shelf for god knows how long cannot possibly offer the same nutritional profile as homemade. Make a batch of food and freeze into portions or take a little aside from your meal and make it the right consistency for baby.

Go slowly and be observant; every baby will have an individual response to different foods. Introduce new foods one at a time and continue to feed that same food for at least four days to rule out the possibility of a negative reaction. Signs of intolerance include redness around the mouth; abdominal bloating, gas and distention; irritability, fussiness, over-activity and awaking throughout the night; constipation and diarrhea; frequent regurgitation of foods; nasal and/or chest congestion; and red, chapped or inflamed eczema-like skin rash.

Babies produce only very small amount of the pancreatic enzyme amylase, and therefore are unable to properly digest grains. When I hear mainstream advice recommend baby rice cereal that is fortified with iron I am screaming inside my head. White rice is a refined carbohydrate that is a highly processed, nutritionally devoid food and is worthless nutritionally for infants. It is inflammatory and one of the hardest food groups for them to digest.

One European study found that infants tended to have pancreatic amylase levels close to those of adults by ten months. In fact, it can take up to 2 years, just around the time when molar teeth are fully developed, for the pancreatic enzymes to fully work. Foods like cereals, grains and breads are very challenging for little ones to digest. Thus, these foods should be some of the last to be introduced.

Infants do however produce proteolytic enzymes to digest proteins as well as digestive juices: hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which breaks down protein & fats. Mother nature always gets it right and it makes perfect sense looking at the nutritional profile of breast milk which provides up to 60% of its energy as fat, which is critical for growth, energy and development.

All babies are born with a leaking or permeable gut lining so that they can fully benefit from the nourishment of their mother’s colostrum. This “first milk” from the mother delivers powerful nutrients and immune boosting substances like lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, sugars and antibodies to the fragile newborn infant. The permeable lining in the intestines of each newborn baby allows them to absorb nutrients quickly and boosts immunity. How clever are we!


Bone broth is an excellent first food because it works as a digestive elixir that helps the lining of a baby’s digestive tract to mature and strengthen, preparing baby’s tummy to digest more complicated foods down the road. It also provides an abundance of minerals and nutrients for development and health of teeth, bones, hair, nails, and joints. Bone broth also contains amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Egg yolk is rich in B vitamins, choline, cholesterol and many other nourishing substances. Cholesterol is vital in everyone’s diet, it functions by insulating the nerves in the brain and the entire central nervous system. It helps with fat digestion by increasing the formation of bile acids and is necessary for the production of many hormones. Since the brain is so dependent on cholesterol, it is especially vital during this time when brain growth is in super-speed. The egg white is the portion that most often causes allergic reactions so mum this is a little bit of extra protein for you to eat.

Meat. I know parents often wonder why and how you give tiny babies meat. Meats will help ensure adequate intake of iron, zinc, and protein with the decrease in breast milk and formula. Iron stores start to deplete around this age and fortified rice cereal just doesn’t cut it. The type of iron in rice cereal is poorly absorbed and harsh on a tiny tummy.

Liver is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is a great source of cholesterol. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, including choline, iron, B-vitamins, D3 & K2. K2 is a very important nutrient that we don’t find in many foods. It contributes to the development of strong bones and teeth and even the facial structure. It is also important for energy production in the body. Organic & Grass-fed varieties are best! People often ask me how to serve liver. You can grate organic, raw liver into egg yolks. If using this method, make sure to freeze the liver for 14 days, in order to kill any pathogens. A second option is to brown it lightly with some ghee and then blend it with some bone broth to thin it to your desired consistency. We sprinkle it with a little sea salt too for additional minerals and flavour.

Bone marrow: Is another great source of quality fat, that is loaded with nutrients and has a scrumptious taste. I often make a big slow-cooked stew and add a couple of osso bocco cuts, the marrow literally falls out and Wa La dinner is served for everyone!

Mashed tropical fruits like banana, papaya, mango, rockmelon naturally contain amylase, making it easier for babies to digest.

Sweet potato, squash, carrots, parsnips and beetroot are vegetables that are easy to digest, but should always be served cooked to young babies. It is important to serve these with healthy fats, to help the baby absorb the fat soluble vitamins available. We usually cook ours in homemade bone broth, so the vegetables can soak up minerals from the broth and become more digestible.

Mashed Avocado is a rich source of quality fat as well as vitamins A & E. They are very rich dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals and packed with numerous health benefits.

Grass-fed organic butter and ghee contain vitamin A, E & K2.

Coconut oil: Is a great source of healthy fat and it is an excellent source of lauric acid, only second to breast milk!

What is a serving size?

At the very beginning a serving size is simply a taste. Start with a teaspoon at a time and slowly increase until your baby eats 1-2 tablespoons. Again, listen to your baby, if she turns her head away or shuts her mouth she has had enough.

First foods can be mashed, smoothed, pureed or offered in soft pieces – it’s up to you.

Although you don’t need to puree your baby’s first foods, some foods – for example, meats – are easier for baby to eat if they’re pureed to start with. If you do start with smooth or pureed food, increase the texture to mashed and soft pieces over a couple of weeks.

One important part of going from baby food purées to finger foods is the ability for baby to be able to self-feed and pick up food with his fingers. A good pincher grasp is needed. Along with a good pincher grasp, your baby needs to be adept at mashing and gumming foods.

As a mother I can tell you a lot of my attention goes to what I’m feeding my children. I am a nutritionist and at times, I too get overwhelmed with the abundance of information on what to feed a baby / toddler/ child and what not to feed them.

The basic rule is to stick to whole foods and ensure to have macro-nutrient balanced foods. That is a serve of protein, carbs & fats with each meal.

Remember you are doing a great job! It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too.

Gina Rose xx

Want more from Gina?

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Everybody Is Beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie

Everybody is beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie


I am damn proud of my body and what it has achieved. I have grown two beautiful babies for 9 months during pregnancy, laboured and birthed them and breastfeed them both (still going with Winnie). The women’s body is amazing right?

I am a mumma to two darling little ones, Cruz and Winter Rose. I look at them everyday with proud eyes.  This is something I constantly have to remind myself, especially when my “inner mean girl” creeps into my mind faulting my body image every now and then. Now days I am pretty good at shaking her off quickly though. I don’t want my babies to watch their mumma constantly putting herself down and wasting her time doing so, especially not in front of them. Ever since I gave birth to Cruz I found a new respect and love for my body. I was blown away with what it went through to achieve motherhood. So I decided to go on a journey to find self love and inner peace. I no longer wanted to care about a number on the scales or a size on a dress. I wanted to treat it as if it my best friend with a kind heart and respect.

To me body love is about building a friendship with your body, giving it the respect it needs. Practicing mindfulness, giving it the attention it needs by nourishing it with good foods and plenty of water, resting it when it needs and moving your body accordingly to how it feels that day.

There is so much pressure as to what the perfect postpartum bod looks like. The pressure comes from our universe with social media, the shows we watch, glam magazines filled with models that have been done up for hours prior to the shoot. These models are beautiful in their own way, however there is so many different types of women that they should portray and we all have different body shapes, not just the certain body type they promote as the perfect woman. If they use a gorgeous curvier woman too, she is labeled as “plus size” what is that? Seriously she is just a another gorgeous woman doing her thing.

Social media can also have a positive impact on being yourself too and promoting body and self love. There is more people out their showing the real them. No filter and I love that! Keeping it raw and honest.

Being a new mumma is overwhelming at times and we don’t need that extra pressure from society to push us to want to look a certain way. We want to enjoy our babies and feel comfortable and confident doing it . I was introduced to Hot Milk Lingerie by Robyn from Yummy Mummy Lingerie. She told me about this amazing label and sent me some of their bras to try during my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. I fell in love. I wore the “My Necessity – Nursing Bra” in nude and blush pink throughout my pregnancy. I wore these bras to bed, under my work uniform and pretty much every day haha. In fact I am wearing one right now haha. They are seamless and have super soft fabric which makes it perfect over the bump. I love wearing them when I was pregnant and I love wearing them now while breastfeeding. They have an easy access clip which makes it perfect for nursing your baby (especially when they are hungry NOW).


Hot Milk Lingerie have also sent me the “My Necessity” bra in black, so I now own the whole collection. I am looking forward to purchasing and trying some more of their other styles in the near future. I highly recommend this style, especially if you are looking for a comfortable bra to wear in hospital.

I have also been wearing the “My everyday camisole” to bed at night. Its super comfortable with a built in bra and great for midnight feeds.


Hot Milk are currently hosting a competition to win $500 worth of Hot Milk goodies. All you have to do is show the real you and share your postpartum body and be proud. hashtag #hotmilkrealwomen for more details click here. I love this idea. All about self love. Check out the hashtag to view all the beautiful women that have entered so far.


Winnie loves to hold on to the little bow when feeding so cute.

What is in my toddlers lunchbox? Feat. Australian Certified Organic.

What is in my toddlers lunchbox?

Feat. Australian Certified Organic.

Packing my toddlers lunch box daily can be a bit of a challenge as Cruz (nearly 2) can like something one day and then change his mind the next and say his famous “no” to what I have on offer. So I like to mix up his lunchbox with a few different yummy goodies and options but also like to offer him some of the same foods daily even if he doesn’t eat them because tomorrow he may haha.

The thing I have found with feeding Cruz is to keep his foods simple at lunch time, not make it to exotic when we are out and about on picnic dates. I offer him lots of different foods at home but when we are out I just want to give him something quick and easy as he is usually hungry and wants it “NOW daddy” (he calls me dad not mum haha cheeky).

When buying snacks and lunchbox goodies I have been doing my best to look for the Australian Organic Certification BUD logo on a majority of my foods I buy for the kiddies. Sometimes food will still say they are organic but aren’t legally certified.

… “The majority of organic products sold in Australia carry the Australian Certified Organic BUD Logo. You will see the BUD on products ranging from apples to baby foods, coffee to licorice, clothing and cosmetics.

The BUD Logo is displayed as a stamp of integrity, and is the only symbol that consumers widely recognise. The BUD represents everything that Australian organics is about – the growth and promise of spring, the sign of big things growing from the initial organic movement, and the strength and logic of nature and natural (biological and organic) systems in guiding our choices in life. The BUD reassures consumers that all the product ingredients have been certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard and have met rigorous certification checks. It can only be used on packaging for products which have achieved certification through ACO’s certification scheme. Most importantly, the BUD represents Australia’s leading certification program – ACO – ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers.”

Referenced from https://aco.net.au/standard/australian-certified-organic/

Here are some of my simple lunchbox ideas I am currently packing for Cruz.

Raw Veggies & Fruit

I am currently not allowed to chop up any of these items (or a tantrum will occur). He must have a whole Apple/banana or a whole carrot. I have been loving the little red apples from our local organic shop as they are a great size for him. Plus they aren’t sprayed with all those nasties. Their carrots are so nice and sweet and bright orange to. These items are all great to keep in the lunch box or nappy bag for a quick snack, they aren’t to messy either. Strawberries have been great this season to. The last few weeks have been only $3.50 a punnet at Wray Organic (my local organic store). Blueberries are also cheaper this time of year to and great for the kiddies to snack on.


Obviously always watch your child when consuming popcorn but we have been loving the Cobs organic lightly salted popcorn I also make this myself sometimes in the popcorn machine. Cruzie never ever says no to popcorn haha.

A healthier version to crisps – Corn Chips

We love either the Woolies Macro original or spicy BBQ or the Thomas Chipmen Corn Chips lightly salted.

A good fashioned sandwich.

Cruzie has been loving turkey, spinach leaves and sauerkraut just depending on the day wether it’s cut into triangles or rectangles haha.

A sandwich or a wrap is great to pack into a cooler bag too. Always nice and fulfilling to. You can fill them with lots of different variations even just peanut butter if that what your toddler loves.

Mini homemade muffins or pancakes.

I love to create muffin or pancake recipes and hide in lots of fruit and veggies into them. Great little bite size health treats for our toddlers to snack on. Here is one of my favourite recipes for Cruz at the moment.

Zucchini and Banana Bites


1 small zucchini (raw)

1 banana

1 organic egg or chia egg

1 cup organic raw oats

1/2 cup organic almond milk or milk of choice

Blend all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

Pour into mini muffin moulds.

Add in some fresh chopped strawberries or blueberries to the muffin if you wish.

Bake on 180 degrees in a preheated oven for 15-20minutes.

Can double the recipe and freeze.

For more information on the Australian Certified Organic BUD products check out their website or Instagram.

Website – https://aco.net.au

Instagram – http://instagram.com/australianorganic

For more toddler lunchbox ideas or snacks or recipes check out my Instagram page.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aliceinhealthyland/?hl=en

Thanks for reading.

Cruzies dinosaur cooler lunchbox from Chic Family Collection

Newborn Photoshoot – Celebrating our Winter Rose.

Photoshoot Captured by Jennifer Horner Photography

Hair by SarsHair Studio

Make up done by a sleep deprived mumma haha.

Gown by Eden Elizabeth Creative

Jennifer Horner is a stunning photographer from Brisbane, Queensland. She shoots maternity, newborn, family & children and motherhood sessions. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with her. I met her during my maternity photoshoot, she was so down to earth and so easy to work with. Jennifer is an incredibly gifted woman and I am so blessed that she was able to capture some newborn photos of our darling Winter Rose.


Jennifer is extremely professional but so easy to get along with. To organise the newborn photoshoot she sends out an email with a questionnaire for the parents to fill out. Asking questions about what style/colours you would love for your newborns first photos. I think this is great because when I arrived at her studio it was filled with all the delightful props and colouring schemes we had spoke about previously. She was very happy to answer any of my queries I had in the lead up to the shoot and is extremely prompt at replying despite her busy schedule.

When arriving at Jennifer’s studio, greeting us with a big smile she was quick to offer us refreshments and make sure we were comfortable as possible. Jennifer had everything laid out ready to go. She is fantastic at connecting with her clients and makes you feel right at home instantly.


David and I choose to take a few quick images at the beginning of the shoot with Winter Rose and Cruz. Then just let Jennifer shoot Winter for the remaining of the time since it was all about celebrating her coming into the world. It was fascinating to watch Jennifer in her element. She was smiling throughout the whole photoshoot and was so calming and patient with our baby girl. You could just see it in her eyes that she was passionate about her job and absolutely loved what she did. Jennifer spoke to David and I throughout the session, telling us exactly what she was doing and how she would do it. She had a lovely assistant working with her that helped to capture and get Winter Rose in those adorable newborn positions for the photos. Jen was so patient when Winnie needed a rest and a top up feed too. I trusted her completely with my baby girl.

 I am so over the moon with how the images turned out and will be forever grateful that Jen has captured this special memory of our family and darling Winter Rose. We just brought our first family home to so I cannot wait to shower the walls in some of these treasured photos of our family.



Want more from Jennifer Horner?

Website – http://www.jenniferhornerphotography.com.au/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JenniferHornerPhotography

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jenniferhornerphotography/


Our first family portraits.

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Winter Rose’s newborn photos.

Thank you for reading,

Alice xoxo

Tears and Tears by Brooke Meyer AKA @bouncingbackfrombirth

Tears and Tears

Written by Brooke Meyer from Bouncing Back From Birth.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything. The first night we brought our son home from the hospital there were tears – and tears. It is no coincidence to me that tear (as in cry) and tear (as in rip) share the same four letters.
There I was in the dead of winter sitting in excruciating pain breastfeeding at 3am for what seemed an eternity. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, my perineum throbbed and stung from post-partum bleeding. I was not O.K. with my second degree perineum tear. I begged the midwives during home visits, when will it get better? How can I make it better?
Give it time
It’s normal
Just push through
It is that last offering ‘just push through’ that inspired me to begin my journey into business – this business: Bouncing Back From Birth. In short, beautiful Mama’s and Mama’s-to-be, I don’t believe – even for a second – that anyone should ask you to ‘just push through’ your challenges. Over the past 2 years I’ve dedicated my time to finding solutions to support your bodies natural healing process and find comfort in those early weeks.
And, so that none of you ever have to push through or make do, here it is:
My Top 5 Products to Care for your Perineum Postpartum. #SaveMyVajayjay

The BodyICE Perineum Pad.

This lil’ slice of heaven get bonus points for versatility – it’s ability to be used as a warm AND cold compress means you get more bang for your buck and relief from discomfort. When heated you can fold into a V shape during pregnancy to relieve aches and pains from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction/Pelvic Girdle Pain. Keep the heat going in labour and place directly onto the perineum. The warmth encourages the perineum to soften and stretch. It is an excellent solution for labouring Mama’s without access to a birthing pool or those who require foetal monitoring. Once your babe arrives refrigerate or freeze and apply to the perineum at 20 minute intervals to soothe your tender perineum. I guarantee the cool soft beads inside the Perineum Pad are infinitely more comfortable than a frozen condom.
A Peri Bottle.

The Peri Bottle is relatively unheard of here in Australia but our Sisters in North America have been embracing Peri Bottles for some time. It’s now accessible to you via Bouncing Back From Birth *high five*. One of the key recommendations from your care provider in managing your Perineum will be to keep the area clean and dry – this is to allow the area to heal and prevent infection. It’s not an easy feat with post partum bleeding! Fill your Peri Bottle with warm water and direct the flow over the perineal area as you wee, not only will the water take the sting out of urinating it will gently clean the area. Always very gently pat dry.
Postpartum Sitz Soak by The Hermosa Co.

Packed with magnesium rich bath salts, lavender, marshmallow root and calendula this highly concentrated Sitz Soak takes keeping the Perineal area clean and dry to a whole new level. Purposefully blended for the postpartum period, a Sitz Soak shouldn’t be confused with a Bath Soak (I’ve got those too!) Fill the bath to hip height and gently sit on your knees, allowing this divine handmade blend to soothe and heal. For Mama’s without a bath pair this Sitz Soak with the Peri Bottle above. Additional benefits include relaxation of tired muscles and improved circulation.
100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil by ECO.Aroma

So we all know about Lavender’s relaxation and stress reduction properties, but what about anti-microbial? This is a simple and effective way to keep the area clean and reduce your risk of infection while promoting healing. Essential Lavender Oil should never be taken internally, unless under the guidance of a professional and should always be diluted. Add up to 5 drops to a Sitz Bath or 5 drops per 500mls into a Peri Bottle.
Compression Wear.

At Bouncing Back From Birth we stock Solidea and SRC Health postpartum recovery compression wear. Both brands are TGA approved and offer medical grade even compression – your private heath provider may even provide a rebate, rock on! It’s absolutely imperative that if it’s compression wear that you are after that your chosen brand can provide a medical grade compression listing and is TGA approved as a medical device. If it’s not, you are simply not receiving the many benefits compression wear can bring such as increased muscle stimulation, reduced swelling and pain. Your compression wear can also support you in your c-section recovery or if you are experiencing Diastasis Recti.
And there you have it! Your light at the end of the tunnel. A big thank you to Alice for inviting me to share these products with you, if you have any questions about my full range or are after some personal recommendations please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email hello@bouncingbackfrombirth.com, Facebook, Instagram or carrier pigeon – what ever works for you!
All my very best for each and every one of you and your unique journey into motherhood and beyond.
Stay confident – You’ve got this!
Brooke x

The lovely Brooke has offered a discount code for my followers it is 15% off the full range from Monday 31st July until Thursday 16 August (one use per customer). Use LOVEALICE at the checkout.

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The ins and outs of surviving the 4th Trimester – Shannon Stokes

The ins and outs of surviving the 4th Trimester

Written by Shannon Stokes AKA @mums_bubs_nutritionist

Since I will be experiencing my forth trimester soon and I have a lot of mumma followers that are pregnant, I have asked for some nutritional information and some basic survival technicques from naturopath Shannon Stokes from Mums and Bubs Nutrition Clinic. She is a mum herself to two littleys and has survived (just) the 4th trimester twice.

Take it away Shannon…

The journey to becoming pregnant is a magical one. Its either a ‘surprise’ I am here type scenario, a long awaited and joyous time. The journey itself is nuts! Pregnancy is a whole other kettle of fish, a completely natural yet unnatural experience. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant and just being pregnant is an insane journey, and that is just the beginning.


You are a mumma! Congratulations, baby is here you have been through a marathon of hurdles, a tonne of happy gas, 9 epidural attempts, a vacuum delivery, 12 different hands up your clacker at once, an episiotomy or 9th degree tear. You now have that little bundle of joy in your arms. Perhaps you are feeling those kooky love spell feelings straight away, or perhaps you think, oh jesus what have I done? All totally normal feelings. I remember thinking oh, he’s not very cute, in fact he is a bit strange looking and gee my vagina is killing…. me where are those frozen condoms at, all in the same breath! 

… All of that aside, baby is here and it’s a whirlwind few days in the beginning.

How does one survive through this sleep deprivation? The healing of the whole birth thing is one thing, but then perhaps breastfeeding is hurting like a bugger and you have grazed nipples or sterilizing a bottle seems to take forever and a day at 3am. You aren’t alone, this period is earth shatteringly exhausting, scary and exciting all rolled into one. Cue the 4th Trimester! So mumma, whilst we learn to look after this babe ( I am happy to leave that to the never ending advice from the mum tribe, in-laws and experts) I am here to help YOU make some tiny changes in your day to keep you thriving.


It starts with you and ends with you. Everything else in between is that tiny babies’. Upon your first morning wake up, (ok, so the first moment you get up for the day) refresh your self with a big glass of filtered water, and take a deep breath. That’s it for now. No matter what is happening, this is a must! Then tick it off daily as it is non-negotiable.


Below are some of my favourite 4th trimester survival guidelines for all new mums and even dads.


1. Do NOT stop your multi, infact this is a time to ensure your nutritional status is up with that of the very best it has ever been. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding.

2. Eat foods rich in good fats, think avocado, coconut oil, nuts seeds, oily fish such as sardines, salmon, qood quality extra virgin olive oil drizzled on eeeeeevvvverything.

3. Make sure you are having macronutrients with each meal and at least a palm size portion of protein at each meal. (macronutrients are the essential nutrients needed in large amounts to sustain energy and basic health. The 3 macros are Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates)

4. Take a quality probiotic daily

5. Don’t focus on trying to lose the baby weight, give yourself a break.

6. Ask for things, I wish I did this more with my first. Ask for help! (you can’t get away with asking for washing to be folded and home cooked meals to be dropped when they are 3.. dammit)! Even ask for a box of nappies to be dropped off. Use that ‘new mum’ thing a little..

7. Say no! if you aren’t up for visitors then say no, if you aren’t up for your cousins and nephews coming over and running a muck, just say no, but don’t feel guilty or think twice about it, they will understand…. And If they dont then.. meh… they will get over it.

8. Accept that some days are bad and some days are good, ebs and flows ladies, mountains and rivers.

9. Spend 5 minutes a day with your legs up the wall, relax those hips and lower back, take 10 deep breaths. (Again, non-negotiable)

10. Spend 10 minutes a day minimum outside in bright morning day light to ensure your body knows its day time and to help regulate those sleep /wake hormones

11. Don’t feel guilty, if you want to look at your phone while feeding bubs, do it. If you want to stay in bed, do it. If watching Oprah is your jam, do it, indulge a little and enjoy doing it. Stop feeling guilty. Guilty feelings radiate negative energy. If it has been a few weeks in a row then, maybe ask for a little help from a loved one and reach out if you are doing it tough… remember its all of those crazy hormones doing crazy things.

12. If you aren’t coping, reach out. You will be surprised to know that a lot of mothers find the fourth trimester insanely hard. No matter who you are, how together you think everyone is, its not the case. Speak up and your tribe will answer.  


Enjoy those long loving stares into your babies eyes, explore their features and be fascinated with the whole process.. this too shall pass and then all of a sudden it’s a Tuesday night and you are writing about how to cope through the 4th trimester to a friend in need. Everyone struggles and if you think that its all too much, please reach out. It does get easier and it does get better. Trust me, I never thought I would see past the sleep deprivation either.

Thank you so much Shannon for your time if you wish to contact Shannon or learn more about her, her details are as follows.

Website – 


Instagram – 


Thank you for reading x

Alice In Pregnancyland #32weeks-38weeks

Pregnancy Emotions. Pregnancy Eating. Pregnancy Exercise. Pregnancy Style.

I actually cannot believe I am typing the last blog of the Alice In Pregnancyland series. (for now haha) I remember chatting To Tahlia about collaborating with me for the #bumpstyle shoots and now here we are at 37 nearly 38 weeks finishing off the bump series. I have really loved building a friendship with Tahlia from @wyldefolkstudio_ while we did the photoshoots she is such a kind hearted person. I now have a friendship for life with her. Not to mention how blessed I was to collaborate with so many gorgeous labels and maternity brands. throughout the 9 months. A huge thank you to everyone that followed the series and continued to send through such beautiful feedback. Big Love to you all.

Pregnancy Emotions

The last few weeks I have been on a emotional roller coaster. I have been so excited to meet the little one, I have had mum guilt with my one on one time with Cruzie, I have cried happy tears and I have cried god knows what tears. To me having a good cry really does help me just let it all out, breathe and then let it go. All these new emotions feel like it’s my heart is expanding and I am ready to meet our new little one now.

I finished up work at 36 weeks. Best decision as I was going to work to 37 weeks, the heaviness of nursing and being on my feet got to me a little. So I am so glad to be on maternity leave. It feels so different not having to go to work again. 

I have been making the most of my time with Cruzie too. I have been taking him to singing and reading at the library, reading and extra snuggles at night time, park hangs and babycino dates. I am loving being off work with him again. 

Everyone has been asking how Cruzie has been? Does he know? I think he knows a change is coming. He won’t let anyone rub my belly but David, he pushes their hand away or pulls my top down. We brought him a little dolly and he has been kissing it, changing its nappy, pushing it around in a pram. It’s so cute to watch. I think he will be a great big brother. 

I keep telling myself that I need to slow down as my body is tired, but its true “nesting” is a real thing. I keep thinking of new things to do and clean. I forget to rest and I am on the go all day. Then I have the worse braxton hicks and back ache in the evening. So I should listen to all the advice and just put my feet up. Haha easier said than done though. Plus entertaining my little man. He sleeps well in the afternoon so I should just lay down then and watch some Offspring on tv. Maybe tomorrow? haha.

I went and seen my midwife for a 36 week scan and check up. The cheeky bubbas legs are sitting frog legged but the head is right down there. I keep thinking in my head that the baby will be here early because Cruz came early but I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I discussed my birth plan and what I wanted. My birth plan is to have a natural birth, hopefully not be on the monitor like last time, have a bath or hot shower, use essential oils and just have David in there. David is my rock and he really did help me through the breathing techniques last time. I do still feel anxious about the birth experience and labour but I am just trying not to think about it, what will be will be.

Pregnancy Eating.

With eating I have been a bit all over the place.

I wake up so hungry and have to eat before I go for a walk. For breakfast I normally have smoothies or protein pancakes. Thats its the I just swap it up between the two.

Then for snacks I have almonds, nuts, apple or a bliss ball. Sipping on so much raspberry leaf tea to ha.

Lunch is lots of greens and a source of protein or a chia sourdough with cheese, figs and cucumber sandwich or the same combo on rice cakes.

I am obsessed with Bolognese at the moment with zoodles (zucchini pasta), I am addicted love it. I also love white fish or salmon with greens for dinner, I have gone off all brown rice and sweet potato probably because my belly already fills so fall at night.

Cravings – organic milk chocolate from Flannerys Health Shop … YUM!!!!

Pregnancy Exercise

Walking 30-45minutes around the block (filled with hills) but very slowly as I get pelvic pressure. I put my podcast on and enjoy the metime I love it. Makes me feel better. I love doing about 20-40 push ups daily on the kitchen bench and 20 squats on the shower too. About 3 times a week I use my little 2kg weights and do a little arm workout too. If I have having an exhausting day I just don’t exercise at all. Maybe just do a stretch. The last week I have really slowed down, but thats okay, my body needs the rest.

Pregnancy Style

So besides loose boho styles and a few tight comfortable maternity dresses I have been living in maternity leggings and a jumper. Argh so comfy. I do love dressing up the bump, but I feel my wardrobe has become very limited and don’t really want to add to it till the baby is here. 

For this #bumpstye shoot I wore a dress I purchased for a hens day a few months back. Its called the FAWN WRAP DRESS and I brought it from the @theselfstyler online. Guess what they just restocked it too. You can buy it HERE. Its perfect to take you through your pregnancy journey and will be great for breastfeeding too. Its not actually a maternity dress but it should be its so comfortable.

Tahlia and I decided for the last bump photoshoot we would find a beautiful spot with long grass (secret location) and invite David and Cruz to come along for some family photos. We had a lovely afternoon watching the sunset and Tahlia came with her family too, so nice. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Thank you again for reading. 

Big Love,

Alice (in healthyland) xoxo