#alicedrivesawayhappy with Cricks Mt Gravatt – Jeep Compass Limited.

Written by Alice Bingham AKA Alice In Healthyland

Collaboration with Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep

So a week ago I was lucky enough to collaborate with Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep. From Thursday evening to Monday morning I drove around in the yet to be released Jeep Compass Limited 2018.

I moved in, literally haha. I put both the kids car seats in, put in my diffuser and connected my iPhone up to the Apple CarPlay. I also put my double pram in the boot and I didn’t have to taking wheels off (winning). So I test drove the Compass as if it was my own. These are my adventures …

Thursday night – I drove it home from Cricks with Winnie asleep in her car seat and tested out the BEATS sound system, listening to my tunes (not my sons haha) and singing at the top of my lungs. I did feel a bit like a mumma from the “real wives of orange county’ hehe.. leather seats and those new car smells. I felt very luxe haha. Leather seats are great if you have children to as they are easy to wipe up the mess when kids spill food. I loved that I could put my hand bag under my seat to as there is extra storage. Love cool little storage features like this one.

I then picked Cruzie up from day care. Lets just say he was just as excited about the Jeep Compass as I was. He thought he was getting to drive around in “The Wiggle Mobile” -“the big red car” haha. It was the cutest. He kept running to the garage and saying … “wow mummy red car red car.”

Friday – I spent the day just doing what I normally do with Cruzie + Winter Rose. We went to my parents house for a swim, took Cruz and Winter Rose to the park and ran to the shops. I tested out the Parallel & Perpendicular Park Assist. Lets just say this feature is AMAZING! A little overwhelming at first putting so much trust in the car, but knowing that I was putting the gear shifter in park and reverse helped. I only tried this feature once though as I was honestly a little nervous to use it. You would totally get used to it though. I picked mum up for a drive to and we tested the dual zone climate control. She hates the air con cold and I love it. So I thought this little extra feature was fantastic. Plus it is always great to keep your mumma happy haha.

Saturday – Picked up my bestie and headed to the point for a coffee and a walk. We tested out the bluetooth feature and reminisced by pumping Usher in the car to bring back some good memories.

Then it was FAMILY TIME. David (my hubby) and I took the kiddies to Coolum Beach for the afternoon. We put the address in MAPS and off we went. It gave us the fasted route and other options if needed. I loved driving the Jeep on the highway. I tested out the cruise control. There was a bit of traffic so I could not use it the whole way but it was great to drive a little more relaxed when I could. Cruizes favourite song is Ed Sheeran so we pumped the PERFECT by Ed (see highlights on Cricks Jeep Insta here for all the cuteness). On the way we were getting lots of texts from my sister who we were meeting. So it was great to have SIRI read them out to me. I was then able to reply safely buy asking SIRI to do so all while driving and not taking my eyes off the road. This is a very important feature for me as I am driving with two babes in the car. Having my phone put away and out of reach is a must. I love that the Limited model had the Apple CarPlay feature. We drove the car home at 8pm at night and the car had great lighting in the car and wasn’t to bright on the eye. I loved how the car had adjustable headlights to suit the drivers height/vision needs when driving at night.

Sunday – Market day and food shopping. We piled the car up with our weekly shop and market haul. We did have to put a few bags in the car as our double pram did take up a lot of the boot. Although we did do a big shop. It is definitely big enough as a family car. So much leg room in the back seats. A bonus for me is that another car seat can be fitted it has the extra attachments already fitted to (thinking of the future here).

To finish the day, the babes fell asleep early in car on the way home from Grandmas house, so David and I took the car for a drive down to Wellington Point to watch the water just after sunset. Pure bliss way to end the weekend mind you sets you up for the week.

So you know what I loved about the car as I listed all the AMAZING features above in my adventures.

Here were a few things I would love to either change or have different…

  • A coffee cup holder next to the wheel. There are two in the middle but I honestly chuck a my water there and lippy and garage key. Purely personal this one haha.
  • Maybe a little more room in the boot. I totally did have a big double pram in there though. I didn’t have to pull it apart either like I do in the car that I drive now.
  • The accessories and safety features were amazing but they I did find the beeping a little overwhelming in the beginning. So maybe have the volume down a little on them Jeep haha. It was great using the reverse camera though, this safety feature is a must in any new car and especially if you have kids.

Okay, okay I am not really finding that much I dislike about the Jeep Compass Limited. Its certainly a nice upgrade to what I have now.

Would I buy one?

YES if I had the money haha.

If you love what you read and decide that this car is for you, state my name ALICE and you will receive $500 off the purchase price or $500 off accessories! 🚗💃.

WANT MORE from Cricks Mt Gravatt Jeep?

Chat to one of their friendly staff members (seriously so nice, they were fantastic with my kiddies).

Website – http://www.mtgravattjeep.com.au/

Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/cricksmtgravatt_jeep/?hl=en

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump – An honest review for @milkmaidmumma

Milkmaidmumma is a beautiful online retailer + wholesaler who create pretty handmade bamboo reusable nursing pads and they also stock Eco accessories from around the world to help make mumma and their Babes lives a little easier and safer.

I was recently asked by Milkmaidmumma to write a honest review on one of their newest products the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump.

The milk I expressed over 3-4 pumps throughout the day. I don’t express much at one time though.

The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is a one piece Breast Pump that has been on the market for a while now. The pump recently had a makeover, its capacity has been increased to 100mls and now has suction bottom to keep it up right safely.

I am one of those people that get the item straight out of the box and instantly try it out. I don’t read instructions I just try figure it out on my own. Haha this time it did not work in my favour. I had no clue how to make this pump work. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE. In fact I not only read the instructions but I had to you tube it too.

It took a few attempts to get the pump to actually milk my breast but once I got the hang of it my milked dripped put almost immediately.

You have to squeeze the bottom of the pump first (that was why I couldn’t get it working to start with as I didn’t do this) make sure your nipple perfectly in the centre of the pump, then you release your hand. The pump is then meant to be hands free, I did have to readjust my nipple two to three times during the pump though. I think this is only because I was still getting used to it. I didn’t get a lot out to start with but I hadn’t planned to pump that day I used it. So I took some lactation goodies and re tried the next day and I was able to pump a lot more as I had more supply. I was able to do it hands free to thanks to YouTube. I don’t get a lot out with an electric pump in one go anyway. So I used it to pump throughout the day.

To be completely honest it doesn’t compare to my electric pump if I need a lot of milk supply to store fast but it certainly does a great job. I am able to get more milk out faster from my electric pump, but for its price and it’s convenient compact size to fit in my nappy bag it’s a fantastic buy. I will definitely continue to use it.

Here are some perks of the Haakaa

– You don’t need any wires or connections to take with you either so it’s great for travel.

– You don’t need to prepare anything either before use so that is an absolute bonus.

– With Haakaa you don’t have to be continuously squeezing your manual pump base (once you get the hang of it of course).

– It’s so easy to clean to as there are minimal parts. Just the pump and the stopper.

– I love that Haakaa have created a cute flower stopper to seal the pump to in between uses. I even turned it up side down to prove it. I would of cried if it spilt though ekk.

Haakaa breast pump

Holding the pump upside down with the stopper.

– I love that the product can be used to catch your let down when you are breastfeeding your baby on the other side as you don’t need to hold the pump. Therefore no leakage or wastage of the let down.

– It’s made from 100% food grade Silicone.

Would I buy it?

Yes I would. I think it’s such a handy little manual pump to keep for when I am on the go.

Where do I buy the Haakaa?

Well this review is for the Milkmaidmumma so I will link the product straight to their page here.


Want more from the Milkmaimumma?

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/milkmaidmumma

Website – https://www.milkmaidmumma.com/

MAMMA Baby Care Electric Double Breast Pump Review.

mamma2.jpeg The gorgeous girls from MAMMA – SARA + ANNA

I connected with the gorgeous ladies Sara + Anna from Mamma Baby Care when I was pregnant with Winter Rose. The girls are Scandinavian Australian women who were good friends and became mummas around the same time. Sara and Anna are from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. After many walking dates and mummy catch ups the girls decided to create a double breast pump that was not only top of the range quality but affordable to the every day busy mumma.

I am extremely open about my breastfeeding journey. It hasn’t been everything I wanted it to be. At the beginning I had over engorged boobies which got quite painful. Then my supply went low when I started training. So I started pumping and taking lactation goodies from @milkandcookiesbyjewels to increase my supply. It worked a treat. After 3 months our little darling had only gained 500g. So I got some advice from an LC and a GP.? We gave it a little more time and I took some natural breastfeeding supplements like fenugreek and blessed thisile to increase the calories in my milk. Still Winter Rose only gained a little and was always hungry.

So we decided to give her formula one bottle a day. I give it to her either in the morning and try to give her EBM in the late arvo from a bottle. I love breastfeeding her to sleep in the evening.

So now I pump, breastfeed, sterilise bottles and formula feed. Haha! We got this though. My little girl is now thriving. She is so happy in between feeds. That’s what we want. Fed is best!

I love the Mamma Electric Double Breast Pump because it’s perfect for the everyday busy mumma. You can pop on the pumping bra, attach the pump and sit down why you express the milk quickly and efficiently. If you are wearing their pump bra you can do it hands free. So its perfect if you have work to do or a coffee to sip on. It has a timer on it so you know how long you been pumping for. I know I will love this function when I hear back to Work as I will know how long I can pump for on my break. The pump can be used as a single pump to, its super easy to switch between the double and the single function. The pump also has a 2-phase expressing feature. This feature gives you the option to switch between the massage mode (that stimulates and relaxes your breasts to start the milk flow) and suction mode that mimics your baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The pump has super soft silicone breast shields to ensure a comfortable pumping experience. The machine itself is so quiet too, so if you are pumping in the middle of the night your other half can still sleep or if you wish to pump in private say at work or at a event it’s very discrete.

The pump is cost effective. Only $249 for a quality electric double breast pump and the pumping bra. Seriously fantastic value for money, other electric double pumps on the market can cost up to $400-$500.

The Mamma Double Electric Breast Pump is defiantly a pump I would recommend to other mums. It has so many great qualities and I have only listed a few today. Stay tuned as in the next few weeks I will be interviewing the girls from Mamma Baby Care for my #behindthelabel segment too.  

The ladies at Mamma Baby Care believe in giving back to the community and proudly donate 5% of all their sales to Forever Projects, who actively helps saving lives of little ones in need. All donations from MAMMA will be used directly to purchase lifesaving formula for babies in need through the Forever Projects team.

Want more from Mamma Baby Care?



I add the Baby @ponoprobiotics to Winter Rose’s expressed EBM

Lactation Bliss Ball Mix by @milkandcookiesbyjewels

Handmade with love & @willownoak

The last few days have been a little wet and rainy here in Brisbane so we have been hanging out in doors. It’s actually been nice to be stuck indoors (well sort of, I do have bit of cabin fever) as last week was Cruzie’s 2nd birthday so we have been playing with all his toys and it’s been nice watching him play with Winter Rose.

Last week I connected with the beautiful Melanie from Willow N Oak. She is one of the business owners of the beautiful store. That’s what I love about social media… the connection you have with people that you follow is so sweet and the confidence you have to start a conversation that’s can continue onto a virtual friendship. Willow N Oak is a small business ran by Melanie, Trent and Linda (the nana of the business). The clothing and majority of the wooden toys are handcrafted by the team. That’s what makes it extra special. I just ordered the most precious horse and carriage for Winter Rose for Christmas.

Melanie sent Cruzie a cute little wooden ring stacker. This ring stacker is hand made by Willow N Oak. Cruzie spent the afternoon stacking and counting. Winter Rose laid next to him smiling and cuing. It’s fascinating watching Cruz play with just one toy and it entertaining him for ages. We sat in the spare room while I packed. I set up the play mat for him and the ring stacker. He loves to count them and the stack them. He thought it was so funny when I put it upside down for him. He even had a go at throwing the rings to try and get on the stick. Bless him. Winter Rose even laid on her belly doing tummy time and was loving watching Cruzie stack the rings.

Ring Stacker – Handmade by Willow n Oak just $30. Click here to buy

Melanie kindly sent Winter Rose the most darling little playsuit too. She wore it to Cruzies birthday on Friday night on its on as it was so warm, but today was cooler so we layered it with tights and a bonnet. My Nanny Pat thought the outfit was delightful and I have to agree. It’s so well made and has the most stunning details. The lady bug floral romper featured a touch of lace around the shoulders and the middle of the romper. The quality of the romper is just divine. So well made. It has little studs at the crotch to make for a easy change of the nappy. I think I may need to keep this romper and put in Winter Rose’s keepsake box to have when she is older, I don’t think I will be able to part with it.

Want more from Willow N Oak?

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/willownoak

Website – https://www.willownoak.com.au

My New Skincare Routine. feat @avalolaorganics

My obsession with looking after my skin unfortunately didn’t happen in my teens, it started in my twenties. I mean I was always sunsafe and wore a face cream, however I never brought good quality l products and never had a good skin routine to follow. If I did buy skin care products they would all be different brands and it was whatever was on special at woolies or coles. When I was younger and wearing wearing make up a lot, I would sometimes just use the soap I would wash my body with or water and a cotton wool ball to remove make up. Ekkkk.

I now love to look after my skin now and I wish I knew then what I knew now. I would still look 20 at 30 hahaha.

3 weeks ago @avalolaorganics gifted me a Rustic Peppermint skincare pack to try. I have only recently started my essential oil journey and have loved it so far so when they told me that this range was made from essential oils I was over the moon. I have been using it routinely morning and night.

To start off with I use the the oil cleanser. I wet my face a little with warm water and then massage it into the skin with my fingers. I then use a clean flannel to wipe off any excess.

I do this step morning and night.

I then use the facial polish. I was guilty of over using this because I love the after feeling off this step so much. But have since eased up to just 2-3 times a week as it was unnecessary haha. This facial polish leaves your skin feeling literally as smooth as a bubbas bottom. I LOVE IT!

Lastly I use the skin serum. This step always makes me feel so relaxed. I rub this serum into my face with a massage like technique. I wake up feeling like my skin is so nourished. It’s also great to put on as a primer before foundation as my make up goes on so smoothly after using it.

I am going to continue to use this skin care range as my skin is feeling the best it has in ages. Plus I love the fact that I’m using natural ingredients on my face.

I have also used their bath soaks before to they are also divine and am currently trialing the deodorant paste. I will let you know ASAP how I’m going with it.

Want more from Ava Lola Organics?

Website – www.avalolaorganics.com.au

Instagram – @avalolaorganics

Alice xx

My baby “latches” to the bottle.

Sponsored by Munchkin Australia.

I made a little promise to myself  when I was pregnant with my second child. I would do my best to try give my second baby a bottle from 6 weeks if I could breastfeed. The reason behind this is because Cruz (my first child), still to this day has never taken a bottle. I tried so many brands but he was just never interested. All he wanted was the boobies! That wasn’t to much of an issue to me back then as I had him home with me for the 10months of his life. However when he went to day care he would refuse my EDM or formula. I could never really pop out for to longer periods either as he would want to be fed. Cruz was not great on solids either. So he needed my breastmilk to nourish him.

When I had Winter Rose (my second child) I started her on the Munckin Latch Bottle with EBM and she took it. To my surprise she would quite happily go from boob to teat and back to boob again. I couldn’t pump in my first 4 weeks of feeding due to over engorgement but when my boobs had settled down and I could start pumping, I offered her the bottle every second day. I am now pumping daily and able to give her a bottle of expressed milk daily.

From the bottle to the breast.

I found out about the Munckin Latch Bottle from other mumma bloggers on Instagram raving about it. I am currently using the 120mls Bottle with the Stage 1 Nipple Teat. The teat is able to move with the baby, which is just like the breast does. So when Winter Rose sucks the nipple of the teat she is putting pressure against the nipple teat and it then releases milk as baby sucks, hence why I think Winter Rose happily goes between the breast and the bottle. The anti colic valve in the bottle  prevents air bubbles from getting through so the baby is less likely to get gas or colic like symptoms. To be honest I don’t think Winnie has had any wind pain post bottle feeds which is great.

We go to Thailand as a family in a month, I am a bridesmaid. I feel confident that Winter Rose will be able to take some EBM from my husband or close family with this bottle so I can commit to bridesmaid duties. When we go to Thailand Munckin have these fantastic Sterilizer bags that you use to wash the bottle and teats in the microwave. I emailed the hotel and they have kindly given us a microwave for our room. With the steriliser wash bags you simply Rinse before use, add water, place in bag, zip closed, microwave for suggested time then empty water. So easy to use and perfect for us travelling as we already have to take so much stuff.

I really wish I knew about these Latch Bottles when Cruz was little but I guess its all part of motherhood and we learn from our past experiences. I am forever leraning as a mumma. I think it’s super special for David to have some bonding time with Winter Rose when feeding her and he feels more confident that he can settle her when I’m not close by.

Want more from Munchkin?

Instagram – @munchkin_anz

Website – https://au.munchkin.com/

My top 5 must haves for new mummas Feat. Organic Mums & Bubs.

I have been lucky enough to write a blog for one of my favourite Australian organic maternity and baby shops – Organic Mums and Bubs. The store is filled with absolutely divine 100% certified organic, eco friendly and ethical products which are suitable for pregnant and nursing mummas and their new bundle of joys.

Expecting a new baby can be lots of fun. Preparing and buying things for yourself and your little ones arrival is all part of the excitement of this new journey. There are so many great products to choose from on the market but at times can be quite overwhelming when deciding what you and bub require. Organic Mums and Bubs is one of my favourite online stores that caters for a wide range of all your mumma and bubba requirements, which is why I am putting together a blog post sharing with you the 5 products I love most from this amazing company.

I know we get super excited about spoiling Bub, but my first few must haves are just for mumma.

Comfortable Nursing Lounge Wear

The first few days depending on how you birth you could be in hospital. Followed by spending a lot of time at home getting to know your newborn. During this time just wanted to live in comfortable clothing. Little Winter Rose is now five weeks old and I still like to be comfortable to lounge around at home. If you choose to breastfeed to you will want comfortable clothes that you can nurse your newborn in. I really think that wearing comfy, soft clothing helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable in my own home and when heading to the shops.

I wear my Grace Bamboo Maternity Top and Essential Bamboo Maternity Pants together all the time around the house. The clothes are so comfy I even sleep in them and I can do my post natal yoga practice in this outfit too. Because it doesn’t look to pj like I can also wear out to the shops too and still feel good. The material of both the top and the pants feels great on my skin too, made from a mixture of organic cotton, bamboo viscose and a little spandex for stretch. I highly recommend this duo and packing it in your hospital bag if you are planning to have a overnight stay in hospital.



So comfy around the waistline and I love that the pants have a string to pull in as your postpartum stomach goes down.

Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads and Wipes

Not only are the Milk Maid Mumma Nursing Pads kinder to the environment, I found they are so much more kinder to my breasts too than the disposable ones. They are made from bamboo and feel luxe against the nipples especially when my little Winter Rose is cluster feeding and my nipples feel grazed. The sit well in the bra and don’t scrunch up like the disposable ones do as the day goes on. I love seeing all the pretty prints on my washing line too. All nursing pad bundles come with a wet bag too, to keep the breast pads safe in the washing machine. Great for storing them in your nappy bag too.

The Milk Maid Mumma Reusable Wipes are also a great alternative to your everyday baby wipes we carry in our nappy bags. I have also found these wipe cloths great as a burping cloth alternative too. The wipes also come with a cute wet bag to store the wipes in.

Both of these Milk Maid Mumma products are kind to your wallet and are really reasonably priced, making them a perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mumma.



100% Organic Cotton/Bamboo clothing for your Newborn

Of course baby clothing is part of my list for new mummas as it’s so fun buying outfits for your new bundle of joy. I personally find it more fun than buying for myself these days. When your newborn arrives into the world their skin can be very sensitive. It’s great to purchase some clothing that is gentle and kind to their babies skin.

Organic Mums and Bubs provides a wide range of adorable organic baby clothes that are suitable for your newborn no matter what the occasion. Weather you just want to dress your bundle of joy up for visitors, a special occasion or just for them to relax at home in this boutique has you covered. Some of my personal favourites from the site is the Bubbazimbi range and My Lilly Ann hand painted clothing.


A comfort toy or blanket for your baby

It is up to you as a parent if you choose to use this method. I believe that giving my babies a comfort toy or blanket has really helped them to settle them to sleep no matter where they are put down to rest. A little tip though is to have a few comforters on the go. I always have one in the cot, one in the pram and one in the car. That way if one is misplaced there is always back up available.

I love Natures Purest – Striped Knitted Bunny Soft Toy and Natures Purest – Striped Knitted Baby Blanket.



Organic Skincare for Mother and Baby

As a mum I really want the best for my babies. I am amazed that so many baby skin care products are filled with nasty harmful chemicals and an ingredients list that goes on forever with words I cannot even say. I am a registered nurse and when studying anatomy and physiology I learnt that the skin is the largest organ in the body. It absorbs want we put on it so quickly into our bodies. Our new babies skin is so precious so especially in the little ones early days I think its important to be aware of what I use on their skin. So I keep my babies and my own skin products to a minimal or organic.

I love Aromababy Barrier Nappy Rash Cream Balm I have used this since Cruz was a newborn its such a great product. It also doubles as a great lip balm haha.


Thank you for reading the blog. Thank you to Organic Mums and Bubs for the collaboration.

Want more from Organic Mums and Bubs?

Website – www.organicmumsandbubs.com.au

Instagram – www.instagram.com/organicmumsandbubs/

Alice x