Mumma Bear Nursing Wear #behindthebusiness

Hayley is the woman behind the online store @mummabearnursingwear. I recently had the privilege to interview her and find out a little more about her and why she started her business. Hayley has set up a special discount code for my tribe. Use ALICE15 to receive 15% off storewide. 
Mumma Bear Nursing Wear showcases a range of clothing that’s breastfeeding friendly! Hayley wants to make it easy for mums to feed with confidence, without comprising style. She believes we all deserve to feel good and dress nice, especially after having a baby. Mumma Bear Nursing Wear stock a range of sports bras, activewear and clothing specifically designed for nursing, making it easy for you to feed no matter what you’re doing. Hayley also hand-pick tops and dresses from the latest fashion trends that feature easy feeding access, making Mumma Bear Nursing Wear a one-stop-shop for breastfeeding friendly fashion.
Favourite Hot Drink?
Ok I have a confession, I’m a Mum and I don’t drink coffee! I know what you’re thinking, how is that even possible? I’m just simply not a huge fan of hot drinks and don’t like the taste……I know #weirdo! But don’t worry, I do like to indulge in a good hot chocolate in winter!
Can you tell us a little more about Hayley? The women #behindthebusiness Mumma Bear Nursing Wear? 
I’m a Mum to an almost two year old, and I’m also pregnant with my second bub, half way now in fact……can’t believe how fast time is flying second time round. I swear I kept track of every week with my first, but this time the weeks seem to fly by with a toddler! It’s just me #behindthebusiness. I source all of the feeding friendly styles, pack your orders and I’m always happy to help by providing advice on fit and style. I really love being able to help other mums!
What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding boutique Mumma Bear Nursing Wear?
It really was my experience with breastfeeding after I had my daughter Evelyn, that prompted me to start Mumma Bear Nursing Wear. Like a lot of us do, I had a really tough time in the beginning with breastfeeding. Tongue ties, mastitis, bleeding nipples and oh my gosh the pain! But with support from family and friends and an awesome lactation consultant, I continued breastfeeding and it got easier and easier, and before I knew it I was really enjoying it! I’m also a mum that loves to be active and get out and about and socialise with other mums, but I really struggled to find feeding friendly clothes that provided quick and easy breastfeeding access…..hence the beginning of Mumma Bear Nursing Wear. Now the store has a range of options including activewear, sports bras, clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding, and everyday feeding friendly fashion that allows you to feed anywhere, anytime!
You must connect with a lot of amazing women seeking advice on what to wear while pregnancy or breastfeeding? Is this part of the reason why you love what you do?
Yes!!! I love connecting with other mums and providing advice! I think it really helps that I’ve been in their position, so I know exactly what new mums are going through, and the journey of breastfeeding. For me, finding feeding friendly clothes really gave me the confidence to feed anywhere, and also helped me regain my sense of style after having a baby, and I hope I can help other mums feel the same to! 
What is your favourite Nursing activewear piece currently in store and why? 
Oh my gosh that’s a tough one, because I absolutely love the entire Cadenshae nursing activewear range that we stock. If I had to choose, I absolutely live in my smoothie crop, because it’s just so damn comfy and easy to feed in! Coming close in second would be the 3/4 classic leggings, because I can continue to wear them while my bump grows.
What are the key things a women should look for when buying maternity and breastfeeding clothing?
I guess I look for a few things when I’m purchasing breastfeeding clothing, and I make sure everything I stock is something I would happily wear and recommend to others. Firstly, I’m a sucker for comfort and quality, and something that will stand the test through breastfeeding several babies. Secondly, I love being able to wear clothing specifically designer for breastfeeding, or everyday feeding friendly fashion that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a breastfeeding mum’ and can continue to be worn long after you’ve finished feeding.
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@xothreeactive #behindthelabel

I am so excited to chat with the three girls #behindthelabel of @xothreeactive. I connected with these gorgeous girls during my pregnancy with Winter Rose. I was lucky enough to trial out their new label on for size when they were still working their bottoms off to get this amazing luxe maternity and postnatal label on the market. So proud of all the girls for chasing their dreams and making it happen.

Myself in my favourite XOTHREE FOXY BRA HIGH IMPACT BRA perfect for HIIT training and post training breastfeeding.

1. What is your go to Hot Drink

Krissy: Soy Cap in a Mug (Half Hot Water)

Alex: Skim Latte

Bri: Almond Milk Flat White

2. Can you tell us a little more about the women #behindthebusiness at XOTHREEACTIVE?

– All three of us had early births, collectively we have been pregnant for 220 weeks and counting, 1 x breach, 2 x c-sections and 3 x natural hypo births, 4 x babies latched straight away, and 1 didn’t. 1 x IVF cycle, 3 x miscarriages, 5 x births, soon to be 6. Collectively we have spent over 1418 days breast feeding, we have 2x boys and 3x girls. The average amount of weight we gain through our pregnancy was 15.5kg, and many sleepless nights… too many to count…..

3. What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding label XOTHREEACTIVE ?

Krissy: I remember when I was pregnancy with my first born (who is now 5), I needed to stay physically fit and strong to help me “carry” my pregnancy through to full term – This was due to a bad lower back injury. So with a focus on staying active, I found that as my pregnancy progressed, I had to buy 3 or 4 different sports bras to cater for my ever changing breast size… and that was just through the pregnancy. The real frustration came along once I started breast feeding.  Finding decent maternity active wear was a challenge. What was currently on the market resembled something my grandmother would have worn – plus finding a product with adequate support and provided easy access to feeding was nearly impossible.

I think at that time, many big brands were reluctant to give headspace to their maternity products and designs, knowing that most women wouldn’t want to spend money on garments that they were only planning on wearing briefly… and they were right! Back then, and even today – Women don’t want to wear an old school maternity bra for any longer than they have to! I remember at one stage I started resorting to my pre regnancy sports bras, purely because they were giving me the proper support I was needing, but that just ended badly with a painful case of mastitis.

So it wasn’t until I just finished feeding my youngest (now 3 yr), that I took the time to start planning and creating a product that provided the style, comfort and support that women were wanting, but to somehow make the maternity component discrete. Having found a great team of girls who have struggled through the same frustrations, and with the passion to make some positive changes too new mothers lives – together we are created some beautiful investment pieces that have been designed to live long and beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding – and to be stylish and supportive enough to be worn by women who aren’t even pregnant at all.

4. One of your mottos at XOTHREEACTIVE is that all mummas should feel great about themselves. What is something you practice daily in regards to self love?

Krissy: I allocate 1hr everyday to have some “me” time. Either to exercise or meditate.

Alex: Take time out to relax and to be mindful.

Bri: Each night before bed I think of all the things to be grateful for.

5. What is your favourite Nursing activewear piece currently in store and why? 

Krissy: Sammy Compression Leggings

Alex: Aria

Bri: Foxy

6. What are 3 key things a women should look for when buying a maternity and breastfeeding activewear?

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Mama The Label – ELYSE #behindthelabel

Mama The Label was created by a gorgeous Aussie Mumma. It is designed to take you through your pregnancy, breastfeeding days and beyond. I wore a few of their staples during my pregnancy with Winter Rose and continue to wear them now. I love that the pieces are not only staple pieces for my wardrobe but they add a bit of glam to my everyday look. As a new mumma you want total comfort, but you still want to feel good in what you are wearing and Mama The Label brings you exactly that. My personal favourite is the wrap dress and the floral short sleeve wrap. So flattering.

I chatted to the woman #behindthelabel Elyse to find out about why she started Mama The Label and what are some of her favourite pieces from the current collection and why!

Your go to hot drink?

French Earl Grey Tea or Flat White

Can you tell us a little more about the women #behindthebusiness at Mama The Label?

My name is Elyse, I’m 28 and live in Newcastle, NSW. I’m the wife of my wonderful husband Christopher and Mama to the cheekiest little monkey, Hugo. I love to read, cook, shop and plan my next holiday!

What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding label Mama The Label?

When I was pregnant I didn’t find the right mix of affordability and comfort, but i survived! However, when it came to breastfeeding I really struggled! Breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest journey for me and i found the clothes a hindrance or left me feeling completely exposed. I made a decision to create my own clothes so that when baby no.2 comes around it was one less thing to worry about! I then thought that perhaps it would help some other mama’s on their journey as well! Win-win 🙂

What is something that you practice for self love daily or weekly?

I always take time out at least once a week to read and explore new ideas.

What is your favourite Nursing piece currently in store and why?

I’d have to say the little linen number! It has a cap sleeve and button down front perfect for nursing. It’s also extremely flattering on a post-baby body, clinching at the waist to create a beautiful feminine silhouette.

Best Seller?

Definitely the short sleeve wrap, it’s a beautiful addition to most outfits and doubles as a nursing wrap. The prints are also stunning!

What are 3 key things a women should look for when buying a maternity and breastfeeding clothing?

Soft, beautiful fabric. Easy accessibility to ‘the girls’ and a cut that leaves you feeling comfortable so you can focus on either growing or feeding your little one.

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The Comfort Mama – Carissa Heath #behindthelabel

One of my favourite things about being a mum/health blogger is that I get to collaborate and network with the most amazing people. I not only love the brands/businesses/products that I collaborate with but I also am lucky enough to gain friendships with many of the business owners.

I recently started chatting with the gorgeous Carissa Heath from @the_comfortmama and have I loved getting to know her a little more. I know you will love her to and gain inspiration from this amazing #girlboss so I asked her if she would be featured in my #behindthelabel feature.


I have lived in my Comfort Mama dresses from the moment I received them in the mail. I alternate between the stripes and the dusty pink look. You can wear these dresses to bed, around the house, to the shops and to school drop of and still look like your nailing the luxe comfortable mamma style. #winning

I style mine with Connies and a nappy bag for outings or slippers and a cup of tea for lounging. They have the press stud buttons for easy access breastfeeding and the material just moves with your bod.

Anyway enough from me raving about this label, here is #behindthelabel with Carrisa Heath from The Comfort Mama

Congratulations on your new business, The Comfort Mama – a modern lounge dress that provides mummas with the ultimate comfort and style. Could you please tell us a little more about what drove you to create the label? 


 Well there was a few different reasons but the main reason being…. My sister, who has two little humans of her own (one is 5 and the other 2 and a half) suffered terribly for a few years with post-natal depression and all the ugly bits that come alongside this. It was so terrible to watch her go through this and have absolutely no idea how to help her, I felt extremely helpless. So seeing this firsthand has made me extremely passionate about helping other Mums on their journey into motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tiny humans… but let’s be real, they don’t need much! A little food, unconditional love and a place to sleep. The Mamas are the ones that need the love and support to raise these babes!


Whilst I was pregnant last year (2016) with my first little one I searched high and low for comfortable clothing to wear after the birth (or even in hospital), during what I envisioned would be one of the most uncomfortable times I would ever go through. I figured that if I felt comfortable in what I was wearing that it might just help me feel a bit better about… well, everything!


When I couldn’t find anything available in Australia I knew this was my opportunity to create something for Mums. So I set out to design a comfortable nursing-friendly lounge/house dress that could be worn everyday at home, when visitors unexpectedly pop around… or even to the shops for that quick nappy run! To some it might just look like a simple dress but it has been designed with so much more meaning and purpose. I wanted to provide ladies something to wear, from pregnancy, labour, nursing and beyond (instead of the regular pj’s or oversized daggy house clothes) that would make them feel a little bit better about themselves and how they look.


Can you tell us a little more about the woman behind the label The Comfort Mama? 


My name is Carissa Heath and I guess you could call me The Comfort Mama! I became a Mum to my lovely little man in December 2016 and what a ride it has been so far!


My husband and I have been married for 4 years and together for 10. We are self-employed and have operated our own businesses for the past 6 years together (never work with your husband….trust me!!!!). We absolutely love running our businesses and working for ourselves and were lucky enough to sell one of our businesses in February last year up in Mackay, North Queensland. To say we were exhausted, tired and completely done was an understatement so the business sale could not have happened at a better time. We had worked ourselves silly and really lost each other in the process. About six weeks later, a trip to Bali plus a little reconnecting time and we had ourselves a lovely little surprise in the form of our son, Hendrix! So we packed up our life in Mackay and moved to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast (paradise on earth!). For the next few months we pretty much did a whole lot of nothing… and it was AMAZING! Just what the doctor ordered!


And along came our son 6 days before Christmas. Let me tell you, we got a whole lot more than we bargained for! We were never really completely into the whole ‘having kids’ thing. That might sound horrible but it was the truth. We loved working for ourselves and having the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted. Well…. weren’t we wrong. The day Hendrix was born our whole life changed. I changed. My husband completely changed into a person I never thought he would ever be – the most supportive, caring and considerate human when I really needed him the most. I remember sitting in my hospital bed two days after giving birth, crying on the phone to my sister about all the Mums out there that don’t have the support from their partner/family like I do ☹ it breaks my heart and makes me extremely grateful for my situation.


So it was at that point that I definitely knew I wanted to help Mums in some way. I wasn’t 100% sure how I would do it, but I knew that’s where my passion truly lies.


I read on your website that you donate $2 from every garment to, that is such a lovely idea to support mummas. Such a great corporation to support. Can you tell us a little more about The Centre For Perinatal Excellence and why you choose to support this charity? 


This makes my heart smile a lot! It may only be a small contribution at this stage, but I’m so happy that I can donate something to this amazing charity. I actually came across their page on Instagram and had been following them for a few months. I really resonated with their content and loved the information they were putting out there so thought no better fit when deciding on a charity to support.


The Centre For Perinatal Excellence ( provides a great resource for reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health problems in the pre and post natal periods.  They work tirelessly to raise awareness and understanding, breaking the stigma that prevents women from identifying and seeking help during pregnancy and that first year following birth.


4. Your garments are currently on pre order when is the release date? 


I have released stock of the Elle Rose Dusty Pink and the Sonny Grey/White Stripe which is extremely exciting!


I am using a small run manufacturer in Melbourne who handmakes each dress as to the delay on colours being released ☹ but she is working her butt off, trust me! The remainder of  colours will begin to arrive for purchase within the later half of August.


5. What is your favourite way to style your Comfort Mama dress? 


Give me my pair of white converse shoes, a dry-shampoo filled top knot in my hair + my chosen TCM dress (side knot is a must) and I am sorted!

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