MAMMA Baby Care Electric Double Breast Pump Review.

mamma2.jpeg The gorgeous girls from MAMMA – SARA + ANNA

I connected with the gorgeous ladies Sara + Anna from Mamma Baby Care when I was pregnant with Winter Rose. The girls are Scandinavian Australian women who were good friends and became mummas around the same time. Sara and Anna are from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. After many walking dates and mummy catch ups the girls decided to create a double breast pump that was not only top of the range quality but affordable to the every day busy mumma.

I am extremely open about my breastfeeding journey. It hasn’t been everything I wanted it to be. At the beginning I had over engorged boobies which got quite painful. Then my supply went low when I started training. So I started pumping and taking lactation goodies from @milkandcookiesbyjewels to increase my supply. It worked a treat. After 3 months our little darling had only gained 500g. So I got some advice from an LC and a GP.? We gave it a little more time and I took some natural breastfeeding supplements like fenugreek and blessed thisile to increase the calories in my milk. Still Winter Rose only gained a little and was always hungry.

So we decided to give her formula one bottle a day. I give it to her either in the morning and try to give her EBM in the late arvo from a bottle. I love breastfeeding her to sleep in the evening.

So now I pump, breastfeed, sterilise bottles and formula feed. Haha! We got this though. My little girl is now thriving. She is so happy in between feeds. That’s what we want. Fed is best!

I love the Mamma Electric Double Breast Pump because it’s perfect for the everyday busy mumma. You can pop on the pumping bra, attach the pump and sit down why you express the milk quickly and efficiently. If you are wearing their pump bra you can do it hands free. So its perfect if you have work to do or a coffee to sip on. It has a timer on it so you know how long you been pumping for. I know I will love this function when I hear back to Work as I will know how long I can pump for on my break. The pump can be used as a single pump to, its super easy to switch between the double and the single function. The pump also has a 2-phase expressing feature. This feature gives you the option to switch between the massage mode (that stimulates and relaxes your breasts to start the milk flow) and suction mode that mimics your baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The pump has super soft silicone breast shields to ensure a comfortable pumping experience. The machine itself is so quiet too, so if you are pumping in the middle of the night your other half can still sleep or if you wish to pump in private say at work or at a event it’s very discrete.

The pump is cost effective. Only $249 for a quality electric double breast pump and the pumping bra. Seriously fantastic value for money, other electric double pumps on the market can cost up to $400-$500.

The Mamma Double Electric Breast Pump is defiantly a pump I would recommend to other mums. It has so many great qualities and I have only listed a few today. Stay tuned as in the next few weeks I will be interviewing the girls from Mamma Baby Care for my #behindthelabel segment too.  

The ladies at Mamma Baby Care believe in giving back to the community and proudly donate 5% of all their sales to Forever Projects, who actively helps saving lives of little ones in need. All donations from MAMMA will be used directly to purchase lifesaving formula for babies in need through the Forever Projects team.

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I add the Baby @ponoprobiotics to Winter Rose’s expressed EBM

Lactation Bliss Ball Mix by @milkandcookiesbyjewels

@xothreeactive #behindthelabel

I am so excited to chat with the three girls #behindthelabel of @xothreeactive. I connected with these gorgeous girls during my pregnancy with Winter Rose. I was lucky enough to trial out their new label on for size when they were still working their bottoms off to get this amazing luxe maternity and postnatal label on the market. So proud of all the girls for chasing their dreams and making it happen.

Myself in my favourite XOTHREE FOXY BRA HIGH IMPACT BRA perfect for HIIT training and post training breastfeeding.

1. What is your go to Hot Drink

Krissy: Soy Cap in a Mug (Half Hot Water)

Alex: Skim Latte

Bri: Almond Milk Flat White

2. Can you tell us a little more about the women #behindthebusiness at XOTHREEACTIVE?

– All three of us had early births, collectively we have been pregnant for 220 weeks and counting, 1 x breach, 2 x c-sections and 3 x natural hypo births, 4 x babies latched straight away, and 1 didn’t. 1 x IVF cycle, 3 x miscarriages, 5 x births, soon to be 6. Collectively we have spent over 1418 days breast feeding, we have 2x boys and 3x girls. The average amount of weight we gain through our pregnancy was 15.5kg, and many sleepless nights… too many to count…..

3. What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding label XOTHREEACTIVE ?

Krissy: I remember when I was pregnancy with my first born (who is now 5), I needed to stay physically fit and strong to help me “carry” my pregnancy through to full term – This was due to a bad lower back injury. So with a focus on staying active, I found that as my pregnancy progressed, I had to buy 3 or 4 different sports bras to cater for my ever changing breast size… and that was just through the pregnancy. The real frustration came along once I started breast feeding.  Finding decent maternity active wear was a challenge. What was currently on the market resembled something my grandmother would have worn – plus finding a product with adequate support and provided easy access to feeding was nearly impossible.

I think at that time, many big brands were reluctant to give headspace to their maternity products and designs, knowing that most women wouldn’t want to spend money on garments that they were only planning on wearing briefly… and they were right! Back then, and even today – Women don’t want to wear an old school maternity bra for any longer than they have to! I remember at one stage I started resorting to my pre regnancy sports bras, purely because they were giving me the proper support I was needing, but that just ended badly with a painful case of mastitis.

So it wasn’t until I just finished feeding my youngest (now 3 yr), that I took the time to start planning and creating a product that provided the style, comfort and support that women were wanting, but to somehow make the maternity component discrete. Having found a great team of girls who have struggled through the same frustrations, and with the passion to make some positive changes too new mothers lives – together we are created some beautiful investment pieces that have been designed to live long and beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding – and to be stylish and supportive enough to be worn by women who aren’t even pregnant at all.

4. One of your mottos at XOTHREEACTIVE is that all mummas should feel great about themselves. What is something you practice daily in regards to self love?

Krissy: I allocate 1hr everyday to have some “me” time. Either to exercise or meditate.

Alex: Take time out to relax and to be mindful.

Bri: Each night before bed I think of all the things to be grateful for.

5. What is your favourite Nursing activewear piece currently in store and why? 

Krissy: Sammy Compression Leggings

Alex: Aria

Bri: Foxy

6. What are 3 key things a women should look for when buying a maternity and breastfeeding activewear?

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Healthyland Chocolate 🍫

Here is a simple recipe that we make in our house weekly. In our house we call it Healthyland Chocolate.

It satisfies my choccie cravings and I prefer it over the taste of normal chocolate now. I love it because it’s not only filled with lots of good fats but it’s made with cacao which is high in magnesium and iron.

Healthyland Chocolate


3 tbsp organic coconut oil

2 tbsp organic peanut butter

1 tsp Manuka honey ( or one serving of stevia powder)

2-3 tbsp cacao (depending on how rich you like it)


1. In a saucepan melt the coconut oil, peanut butter and Manuka honey.

2. Take off the heat and mix in the cacao powder.

3. Pour into little chocolate moulds and place in the freezer to set.


– Can swap the Manuka honey for maple syrup or rice malt syrup

– I love to add in essential oils.I love 1-2 drops Peppermint or 1 drop Wild Orange it 1 drop Lavender. I use the DoTERRA essential oils.

– If I am wanting more protein in my diet I also mix in 2 tbsp of Vanilla or Chocolate Protein.

– Can mix in muesli, nuts or blueberries.

– Mix in one scoop of @ponoprobiotics Coconut to the mix to.

So many variety’s to choose from.

Thanks for reading. Tag #healthylandchocolate or my Instagram @aliceinhealthyland I would love to see your recreations.

Photos are of myself taken by @wyldefolkstudio

Alice xo

Mama The Label – ELYSE #behindthelabel

Mama The Label was created by a gorgeous Aussie Mumma. It is designed to take you through your pregnancy, breastfeeding days and beyond. I wore a few of their staples during my pregnancy with Winter Rose and continue to wear them now. I love that the pieces are not only staple pieces for my wardrobe but they add a bit of glam to my everyday look. As a new mumma you want total comfort, but you still want to feel good in what you are wearing and Mama The Label brings you exactly that. My personal favourite is the wrap dress and the floral short sleeve wrap. So flattering.

I chatted to the woman #behindthelabel Elyse to find out about why she started Mama The Label and what are some of her favourite pieces from the current collection and why!

Your go to hot drink?

French Earl Grey Tea or Flat White

Can you tell us a little more about the women #behindthebusiness at Mama The Label?

My name is Elyse, I’m 28 and live in Newcastle, NSW. I’m the wife of my wonderful husband Christopher and Mama to the cheekiest little monkey, Hugo. I love to read, cook, shop and plan my next holiday!

What drove you to create your online maternity and breastfeeding label Mama The Label?

When I was pregnant I didn’t find the right mix of affordability and comfort, but i survived! However, when it came to breastfeeding I really struggled! Breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest journey for me and i found the clothes a hindrance or left me feeling completely exposed. I made a decision to create my own clothes so that when baby no.2 comes around it was one less thing to worry about! I then thought that perhaps it would help some other mama’s on their journey as well! Win-win 🙂

What is something that you practice for self love daily or weekly?

I always take time out at least once a week to read and explore new ideas.

What is your favourite Nursing piece currently in store and why?

I’d have to say the little linen number! It has a cap sleeve and button down front perfect for nursing. It’s also extremely flattering on a post-baby body, clinching at the waist to create a beautiful feminine silhouette.

Best Seller?

Definitely the short sleeve wrap, it’s a beautiful addition to most outfits and doubles as a nursing wrap. The prints are also stunning!

What are 3 key things a women should look for when buying a maternity and breastfeeding clothing?

Soft, beautiful fabric. Easy accessibility to ‘the girls’ and a cut that leaves you feeling comfortable so you can focus on either growing or feeding your little one.

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Handmade with love & @willownoak

The last few days have been a little wet and rainy here in Brisbane so we have been hanging out in doors. It’s actually been nice to be stuck indoors (well sort of, I do have bit of cabin fever) as last week was Cruzie’s 2nd birthday so we have been playing with all his toys and it’s been nice watching him play with Winter Rose.

Last week I connected with the beautiful Melanie from Willow N Oak. She is one of the business owners of the beautiful store. That’s what I love about social media… the connection you have with people that you follow is so sweet and the confidence you have to start a conversation that’s can continue onto a virtual friendship. Willow N Oak is a small business ran by Melanie, Trent and Linda (the nana of the business). The clothing and majority of the wooden toys are handcrafted by the team. That’s what makes it extra special. I just ordered the most precious horse and carriage for Winter Rose for Christmas.

Melanie sent Cruzie a cute little wooden ring stacker. This ring stacker is hand made by Willow N Oak. Cruzie spent the afternoon stacking and counting. Winter Rose laid next to him smiling and cuing. It’s fascinating watching Cruz play with just one toy and it entertaining him for ages. We sat in the spare room while I packed. I set up the play mat for him and the ring stacker. He loves to count them and the stack them. He thought it was so funny when I put it upside down for him. He even had a go at throwing the rings to try and get on the stick. Bless him. Winter Rose even laid on her belly doing tummy time and was loving watching Cruzie stack the rings.

Ring Stacker – Handmade by Willow n Oak just $30. Click here to buy

Melanie kindly sent Winter Rose the most darling little playsuit too. She wore it to Cruzies birthday on Friday night on its on as it was so warm, but today was cooler so we layered it with tights and a bonnet. My Nanny Pat thought the outfit was delightful and I have to agree. It’s so well made and has the most stunning details. The lady bug floral romper featured a touch of lace around the shoulders and the middle of the romper. The quality of the romper is just divine. So well made. It has little studs at the crotch to make for a easy change of the nappy. I think I may need to keep this romper and put in Winter Rose’s keepsake box to have when she is older, I don’t think I will be able to part with it.

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My New Skincare Routine. feat @avalolaorganics

My obsession with looking after my skin unfortunately didn’t happen in my teens, it started in my twenties. I mean I was always sunsafe and wore a face cream, however I never brought good quality l products and never had a good skin routine to follow. If I did buy skin care products they would all be different brands and it was whatever was on special at woolies or coles. When I was younger and wearing wearing make up a lot, I would sometimes just use the soap I would wash my body with or water and a cotton wool ball to remove make up. Ekkkk.

I now love to look after my skin now and I wish I knew then what I knew now. I would still look 20 at 30 hahaha.

3 weeks ago @avalolaorganics gifted me a Rustic Peppermint skincare pack to try. I have only recently started my essential oil journey and have loved it so far so when they told me that this range was made from essential oils I was over the moon. I have been using it routinely morning and night.

To start off with I use the the oil cleanser. I wet my face a little with warm water and then massage it into the skin with my fingers. I then use a clean flannel to wipe off any excess.

I do this step morning and night.

I then use the facial polish. I was guilty of over using this because I love the after feeling off this step so much. But have since eased up to just 2-3 times a week as it was unnecessary haha. This facial polish leaves your skin feeling literally as smooth as a bubbas bottom. I LOVE IT!

Lastly I use the skin serum. This step always makes me feel so relaxed. I rub this serum into my face with a massage like technique. I wake up feeling like my skin is so nourished. It’s also great to put on as a primer before foundation as my make up goes on so smoothly after using it.

I am going to continue to use this skin care range as my skin is feeling the best it has in ages. Plus I love the fact that I’m using natural ingredients on my face.

I have also used their bath soaks before to they are also divine and am currently trialing the deodorant paste. I will let you know ASAP how I’m going with it.

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Alice xx

Everybody Is Beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie

Everybody is beautiful feat. @hotmilklingerie


I am damn proud of my body and what it has achieved. I have grown two beautiful babies for 9 months during pregnancy, laboured and birthed them and breastfeed them both (still going with Winnie). The women’s body is amazing right?

I am a mumma to two darling little ones, Cruz and Winter Rose. I look at them everyday with proud eyes.  This is something I constantly have to remind myself, especially when my “inner mean girl” creeps into my mind faulting my body image every now and then. Now days I am pretty good at shaking her off quickly though. I don’t want my babies to watch their mumma constantly putting herself down and wasting her time doing so, especially not in front of them. Ever since I gave birth to Cruz I found a new respect and love for my body. I was blown away with what it went through to achieve motherhood. So I decided to go on a journey to find self love and inner peace. I no longer wanted to care about a number on the scales or a size on a dress. I wanted to treat it as if it my best friend with a kind heart and respect.

To me body love is about building a friendship with your body, giving it the respect it needs. Practicing mindfulness, giving it the attention it needs by nourishing it with good foods and plenty of water, resting it when it needs and moving your body accordingly to how it feels that day.

There is so much pressure as to what the perfect postpartum bod looks like. The pressure comes from our universe with social media, the shows we watch, glam magazines filled with models that have been done up for hours prior to the shoot. These models are beautiful in their own way, however there is so many different types of women that they should portray and we all have different body shapes, not just the certain body type they promote as the perfect woman. If they use a gorgeous curvier woman too, she is labeled as “plus size” what is that? Seriously she is just a another gorgeous woman doing her thing.

Social media can also have a positive impact on being yourself too and promoting body and self love. There is more people out their showing the real them. No filter and I love that! Keeping it raw and honest.

Being a new mumma is overwhelming at times and we don’t need that extra pressure from society to push us to want to look a certain way. We want to enjoy our babies and feel comfortable and confident doing it . I was introduced to Hot Milk Lingerie by Robyn from Yummy Mummy Lingerie. She told me about this amazing label and sent me some of their bras to try during my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. I fell in love. I wore the “My Necessity – Nursing Bra” in nude and blush pink throughout my pregnancy. I wore these bras to bed, under my work uniform and pretty much every day haha. In fact I am wearing one right now haha. They are seamless and have super soft fabric which makes it perfect over the bump. I love wearing them when I was pregnant and I love wearing them now while breastfeeding. They have an easy access clip which makes it perfect for nursing your baby (especially when they are hungry NOW).


Hot Milk Lingerie have also sent me the “My Necessity” bra in black, so I now own the whole collection. I am looking forward to purchasing and trying some more of their other styles in the near future. I highly recommend this style, especially if you are looking for a comfortable bra to wear in hospital.

I have also been wearing the “My everyday camisole” to bed at night. Its super comfortable with a built in bra and great for midnight feeds.


Hot Milk are currently hosting a competition to win $500 worth of Hot Milk goodies. All you have to do is show the real you and share your postpartum body and be proud. hashtag #hotmilkrealwomen for more details click here. I love this idea. All about self love. Check out the hashtag to view all the beautiful women that have entered so far.


Winnie loves to hold on to the little bow when feeding so cute.