Alice In Pregnancyland #week4 and falling pregnant

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David and I decided it was time to expand our little tribe. For the first time in like my whole entire life my period was like a textbook one. I had a 28 day cycle and I knew thanks to an ovulation app when I was ovulating.

It took David and I ages to fall pregnant with Cruz as I had irregular or no periods at all. So to make baby Cruz it took a lot of sex, a lot of pregnancy tests, a lot of tears and cuddles.

So we thought hey lets just start trying and maybe it wont happen to the new year. so at the beginning of my period (October 4th) I marked the date in my ovulation app and sure enough when it prompted us we did the cheeky thing  for a few days and hoped for the best.

How I found out?

Well I went to work one morning was feeling really dizzy. The nurse I was working with said I looked flushed and exhausted. I told her i didn’t feel good. She took my blood pressure and it was really low. She asked it I could be pregnant and told me to take a test. I had spent the past week looking at failed pregnancy test and feeling gloom about it. But i thought what the heck. So I anxiously went to the bathroom and peed on the test. waiting those two minutes felt like hours!! It was horrible. I closed my eyes and when I looked at it it was POSITIVE!! Oh shit! Is this really happening? I seriously couldn’t  believe my eyes. I sat on the floor in the patient toilet crying my eyes out.


I told Dave by giving Cruz the test to give to him when he came home from work ( hoping the pee had all dried up and praying he wouldn’t put it in his mouth).

Dave smiled and said he secretly new because I had been so emotional and acting like a crazy lady the past week. hahaha poor Dave. Little did he know it was just the beginning of me being an emotional and hormonal wreck. But I’ll leave that story for another day hahaha.

This is the start of my pregnancy blog – Alice In Pregnancyland. I look forward to sharing with you all the exciting stuff but also the so so pretty stuff that comes with sharing my body with a human I am yet to meet.

Thanks for reading!

Big Love,

Alice xoxo