Embracing My Mum Bod – By Stevie Niki AKA @mytribeofsix

I have been discussing the topic, self love + body image a lot on my social media platforms of late. I feel it is a topic that we should all be discussing more openly as so many of us suffer in silence or are even hurting ourselves emotionally over. So when I read this Instagram post written by Stevie Niki, I asked her instantly if I could repost this message on my blog as I was so inspired by the piece and I know you will be too.

Stevie Niki is the tribe leader and founder of My Tribe Of Six, a motherhood and lifestyle blogger. She is a Mumma to four beautiful children. Stevie loves to share her raw, honest daily adventures with the four children and her hubby. I have how she doesn’t sugarcoat anything and just keeps it real! 

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