8 Ways To Get A Better Nights Kip

Written By Alice Bingham AKA @aliceinhealthyland

Feat. The Goodnight Co

I have recently become obsessed with trying to set myself up for a good nights kip because let’s face it… who likes to feel disorganised and disheveled throughout the day. I think a night time ritual is a must when setting myself up for success for the next day. When I am not getting the necessary amount every night it can absolutely cripple my body physically, mentally and emotionally. It affects my social life and how present I am in my workplace.

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dōTERRA Essential Oils with Wellness Advocate Alice Bingham AKA @aliceinessentialoilland

Welcome Beauties.

I have been loving learning how to use my essential oils in my everyday life. Providing a healthier + brighter future for my family. I know you will love learning about them to. Everyday I am finding new ways to utilise these beautiful oils, wether it be to clean my house, creating blends for emotional support, killing off the bugs, flavouring my smoothies or in my beauty routine.

I have created a Instagram account for you all to see exactly how I am using them. Click here to see + follow my oil journey.

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My New Skincare Routine. feat @avalolaorganics

My obsession with looking after my skin unfortunately didn’t happen in my teens, it started in my twenties. I mean I was always sunsafe and wore a face cream, however I never brought good quality l products and never had a good skin routine to follow. If I did buy skin care products they would all be different brands and it was whatever was on special at woolies or coles. When I was younger and wearing wearing make up a lot, I would sometimes just use the soap I would wash my body with or water and a cotton wool ball to remove make up. Ekkkk.

I now love to look after my skin now and I wish I knew then what I knew now. I would still look 20 at 30 hahaha.

3 weeks ago @avalolaorganics gifted me a Rustic Peppermint skincare pack to try. I have only recently started my essential oil journey and have loved it so far so when they told me that this range was made from essential oils I was over the moon. I have been using it routinely morning and night.

To start off with I use the the oil cleanser. I wet my face a little with warm water and then massage it into the skin with my fingers. I then use a clean flannel to wipe off any excess.

I do this step morning and night.

I then use the facial polish. I was guilty of over using this because I love the after feeling off this step so much. But have since eased up to just 2-3 times a week as it was unnecessary haha. This facial polish leaves your skin feeling literally as smooth as a bubbas bottom. I LOVE IT!

Lastly I use the skin serum. This step always makes me feel so relaxed. I rub this serum into my face with a massage like technique. I wake up feeling like my skin is so nourished. It’s also great to put on as a primer before foundation as my make up goes on so smoothly after using it.

I am going to continue to use this skin care range as my skin is feeling the best it has in ages. Plus I love the fact that I’m using natural ingredients on my face.

I have also used their bath soaks before to they are also divine and am currently trialing the deodorant paste. I will let you know ASAP how I’m going with it.

Want more from Ava Lola Organics?

Website – www.avalolaorganics.com.au

Instagram – @avalolaorganics

Alice xx

WomanOil 8 Natural Skin Care Oils 

Over the past two months I have been using WomanOil 8 Natural Skin Care Oils

They oils I have been using and LOVING!

I have been loving the plant based oils on my skin, they are so easy to rub in and do not remain greasy after application. The blends have a suttle scent that isn’t overpowdering on the nose like others I have tried in the past. 
The oils are designed to transform and preserve the health of your skin. The blends help to aid in the treatment of ache, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. I love that I can use it on my skin and it’s safe to pick up my little boy for cuddles right away. 

I get extremely dry legs as I work in a freezing gym cold environment in the theatre. So I love that the body oil is hydrating my skin on my legs and leaves them feeling smoothe. I also love it for a after sun skin repair. 

My favourite blend is the currently the pregnancy oil. I have been using it on my bump and on my bottom to help keep the Skin extra hydrated with all its stretching going on. I don’t get stretch marks on my belly but I do on my upper thigh or bottom. So I have been lathering this into skin. So many “stretch mark” oils are harmful for your baby and your skin. This one is safe as it is unscented, contain no essential oils, that still have unknown effects in pregnancy and can be dermal irritants on mother and babies delicate skin.

The face oil is great for skin damage and to help slow the aging process down. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin around my nose as that is exteamly dry in summer and winter. It feels smoother and my pigmentation has faded a lot too. 

Tonight I am going to try the hair oil as the ends are super dry post camping trip. I haven’t yet used it but will keep you posted. Let you know asap! 

WomanOil 8 oil blends not only create these natural oils for woman, they have a big range that is safe for the whole family. My husband has been loving the face oil to after shaving. I will continue to use these blends for myself and my family as I genuinely love all the products. 

If you are interested in these great products you can contact Anne via her website for more information. She has a great blog filled with lots of useful information on looking after your skin.

Website – http://www.womanoil8.com.au

Hope you enjoyed reading this product review. 

Thanks and Big Love

Alice xo