@chontelduncan #showtherealyou 

Chontel Duncan a name that many of you have heard of in the media for changing people’s lives, teaching them to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. She is a social media superstar, but to me Chonnie is so much more than that. She is a gorgeous friend of mine! 

Over 12 years ago I befriended her husband Sam, we were good friends for years and he used to tell me all about the love he had for his girl which was Chontel. My best friend Maria also was good friends with Chontel too. After a few months passed I got introduced to her from our mutral friend Maria. We got along and we shared lots of memories together with our mutual friends. Years later I was grateful to watch my two beautiful friends Sam and Chonnie marry each other. I could be happier for Sam to find such a beautiful, kind hearted soul to marry! 

It wasn’t until Chonnie opened Hiit Australia though that we became closer. I completed one of her 8 week challenges and turned my life around for the better. Chonnie and I shared similar interests with health and fitness and she is an absolute ball to be around. She sings at the top of her voice, she is a genuine to her close friends and is an absolute rockstar at being a mumma to her son Miah! If you need Chonnie no matter how busy she is she will always try make time for her friends and clients and that’s what I love about her! Very blessed to have such a beautiful friend in my life. 

A little secret.. I started Alice In Healthyland because I was inspired by  Chonnie and HIIT, she inspired me to want to live this healthy lifestyle and because if that I  created the account to keep me on track with my training at Hiit and my healthy eating and cannot believe what became of it! So Chonnie I have you to thank for introducing me to my world of Healthyland! 

Anyway enough about Chonnie and my love story hahaha. Sit back and put your feet up and enjoy this weeks #showtherealyou feature…


Favourite hot drink? 

I’m torn between two. First one being my warm water with slices of freshly cut lemon which I drink every morning religiously due to its amazing health benefits. Second being a Long black (coffee) hot or cold it doesn’t matter, but I just absolutely love the taste of coffee.


Can you tell me who the REAL Chontel Duncan is? 

Someone who considers others feeling before her selves, finds pleasure in seeing people succeed & still has to pinch herself every morning because she is exactly where she wanted to be in life.


Tell me about a day in the life of Chontel Duncan?

The day starts when Jeremiah wakes up around 4:30am for his first bottle, into a 5am HIIT Australia workout, I shower & begin getting ready for my day, I pack the car with a full day’s worth of clothes, toys, nappies, food & bottles for Jeremiah & head back to HIIT Australia. I’ll be in at the office working from 7am to 5pm, at 5pm I will head into the HIIT gym to run a class. Jeremiah will usually go in a baby bjorn carrier with our receptionist where he 9 out of 10 times sleeps. Straight after the class (6pm) I take Jeremiah home, he’ll have his solids, a bath, a bottle, read a book & then straight to bed by 7-7.30pm. I’ll then cook my dinner up, put on a load of washing from HIIT, repack Jeremiah’s bags/bottles etc, prep my breakfast, lay out my supplementation & clothes for the following days session, do some house work, clean what needs doing in the house, feed the dog, shower & head to bed which by this time is usually 9:30-10pm, I then catch up on some social media platforms, run over all my branches reports for the day which are sent to me roughly around 8pm, check my calendar for the following day, update any final task in mine & my staff’s “to do” program & then I usually go to sleep at 11pm.


Jeremiah does limit the amount of work I get done throughout the day, but sometimes Sam’s Aunty will look after Jeremiah for 1 full or half day a week which does help us out a lot.


What drove you to create your Hiit Australia business to being with?

I simply just wanted to be a personal trainer, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be running an empire like HIIT Australia. It simply all just evolved the harder we worked & slowly we added more & more into our services.


Since becoming a mumma to that handsome little Miah what have you learnt most about life? 

That I didn’t truly have a purpose in life until I became a Mum, it was then that I felt like I had found where I belong.


A favourite #mumlife memory so far?

When Jeremiah did his first real giggle. I remember Sam & I absolutely lost it laughing our heads off which then caused Jeremiah to pause and stare at us.


What do you think attracts women to your social media platforms? 

I truly believe it’s because of how real I am, 99% of the time when meeting my followers this is what they say. I don’t have someone doing the work for me, I am a full time mum & full time business women. I came from nothing, don’t bash others to get myself to the top & my passion is genuine.


 What is your favourite quote or mantra? 

It’s not a quote as such, more a way in which I focus & that is to everyday work towards being a GOOD PERSON. My second is The Secret otherwise known as The Law of Attraction. Focus positively & vision everything you want in life, reminding yourself of the direction in which you are traveling so you never lose sight of those goals.


How often do you find the time to move your body? 

At least 5-6 times a week.


Favourite activewear in your cupboard to date? 

It’s 90% Lorna Jane

Favourite beauty product? 

My skinjex facial cleanser 

What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a blog/business? 

First know what your message is, ensure your every move always relates to that message & be aware of the down side to snooping. What is snooping? Following loads of other influences accounts… I prefer not to research absolutely everyone purely due to the fact that subconsciously people do naturally copy & lose their authenticity. They will never realise but it also can prevent you from continuing to produce original ideas.


Do Sam and you get time to go on a date? If so where do you both love to go? 

My favourite date would honestly be scoring a training session together; he is the best partner & motivator. But if we had a night without Jeremiah (which is rare) it’d honestly be for an event only. We cannot get enough of our son & find we get the most enjoyment together when our time is spent with Jeremiah.

Want more from Chonnie? 


Snapchat – chontelduncan


Interview by Alice Bingham AKA Alice In Healthyland 

Sophie Benbow AKA @sophieluxe – #showtherealyou

Sophie Benbow is one very inspirational lady. With one look at her Instagram @sophieluxe you can see that she is super fit (girl look at that bod), loves to share her creative healthy recipes and has an absolutely amazing wardrobe of activewear and she knows how to style it! 

I met Sophie at the Rising Social Star finalist party, she was very welcoming and humble. She gave me some great tips on how to explore are home city, Sydney. I love going on a journey with her on her instsgram feed and snap chat, she welcomes you into snipets of her daily rituals and health an fitness lifestyle. I just know you will all love her too. She inspires me to work hard and chase my dreams no matter how big they are. Thank you Sophie.

I am so honoured to have the gorgeous Sophie answer some questions for us all for this weeks #showtherealyou segment. Sit back, sip on a macha latte and take 5 to read her interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about who the real Sophie Benbow is?

Deep down I am a complete tomboy at heart! I grew up in the Welsh countryside generally having quite an active/outdoorsy upbringing! I was in every sports team at school except for Netball (hated Netball) and I even used to compete in rifle shooting in my teens!

I moved to Sydney 8 years ago and started my Law degree, which I completed nearly 2 years ago. At the start of my degree I met my husband Trevor and now we have been married for just over 4 years.

I’ve got two older brothers one lives in Spain and the other in the UK along with my parents and the rest of my extended family. I LOVE living in Australia but of course I miss my family in the UK, I try and get over to see them around every 18 months!

I love living and breathing a healthy, active lifestyle and I really enjoy other people feeding off my passion. I try my best to come across as genuine and honest on all of my social channels but I’ve learnt that regardless of your true motivation and intention you will always get the occasional critic. There is nothing I can do about that other than just to know deep down who I am and what I am trying to achieve.

I could not live without my blender and recently I’ve been making the most epic frothy matcha lattes.

What inspired you to become a blogger?

After my Law degree obviously the expectation was that I became a lawyer. I really struggled with the reality of this after working in a law firm and experiencing the daily grind and stress. That’s not to say it’s not for everyone, I know many people who revel in this kind of work, I guess it’s just not for me right NOW!

In my final year I had really upped my fitness and healthy food regime and started my own Instagram to help myself stay on track and stay accountable for my goals. Before long I was getting followers asking me for recipes and where I bought my activewear from and so on. So my blog was a way for me to take my Instagram to the next level, to have a deeper connection with my followers and give myself a greater identity that (hopefully) people can relate to.

I notice that you love to stay fit and try new workouts, what inspires you to move your body?

I love trying new things and learning new ways to stay fit! I just really enjoy challenging my mind and my body and I think I’m addicted to the endorphins..haha! Also it’s such a great way to have a laugh and to meet new people. I’ve found the health and wellness community on the whole such an awesome, friendly and welcoming bunch who are all thriving on the same thing…health and fitness! I just don’t think you can beat it!

Favourite natural beauty product on the market?

So…since I launched my blog I’ve been able to work with Swisse Skincare. I don’t want you to think I am obliged to say any of this but their skincare range is so nice. I love their sea salt body polish, micellar make-up remover and their Rose Hip Oil. Incidentally Rose Hip Oil is something that really helped with my Rosacea so I just think it is the most miraculous stuff!


Your favourite active wear piece in your current wardrobe? 

Bonds have just sent me their Swimwear range which they are launching this summer. It’s not really ‘active’ but they have got a few rash vests and tops in there which I love and will be perfect for stand up paddle boarding! Also the prints are amazing and they have done styles to suit everyone.

You go to hot drink?

Oh this is constantly changing. Currently I’ve been making hot Turmeric milk. You just pop some nut milk, ground turmeric, cinnamon, grated ginger, star anise and a cinnamon stick in a pan. Heat and enjoy!


What do you think draws people to your social media platforms?

Haha…it’s funny I sometimes get so caught up in my website, producing content and so on I forget what it’s all about. I guess I just really enjoy what I am doing and I hope that resonates with all of my followers. As I said before I try and come across as a ‘real’ person and I want my followers to feel like they are coming on a journey with me. I am constantly falling down, picking myself back up again and growing with health and wellness. I’m no expert and nor do I profess to be so I hope that my platforms come across as down to earth and approachable. I want us all to be healthy, fit and grow together.


Congratulations on winning the Rising Social Star “Fashion” award, where to now for you?

Thankyou!! It was so overwhelming to be recognised as an influencer in such a short space of time so I guess I’ve had to roll with it a little bit. I don’t think I can just do what I’m doing forever so I’d like to add another element to my ‘brand’. Possibly start a business channeling all of my health and wellness dreams.

Dream job?

To have a successful business in health and wellness doing something I LOVE! OR I am a BIG animal lover…I would love to work with and help the baby Pandas in China!

Favourite mantra?

“The greatest wealth is health”

Want to get to know Sophie more? Check out her platforms here…  

Instagram here (https://www.instagram.com/sophieluxe/),

Website here (http://sophiebenbow.com),

Facebook here (https://www.facebook.com/sophiebenbowblog/)

Twitter here (https://twitter.com/Sophieluxe)

Youtube here: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaKL8NhkecGAoiBNUY8zEFQ)








Steph Pase AKA justanothermummyblog #showtherealyou

I would love to indroduce  you all to the beautiful Steph Pase  from @justanothermummyblog. Steph shares daily Instagram posts of delicious healthy recipes, her gorgeous little daughter Harper, her #mumlife moments and also shares some fantastic make up tips. She has recently created a blog for her followers to share in more detail the topics mentioned above. 

Steph is a mumma that is open and honest about what she really feels. This is a quality I love and the reason I enjoy watching her jouney. 

Sit back and enjoy a cuppa or a class of wine (just like Steph hahaha) and check out this lovely ladies #showtherealyou interview. 

1. Can you tell us a little about who the Steph Pase is? 

I am a 25 year old wife/ makeup artist and new mummy to my baby girl Harper Rose. I am your everyday Aussie chick who loves health and fitness. Years ago I was quite unhealthy and gained over 20kgs in a year from not moving enough and eating junk. I decided to turn my life around and lost 25kgs and went to compete in Fitness model competitions and even managed to be featured in a couple of magazines and calendars. Since then I have continued a healthy lifestyle but now I have found a balance and still manage to let my hair down and enjoy life. My baby girl is everything to me and I’m just like every other mum surviving on coffee and learning day-to-day.


2. What’s the story behind your Instagram and blog? Why did you get started?


I started up my mummy blog for a few different reasons. Firstly, because I love being able to connect with other women who have the same interests as me. Also as a new mum I felt I really needed to share my experiences with other mums so we can all feel reassured that we aren’t the only ones going through different struggles and so we could relate to each other. Knowing there are other women out there who understand you really makes the tough times a little easier.


3. What do you think attracts women to your page?


I think some women enjoy my page as I don’t sugar-coat my experience I am very honest with how I describe my life as a new mum. I think it is so important for mummy bloggers to share not only the good times but also the hard. It isn’t all sunshine being a mother but it is truly an incredible gift that sometimes we need to remember what a blessing it is. But it is also important to know it’s OK to have hard days where all you want to do in stay in bed and eat chocolate. I also think women enjoy my page because I show them it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle with a baby.


4. You openly share your first time mum stories with your Instagram, do you think this also helps to support you too?


I think social media is such a blessing for us mothers as I know somedays it can be so hard to even leave the house with a baby attached to you, so being able to reach out to other women and talk really helps us get through the tough days. Sharing my life with other women definitely helps me feel supported and not alone. We can see other women on the same journey and connect in this big mummy community.


5. Being a mum, we know it’s hard to make time to stay active. How important is it to you to continue to move your bod?


I suffer from anxiety so exercise is so important for me to keep a calm and clear mind especially now that I’m a mother. I find when I managed to even go for a 30-minute walk in the morning I’m so much more productive. Exercise really is the most underused anti-depressant. Since having bub I am unable to get to the gym as much as I used to so now I do most of my workouts at home whilst bub is napping or she just watches me (which I’m sure she thinks is hilarious). There are many ways to get your body moving with a baby. I feel like the lack of sleep feels even worse the days I am not active. It is also just as important to know your limits too. Even acknowledging that every small health/fitness goal you achieve is just as important as fitting into your pre-baby clothes. Don’t push yourself too hard and expect to back to the same fitness level right away. I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be but I try to look at it as a new journey. I haven’t gone backwards but rather I’ve gone forward with my life and this is just a new chapter for me and my body. You have a new life now and you need to factor that in but also not use it as an excuse to not be active.


6. Favourite activewear?


I love Lorna Jane but I prefer just black leggings none of that fluro to highlight my cellulite (haha) I also love Cotton On Body and Kmart (yes I am a huge Kmart Lover).


7. It’s hard to keep out S%#t together sometimes, can you share with us one meltdown moment, that you thought how the hell am I going to get through this?


I’ve had a few of those especially in the first couple of weeks where your sore, exhausted and somehow misplaced your phone in the fridge (yes I did that more than once). The hardest moment for me was when I was 3 weeks postpartum and had milk supply issues and I couldn’t satisfy Harper. At the time I had retained product and that was why my supply had significantly decreased, It felt like the end of the world and that I had failed (even though obviously I hadn’t). My husband really had to take the reins and reassure me that as long as Bub was fed that is all that matters. I ended up getting an operation to get it removed and Bub had to have a bit of formula. Which I then realized wasn’t bad at all and I learnt to relax a little. This taught me a valuable lesson about being a mother. That sometimes things don’t pan out as you’d like but that’s just part of being a parent. As long as your baby is loved and fed that is all that matters. Unfortunately, we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect but in reality no matter how you raise your child YOU are the BEST mum for YOUR child. Don’t ever doubt yourself and always follow your gut.


8. Share a positive #mumlife moment?


There are so many positive mumlife moments! But my favourite is when bub was first born and I was in hospital. I was so surprised how confident and what a natural mother I was soon as she was born. The midwives kept asking if she was my 2nd baby as they said I seemed to know exactly what I was doing. This totally surprised me as I was always the awkward lady who would make babies cry when I held them. SO if your currently pregnant with your first don’t doubt those amazing natural mumma instincts! Another one of my favourite mumlife moments was when I was sooo utterly exhausted from being up most the night with bub and then the next morning I brought her into my bed and I was thinking to myself “how the hell can I keep doing this I’m so tired” and then Harper looked at me and smiled at me properly for the first time. My whole heart jumped out of my chest and it totally changed my entire day it was so beautiful and it reminds you that it is all worth it.


9. Mantra or favourite quote you live by?


My favourite quote to help me with my anxiety and life is “A year from now you won’t stress about what you are right now”. My favourite mantra for health and fitness is “The day will pass anyway whether you eat healthy and exercise or not. Use your time wisely


10. What is your favourite go to healthy recipe at the moment?


I’ve always loved a good protein ball recipe to help keep my sweet tooth at bay. But I am loving zuchinni lasagna lately it’s such a good meal to have in winter and honestly tastes so good! I slice it up and it lasts me for lunches for the week.


11. Where and who do you look for inspiration?


Instagram! I find other beautiful mumma’s and inspirational healthy women everyday and they truly help me pull my finger out on the days I couldn’t be bothered to move my body or eat well. Social media really can be used for so many positive things. Some of my favourite women I look up to is of course Alice, Ashy Bines, Sophie Guidolin and Chontel Duncan. All amazing real women who manage to live a healthy life with a baby!


Blog: www.justanothermummyblog.com

Instagram: @justanothermummyblog

Snapchat: justanothermum

Feeling Like a Yummy Mummy in my Lingerie.


When Cruz was 6 months I decided I would do a little #selflovephotoshoot when I was 10months postpartum. 
So now Cruz is 10 months, here they are. During the last 4 months I have been working on a little self love project with myself. To teach myself to be proud of my body and its achievements. I no longer want to waste my breath on self hate chat in the mirror. Instead I will preach love. The rules of the photoshoot was to no make up, just a little lipstick, just a home camera  job (nothing fancy), no photoshop or filters. I have nourished my body with good foods, moved my body in some way everyday since the birth and rest when I need too. So hey why not be super proud of my body and my son.

I contacted Robyn from @yummy_mummy_lingerie to be apart of the shoot as I absolutely love her underwear she sells. It’s comfortable, its fits my new mum shape and I feel good in it. She has been wonderful and so supportive of my mum journey. I think its only fair that I share some love in return and tell you all about the woman behind  Yummy Mummy Lingerie?

Why did you decide to start Yummy Mummy Lingerie?

Hubby and I decided to become foster carers in 2013 so I gave up my career in health to become a full time mum, but knew I’d need to find a family friendly business to work in as well. We had tried for many years to have a family and had only been blessed with one son, who is the light of our lives. We decided that we would like to grow our family and we knew that there were so many little ones needing a loving home so we decided to embark on the fostering journey.

It was a serious commitment to make, as caring for a baby would mean that one of us would need to give up our current career and be home to care for bub and allow for the vital bonding to occur. However, once bub settled in with our family and I had time to think about work again, I starting looking for opportunities. The first day I looked for an online businesses to buy I found what I was looking for in Yummy Mummy Lingerie.

It was meant to be! I just loved the idea of offering beautiful and practical maternity lingerie to new mums and mums-to-be in a super convenient way and helping make their pregnancy and breastfeeding experience as comfortable as possible. We were lucky enough to be able to purchase the business and now I happily work from home doing something I love, whilst being able to be there for my boys.

Best selling product on the website?

My best selling range at the moment would definitely be the Cadenshae Maternity Activewear range. The best selling style in this range for Yummy Mummy Lingerie is the Ultimate Nursing Bra which is designed for larger busted mamas. They have literally been running out the door J

The other range that sells really well is Cantaloop. They are really great quality and super comfortable as they are seamless. They are also well priced which makes them in reach for the many mums who hesitate or are unable to spend too much money on themselves.

What is the most common question you get asked  by women when buying underwear?

It’s more of a statement than a question but the most common thing I hear from my customers is– “I am not sure what size I am”. This is not surprising is it as our bodies are undergoing the most amazing transformation J  So don’t be worried if you don’t know – you are not alone J My response is to ask a few simple questions so that we can work out together what size would be best for them now and some styles that would suit that particular mums needs.

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Bra and Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blush Cotton Candy Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Bra and Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Roshini McCartin AKA @rosh_tulaliving #showtherealyou

img_5098-1Roshini AKA @rosh_tulaliving is a new mumma to the handsome little man Louis, but its not the only thing that defines this amazing woman. She is a yoga mentor and a teacher, a wife, an ocean lover, a writer and so so much more. This superwoman is constantly sharing ( I am learning so much from her) about how she honestly deals with balance in her every day busy lifestyle. I came across Rosh, when I accidentally stubbled on a blog article she wrote on Choosing to see the beauty within. It was like she was writing this post to me. It was exactly what I needed to read on a day I was feeling like shit. I urge you all to check it out its an amazing self loving article. Her writing is so powerful that she draws you in to want to read more. Since having our bubbas, we have both connected online and built a virtual friendship. Hopefully that changes to an in to  face to face catch up soon. 
So ladies its that time of the night again to put you feet up with your wine or your cuppa and enjoy 5 minutes with Roshini…

Tell us a little more about your Instagram? Why did you start it?
My Instagram is @rosh_tulalliving. Tula Living is my blog, website and brand name (eventually). Tula means balance in Sanskrit. The reason I started my Instagram was initially to be honest because everyone else was, I used to try and mimic and copy others because I actually had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted this account for. Now it’s a whole different ball game, I keep my Instagram as fun, light-hearted, real and inspiring as possible. There are so many FAKE highlight reels on any social media platforms that I think it’s really important to stay real. I love to share openly about life, yoga and motherhood. I want to inspire others but also not sugar coat anything especially to do with motherhood stuff, because as you know Alice it’s a constant roller coaster ride navigating highs, lows, good days and some friggin incredibly challenging days and nights.
You are a new mum. Your little man is just so adorable. Can you please tell us a little about your current #mumlife status?
So my little boy is 7.5 months (can’t believe I am actually writing that). Wow, where has the time gone? I actually LOVE being a mum I had no idea how much more love and joy enters your life once becoming a parent. It is seriously such a gift (as challenging as it can be). I feel I have been offered an opportunity to dive deeper into knowing myself, I feel I have been offered an opportunity to rebirth and see the world with fresh eyes. Things that used to drive me crazy or I’d worry about are much less relevant now.
I”m a working mum, I teach yoga about 7-8 classes a week and am very fortunate that Tim my fiancé has flexible hours through his massage clinic so he can mind Louis whilst I get to go and do what I love.
This, of course, has its hurdles and battles, but so far it’s working pretty good and I LOVE that Tim gets to see our side of it and I love that he gets precious bonding time with Louis and I also get filled up and get to offer and share in a whole other realm. I also get to interact with adults which are not mums as well which is so refreshing and nice. (ha ha).
My little Cruz is struggling to sleep through the night.  Does your little one sleep well? Do you have a sleep routine?
I have to say sleep is something I have focused on since day 1, and really trying to set familiar patterns each day, so Louis can start to learn what is coming next. He is in a semi-routine which of course as all you mums reading know changes with whatever they might offer you and be going through on the day (little dictators ha ha). He is pretty good, he still stirs once a night for a resettle then again for a feed, so this magic sleeping through the night you hear of has not happened YET. I’ll be shouting out to the world when it does and how I got 7-8 hours solid sleep, ( I can’t even remember that feeling)
Do you ever have time for a date night? If so what do you get up too? 
Date nights are a bit hard for us for 2 reasons, we have no family support in Sydney and secondly the one night we did go out I was soooooo tired I asked for the bill at 8.30pm (oh dear).
So now a friend of mine hopefully monthly take Louis for his morning walk and we go our for breakfast and get to chat awake and alert and suits us both much better. I’m sure the night dates will come back again one day, but for now, this suits us perfectly.
Tell us more about your passion for yoga? How long have you been practising? 
Oh, my passion for yoga has been an on-off love affair for well over 10 years now. I fell madly in love with it in Ireland when I was living there as it was so bloody cold I needed to move my body in some way to get some heat into it and so I got addicted to Bikram. The more I practised the better I start to feel on so many levels and now seriously it’s like my drug my medicine. My days of long practices at home or studios are not quite as frequent since becoming a Mum, but the opportunity to practice it and integrate it off the mat is. Which is truly such a gift and huge passion and drive of mine. I’m really learning so much more about myself and the beautiful benefits of this gorgeous practice this way. Which brings me to answer your question below..
Favourite quote? 
Ohhh this is hard as I have quite a few favourite quotes. But in relation to yoga, I LOVE these 2 quotes
“don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living”
“Yoga is an internal practice the rest is just circus”
What inspires you? 
LIFE itself. How precious and short it is and the opportunity each that we have a clean slate to learn to grow, to have fun, to laugh, to share, to make mistakes, to love and to right now be the best version of myself and the best fiancé and mum I can be.
 Favourite active wear?
lululemon hands down. The quality of the product is amazing and you can seriously wear their products for years, its defiantly worth the investment. My other 2 brands I LOVE for yoga tights are liquido and dharma bums 
What’s your favourite go-to healthy recipe?
Hmm one of my faves is sweet potato chips cooked in coconut oil and dusted with coconut flour and a new one more sweet wise is chocolate/banana muffins from Jessica Sepel’s blog.


Brittany Scala AKA @fashionable_fitmum #showtherealyou

I was so excited and practically  jumping for joy when Britney approached me to be part of my #showtherealyou segment. (It took me like 3 weeks to get my shot together and finally write her the email of questions as let’s all face it, looking after a Bub and trying to type emails can be hard!) Britt does exactly that everyday, shows the real Britt across her social media platforms. She is REAL and tells you exactly how it is. I love love that about her!

Britt is a personal trainer, inspiring mums to live an active life. She has first hand experience as she is a mum to gorgeous little Millie. Her Instagram page tells stories of motherhood  (my god those photos of Millie are just so damn cute), her own postpartum fitness and wellness journey, motivating quotes, self love, fashion and so much more. Britt is someone that any girl/woman can relate to. I know you will all love her as much as I do. I have met Britt in real life (hahaha) over a Insta bestie catch up, yes she is just as amazing in person! 

Sit down, have a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy 5 minutes with this amazing woman! Although that 5 minutes may turn into hours googling her blog, watching her snaps (getting clucky because Millie is so cute) and reading all her inspiring stories like me hahaha. 
Can you tell myself and my followers why you started @fashionable_fitmum? How did the name come about? 

The name is simply just a combo of what I wanted my page to be about fashion (mainly bub fashion these days), fitness & mum life. 

To be honest Im not 100% happy with the name anymore as I feel that “fit mum” can turn people away because they are worried all they will see is gym posts and my page is more directed towards maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle while living a busy life.

Why did you start your Instagram page? 

I started my Instagram page to help inspire other Mums to start living more active and healthy – I wanted to show them that it is possible to be a new mum and still find time to care for themselves and the importance of doing so. From there it has really developed in to sharing real and honest stories about motherhood from the good to the bad and everything in between. 

I have found through sharing my battles with motherhood, anxiety, depression & body issues and talking about self love I have been able to connect with , help and inspire so many more women than I ever thought possible already and my journey has only just begun! It is amazing and refreshing to see how much people respond to you being real and honest instead of painting a picture of a “perfect” life

I also wanted to give realistic, correct and safe expectations and information regarding postnatal fitness. There is a lot of info out there but a lot of it is also incorrect, unrealistic and unsafe for new mums when they are returning to fitness after giving birth . A womans body has been a lot during pregnancy and birth and it is so important that exercise is done at the right pace and safely to ensure no long term damage. 

You have a beautiful little girl “Millie” What are you loving about #mumlife? 

That’s a tough one! I think for me the best thing about motherhood is how it has changed my perspective on life. I used to suffer very bad from anxiety and body issues but since having my daughter I feel like I know who I am as a person and I am happy and confident with the person I am today. I also love that she has shown me a love that I never thought possible and has brought so much happiness and positivity in my life. 

On a day to day basis I love the little thing about being a Mum like going for a walk with her in the pram, playing in the park and meeting so many like-minded beautiful Mothers (like yourself) who I can now call friends.

Proud mumma moment? 

There are so many proud moments like her first smile, her first laugh, when she started crawling or when I saw her swim alone underwater for the first time but nothing beats the first time I held her in my arms – I was so proud to call her mine.

 Mumma melt down moment? I know I have defiantly had a few?

Millie was an excellent sleeper from birth – she was sleeping 10-12 hours everynight from 8 weeks old but in the last couple of months that has changed and now she rarely if ever sleeps through . I am really struggling to deal with the lack of sleep and getting her in to a routine where she sleeps through so Im finding I am a lot more impatient and tired during the day and I forget EVERYTHING.

What is your idea of a great night out with your girls? 

My idea of a great night is cocktails, wine and tapas at bar. No where too noisy where we can chat and laugh together – BABY FREE! 
 You’re a personal trainer, how important is it to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

I have worked in the fitness industry for a long time now so a healthy lifestyle is not just a lifestyle choice but is my career and I believe that you should always practice what you preach. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing to me – not only for the physical benefits but more so the mental and psychological benefits. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety I fully understand how beneficial being healthy and active is to your overall wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle to me includes not just planned exercise but also healthy nutrition , incidental exercise and looking after my mind through yoga, mediation and counselling. 

Also, as I suffer from IBS and food intolerances I need to ensure my diet is balanced and healthy so that I am not constantly unwell. 

You are one fit mumma! What type of exercises do you do to keep yourself fit? 

Thankyou! I do a combination of different forms of exercise – I try to get to the gym to do weight training 3 times a week, 3-4 F45 sessions ( HIIT style group fitness) plus I walk most days, do some circuits in the park and try to do yoga once a week. 

Most weeks I get this all done but other weeks I don’t make it to the gym or I just need a break so I cut back a bit – I believe its all about listening to your body and having a balanced life!
What do you think attracts women to your site? 

I like to think it’s my honesty and genuine love of helping others. I want women to feel they have the power to do anything they want and I want my site to be a safe place where stories are shared and women can come to feel less alone. I also like to think the information I give regarding health and fitness is understandable, relatable and realistic.

Best moment since starting your page? 

The best moments come away from my main feed when followers send me emails and messages saying thankyou for inspiring them to get active or thanking me for being real. One email that really stands out to me and touches my heart,l I received from a followers Mother ( this lady doesn’t even follow my Instagram) – she sent me the most beautiful email, saying as a mother she wanted to thank me for inspiring her daughter and for being so real and genuine. I couldn’t believe that this woman had taken the time to tell her Mum about me and then her mum took the time to send me such a beautiful message. 

That type of moment is why I spend so much time creating my blog, Instagram and documenting my journey! For me its not about money, “fame” or anything like that for me it is to connect, help and inspire. 

Favourite healthy meal? 

I love, love, love baked salmon or snapper with steamed greens and mashed sweet potatoe! Sounds boring but its my go-to favourite. I also love home made Mexican bowls and any kind of seafood. Because of my intolerances I love things that are simple and fresh! 

Favourite activewear? 

Lorna Jane and Lulu lemon! 

Where do you look for daily inspiration? 

I look for inspiration from other everyday women (like you) who are busy raising children, working or studying but still managing to live a healthy balanced life! 

What is your favourite quote/mantra that you live by? 

This too shall pass!” – my go to mantra in any anxious moments or times

Want to see more of Brittney, check her out on her other platforms. 

Blog – The Fashionable Fit Mum

Instagram – @fashionable_fitmum

Facebook – The Fashionable Fit mum

Snapchat code – Brittany_scala

Airey Yoga Mumma #showtherealyou

Sophie Airey is mother of two gorgeous girls and is passionate about health and fitness. This is what drew me to Sophie’s page. We shared similar interests, plus she has made a few of my recipes. I love following Sophie, seeing her updates and photos of her yoga progress, healthy food, workouts and her family. Sophie’s  Instagram @aireyogamumma also shares her journey as she heals from postnatal abdominal separation, a medical condition many can relate too post baby.


Here is 5 minutes of Questions and Answers with Sophie Airey.


1.Can you tell me a little more about your Instagram name “aireyogamumma” how did it come about?
To be honest, I’m not really sure how it came about haha I was scrolling through different yogi’s IG names and every one that I thought of had been taken, so I decided to go with my married name, Airey 🙂 I wanted people who saw it to know it was a yoga account because that’s really what it started as. I used to be aireyyogagirl, but then realised I wasn’t a girl anymore. I’m a woman, a mother, and I wanted to reflect that in the name. Who knows, it may change again lol but for now I’m really liking it!


You can find Sophie’s Instagram name here – @airyogamumma

2. I love the way you connect with your followers? Is that why you started your page?

I started my page almost like my own personal yoga diary. I had always wanted to start a blog but I am really computer illiterate and find it really hard to get what I’m thinking into words, so IG was perfect for me. My followers inspire me everyday! When I’m having a bad day I find their support really does lift me up. I have even been blessed enough to meet some of my beautiful followers, and have become quite close friends with a few 🙂


3. Who inspires you to keep going? 

My girls really do inspire me everyday to be a better person. I want to be a role model to them and show them that having a healthy body, mind and spirit is so important. Life shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be filled with laughter, love and fun! Yes, there are going to be hard times but its how you handle those hard times that really make you become a more self aware person. I truly don’t know where I would be without those two little munchkins, and all I want to do is make them proud to call me their mum!
 4. Your little girls are just gorgeous! What’s one of your most proudest #mumlife moments? 

Omg! That is a really hard question! There have been so many proud #mumlife moments. I think just watching my oldest interact with her sister makes my feel very proud. She is so kind, gentle and loving towards her. I love hearing her call her “sweetie” because that is what I call her, so I know my actions and words really do have an impact on her.Their bond is so strong already, it melts my heart.

 5. What is your biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments? 

Hahaha there have been many of these moments also! I’m the mum that will jump in the backseat and breast feed why my husband drives (baby still in their carseat, don’t worry!), or will send my kid to daycare with dreads in the back of her hair because I couldn’t find the hair brush 😛 I think though, my biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments would be when I let toddler tantrums get the best of me and end up saying things to my Tyla (my oldest) that make me look back and think “how could you ever say that to her” When you’re tired, stressed and just over being a parent all patience just goes out the window. Thats when the best thing to do is just get someone else to take over and walk away!
 6. You can see by your photographs you have a huge passion for Yoga? Can you tell me more about your yoga practice?
Yoga has always been a part of my life! My mum put me in my first class when I was 10 and I fell in love. Over the years it has always been a constant. I may not have practiced everyday, but it was always something I would fall back on when I was down or stressed. I’ve had a long history of depression and drug/alcohol abuse and sometimes I feel like there were times that yoga saved me. It is my moving meditation, my time to go within and just keep myself in check. There are days where my practice just flows, and other days where I do 5 minutes and realise I’m just not in the right headspace. Its ever changing, like ourselves. Thats what I truly love about it. There are no rules! You create the flow you need. I have just started teaching classes and should be finishing up my teacher training by the end of the year so I am really excited to start sharing my passion with others!
7. I love seeing you workout in front of your children. Do they love to join in on the odd occasion? 
Kayla, my youngest (8 months) absolutely loves watching me workout! She thinks burpees are the funniest thing in the world haha her laugh is definitely motivation to keep going. And she definitely loves being on my yoga mat with me, so once she starts moving I can see her being a little yoga bub! Tyla (she’s 4) loves teaching me yoga haha! She is a little control freak so she always has to be the teacher. And whenever Im outside doing a workout she loves to jump in and give it a go, but like most 4 year olds, she has a very short attention span haha I just love the fact that they are growing up being surrounded my movement. Whether it be yoga, workouts, surfing, walking, they see their parents keeping fit and active and I believe this is just so important!


8. Favourite active wear? 

I have a few fav brands, but I have to admit Lululemon would be my all time favourite! Their leggings are amazing. I hate it when I’m constantly having to adjust my tops/[pants while I workout and I find their gear always stays put. Teeki is another brand I love. Their yoga leggings feel amazing on! And also Cadenshae maternity sports bras are the best!! I practically live in them they are so comfy. And perfect for when you’re breastfeeding.


9. Do you still get a chance to go on a date night with your man now you have a little girl? If so where is your favourite place?

Its definitely been a bit challenging to have date nights since Kayla was born, especially because me and my husband both work a lot in the evenings, but we have managed to get out a few times! We have a few favourite restaurants in Auckland that we love going to. Moo Chow Chow and Tasting Shed would definitely be our top 2. Sometimes we just head down the road and have a quiet drink. I think its so important to make time for each other. Life can get so busy with work and kids, and unless you really priorities it you can end up feeling a little disconnected. So we try and do it as often as we can 🙂
10. If you had a hour of “you time” what would you get up too? 
I love catching up with my girls. Going out for a wine or lunch and having a good chat is one of my favourite things to do! It really makes my heart sing. I have got such an amazing group of woman in my life, and I feel really blessed to have that support network there! If no one was available for that then it would be a really good HIIT session followed by yoga 🙂 Bliss!
 11. Favourite go to recipe? 
Do smoothie recipes count haha I am truly a smoothie addict! My favourite at the moment, and one that I love making for Tyla because she thinks its a treat is my Black Forest Smoothie. Its just frozen banana, frozen berries, spinach, cacao powder, chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, coconut cream, dates and water! Blitz up and you have one decadent smoothie. I love making them nice and think so you almost have to eat it with a spoon. Good way to hide veggies for the kids too 😛