Milk Bath Maternity Shoot with Brisbane Photographer – Tahlia – Wylde Folk Studio

Photographer – @wyldefolkstudio_

Hair – @c_ba_hair

Model – @aliceinhealthyland

Crown – @bohemiamblossomcrowns

Make Up @lust__minerals

I have been friends with Tahlia for a little over three years. Prior to that we may have passed each other by as we both grew up around Brisbane and went to the same gym. Our real connection started when we caught up with our little babes, Cruz and Summer. It’s been beautiful having our friendship blossom over time as well as watching our growing family create the same friendships and bonds too. You know when the universe just guides you and you just know that we were destained to be best friends (just like the movie Step Brothers when they go DID WE JUST BECOME BESTFRIENDS? moment).

Tahlia loves natural, organic and light inspired work. She does not distort her work with large amounts of editing. She believes that gentle touch ups and colour adjustments is all you need. Tahlia sets a beautiful environment for her clients and always makes sure they feel at ease with her presence. She knows how to make them laugh and sings while she photographs your children. You can see it’s her passion and she loves what she is doing.

Tahlia has photographed so many memories for our family and for my business and blog @aliceinhealthyland. So I was so grateful to have her shoot this special moment in my pregnancy and capture the bump with our two little babes. Cruz was scared of the flowers in the bath haha #mumlife but we managed to capture some cute snaps with him and the bump.

Tahlia is offering my following a special discount. State my name ALICE and you will get $50off your booking of a Maternity, Newborn or Family Photoshoot. Thanks so much beautiful! Such a lovely gesture.

A special thank you to the girls CBA Hair for styling my hair, Bohemian Blossom Crowns for making Winter Rose and I’s flower crowns and to Lust Minerals for supplying the make up. Necklace is by Eden Zoe and has my little ones initials on.

The lace garments are just from Kmart or EBay.

Why we decided to give our Winnie goats milk formula.

By Alice Bingham

#notsponsered just sharing our journey.

So when Winnie was about 4 months we choose to give her some formula. She was a tiny thing and not gaining weight from birth with my breastmilk alone. At the time emotionally it upset me but we were heading over to Thailand with the family and my breastmilk alone was not helping her to put on the grams. We choose a formula we were extremely happy with and we continued on our breastfeeding + bottle fed merry way. From 4 months she held her own bottle and started to gain weight. She was just such a happy bubba. I was still able to feed her via the breast too, which was so nice to have that connection with her, because when she had her “bot bot” she was miss independent. I was not allowed to hold it for her haha.

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Alice In Pregnancyland #week8to12

Pregnancy Emotions. Pregnancy Style. Pregnancy Exercise. Pregnancy Eating.

Lets get the emotional side of the blog over with first then on to the positives hahaha! These weeks were very emotional again for me. The thing I struggled with the most is the tiredness and again the vomiting which then led me to feeling overwhelmed. The vomiting wasn’t as bad as I had found a few things to help ease it. I was very overwhelmed though because I still had to adult and take care of a toddler and be pregnant.  I wanted to do everything that I could do just 4 weeks ago. I wanted to train like a machine everyday to release the emotions but my body so so wrecked I just wanted to sleep.  I wanted to be the best mummy I could be, but I felt I couldn’t because I felt I couldn’t even look after me. Okay poor me right? hahaha thats exactly what I thought at the time. But we got through it. With the help of Dave we did get through it as a family. You have too. I had to adult as I was a mother and I was also someone’s nurse when I was at work. Thank god week 11 came by and these cray cray emotions eased. I found it very helpful having the support from loved ones and friends. Someone I am close to is also pregnant and it helped having her to vent with and talk about pregnancy with. I also found it great to hang out with my gorgeous friends that didn’t have children as I could talk everything but pregnancy. Which was a lovely change.

Sleep was also my saviour. I found that even just 10minutes would help rejuvenate me and make me feel alive again. I had to remember there is always someone worse off and it was just a phase of the pregnancy. David though sex would help (typical male hahahahhaha) but I was like stay the hell away from me I don’t wanna be touched hahaha, until week 11 then I was like huggggggg me, cuddle me Dave hahaha! Poor Dave can’t keep up with me.

I also found reflexology very relaxing and would help me wine down. I mean what pregnant woman doesn’t love a foot rub right?

Even though I haven’t been myself the last 8 weeks, seeing bub on the screen at week 12 was an absoulte wonderful experience. It made me so grateful that we get to add a new addition to our little tribe that I already love so much. So many smiles between david and I.

Pregnancy Announcement


Exercise, to be honest it was the last thing I felt like doing feeling run down, but after it, it was like whoah!!!! Why didn’t I do it sooner? (maybe thats what Dave was on about with the sex thing tooo… haha we won’t tell him he is right to much). I continued to do at 30 minutes of walking about 5 -6 days a week with Evie and Cruz in the pram. I went to weights and Mauy Thai classes at HIIT AUSTRALIA about 2-3 times a week and felt AMAZING after, wish I could get to more. Continued to do at least 2 yoga and stretching  home workout by Katie Appleton on youtube in my lounge room. I also found a great little pilates workout I would randomly use from youtube as well, it was by BodyFit Amy.

With workout wear I am still able to wear most of my Lorna Jane activewear, loving my  @mummactiv nursing tank that also grows with my bump too.

Food well most of you thought I went vegan. Giving my posts it was all plant based foods as I could not stand meat, eggs, or dairy. I was also craving carbs all the time so I used Loni Jane – Feel the Lean book for inpso so I kept my body nourished

Banana Nice Cream

Banana and Strawberry Smoothie
Tofu Vietnamese Salad Bowl

Bump Style – I have been loving wearing basics for everyday wear, I found some great basics from Blossom and Glow. Great to pair with shorts, leggings, overalls and they are so comfy.

Blossom and Glow Lucy Tee Dress


Blossom and Glow Tshirt

Trying to get a photo for the announcement hahaha


Thank you so much for reading.

Alice xoxo

 Voome – Aim for progress not perfection! 

Sponsored by Voome

I believe the key to having a healthy relationship with food is nourishing your body with tasty foods that are good for you. You don’t need to starve yourself or deprive yourself. Instead, we all need to learn to eat to live, not live to eat.

We all have those days or weeks when our relationship with food can be a bit shaky and off. Our intentions start off good, we wake up with a goal to make healthy food choices and move our bodies, but then throughout the day we create excuses like “I’m too busy, I don’t have time with work, it’s easier to buy takeaway” etc. However, on these days food should not be the enemy! We need to learn to create a healthy relationship with our mind and the food we’re putting into our bodies. Learning to love your body will help you to understand the importance of feeding it the best fuel.

Self-love and life experience has made me to want to learn more about healthy foods and has given me a passion to help praise it to others. Knowledge is power; the more you learn about what you’re putting in your mouth, the more respect you gain for the healthy foods you eat and feed to your family.

I am a first time mum that has recently returned to work three days a week. Finding the time to move my body and eat nutritious foods is extremely important to me, but can be a challenge at times. I need to keep my energy levels up to keep up with my little man, continue with all the #mumlife housework, go to work and run a blog. My life can be extremely busy! I want my son and future children to learn good habits surrounding food and exercise. I believe that it’s my duty as a mother. I have to make time to create these healthy habits for myself so they too can follow and see these habits as a normal part of life. All the while showing them there needs to be a balance, because there’s more to life than just nutrition and exercise.

I heard about an online health & fitness tool called Voome, which ended up being a great solution to help me achieve my goals. After researching it, I found that it was designed by the same creators of the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge. I am in love!! You will be too. It ticks all the boxes for me!

As I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle and continue on this journey for a lifetime, I believe it can help me achieve this. Voome is not just a quick fix. I love that you can access it online, anywhere and anytime! This is so convenient for me being a busy mumma, as I can workout when Cruz sleeps or early in the morning. It’s so handy, with quick and effective workouts between 10-30 minutes. Not only is it jam-packed with healthy recipes and workouts, you also receive weekly emails with extra tips and motivation to keep you inspired.

One of my favourite things about Voome is that they have created ready made meal plans. There are so many to choose from depending on your lifestyle and how you eat. The meal plans are great for time poor mummies, as they provide you with a bunch of nutritious recipes that can be downloaded straight into shopping lists! This is so handy for me as I love to be organised for the busy week ahead and it gives me more time for cuddles with Cruz. I am currently enjoying making the Apple Muesli for breakfast and the Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges and Avocado Salad from one of the collections (without avo as I’m allergic). The muesli is so easy to prepare, I make it for Cruz and I the night before in a jar.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and seeing what my mind and body can achieve with Voome. I believe it will not only help me smash my goals of self love, maintaining healthy eating and exercising but also help me to find that healthy balance with other aspects of life.

Stay tuned as I will keep you posted on my progress!

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Voome webpage Click here – @voomehq