Top 10 Unisex Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Both my pregnancies, my husband and I have decided to not find out the sex of the baby. The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when we tell them is “how can you be organised for the baby” or “what can I buy you? There is hardly anything out there that’s unisex” well I disagree with them I think there is so much you can still get organised or buy someone. So I decided to blog about it haha.

It has made David and I save a bit of  money not buying the trend of pink or blue clothing or decor. But if you wish to be organised or gift someone something special before their birth of their child, then there is truly so many gorgeous unisex gift ideas that you can still shower a mumma (in some cases daddy too) with at their baby shower, or purchase for yourself  for your newborns arrival. 



I have teamed up with Baby Luno to bring you my…

Top Ten Gift Ideas For A Unisex Baby Shower. 

A neutral onesie, because what new baby doesn’t look adorable in the neutrals of white, cream or grey? No matter what the sex. I think they look so cute too.


Baby Growsuit Zip – Hello World


 A neutral cuddly companion teddy or animal for their newborn to snuggle up to. Doubles as a comforter at nap and bedtime.

classic musy mate lovey jungle jam cow product
Musy Mate – Cow Jungle Jam Giraffe


A white bath towel, because who doesn’t love seeing a baby all wrapped up in a fresh white towel no matter what the gender, ekkk… oh my ovaries. 

baby bath wrap jungle jam giraffe
Baby Bath Wrap – Jungle Jam Giraffe


Some of your guests may like to put money together and buy something bigger for the mumma. A baby carrier can be used by either mummy or daddy to carry their newborn (up until the age of around 3 depending on the weight of the child) around when bubs just want to be close to their parents. Its also a great way for parents have their hands free when their little one just won’t settle or they need to get the shopping done. 

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier ONE AIR


A cute baby muslin swaddle, which is perfect to keep their little bub warm and comfortable when they first arrive. The great thing about a muslin swaddle is that it can be used as a blanket or a light pram cover (just ass some pram pegs).

Baby Swaddle Blanket – 10th Anniversary


A set of unisex bassinet or cot sheets, you never can have to many sets as the little bubba may have a few accidents haha, you will find yourself changing them very regularly.

Baby Bassinet Sheet Set – Wonderful Life


sleeping bag that doubles as a swaddle, great to keep the little new born warm and securely snug while they are sleeping. You can use the sleeping bag instead of  a blanket and bub is less likely to wriggle out like they can in a blanket or wrap.

Baby Sleeping Bag & Swaddle – ErgoCocoon TOG 1 Blush Leaf


Again a few of you might want to put in some money and get something special for mumma or the baby. A nappy bag s a great idea it will be something that mum uses all the time. Be mindful though that mum might have a particular style in mind. This was the style I feel in love with. Its perfect as it doubles as a handbag not just a nappy bag.

Nappy Bag Storksak Noa Leather


A set of Milestone Blocks is the perfect addition to the little ones nursery. Mummas can also take photo updates of their little one next to the block as a keep sake, perfect to watch them grow and look back on. 

WMBW_1024x1024Last of all, if you really are unsure then you can always get the parents a gift card. That way they purchase something sweet for their newborn when they arrive.
Baby Bingham No.2 Wish List


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you got some great ideas to gift a family that are choosing to have a unisex baby shower.

Alice xoxo

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Alice In Pregnancyland #32weeks-38weeks

Pregnancy Emotions. Pregnancy Eating. Pregnancy Exercise. Pregnancy Style.

I actually cannot believe I am typing the last blog of the Alice In Pregnancyland series. (for now haha) I remember chatting To Tahlia about collaborating with me for the #bumpstyle shoots and now here we are at 37 nearly 38 weeks finishing off the bump series. I have really loved building a friendship with Tahlia from @wyldefolkstudio_ while we did the photoshoots she is such a kind hearted person. I now have a friendship for life with her. Not to mention how blessed I was to collaborate with so many gorgeous labels and maternity brands. throughout the 9 months. A huge thank you to everyone that followed the series and continued to send through such beautiful feedback. Big Love to you all.

Pregnancy Emotions

The last few weeks I have been on a emotional roller coaster. I have been so excited to meet the little one, I have had mum guilt with my one on one time with Cruzie, I have cried happy tears and I have cried god knows what tears. To me having a good cry really does help me just let it all out, breathe and then let it go. All these new emotions feel like it’s my heart is expanding and I am ready to meet our new little one now.

I finished up work at 36 weeks. Best decision as I was going to work to 37 weeks, the heaviness of nursing and being on my feet got to me a little. So I am so glad to be on maternity leave. It feels so different not having to go to work again. 

I have been making the most of my time with Cruzie too. I have been taking him to singing and reading at the library, reading and extra snuggles at night time, park hangs and babycino dates. I am loving being off work with him again. 

Everyone has been asking how Cruzie has been? Does he know? I think he knows a change is coming. He won’t let anyone rub my belly but David, he pushes their hand away or pulls my top down. We brought him a little dolly and he has been kissing it, changing its nappy, pushing it around in a pram. It’s so cute to watch. I think he will be a great big brother. 

I keep telling myself that I need to slow down as my body is tired, but its true “nesting” is a real thing. I keep thinking of new things to do and clean. I forget to rest and I am on the go all day. Then I have the worse braxton hicks and back ache in the evening. So I should listen to all the advice and just put my feet up. Haha easier said than done though. Plus entertaining my little man. He sleeps well in the afternoon so I should just lay down then and watch some Offspring on tv. Maybe tomorrow? haha.

I went and seen my midwife for a 36 week scan and check up. The cheeky bubbas legs are sitting frog legged but the head is right down there. I keep thinking in my head that the baby will be here early because Cruz came early but I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I discussed my birth plan and what I wanted. My birth plan is to have a natural birth, hopefully not be on the monitor like last time, have a bath or hot shower, use essential oils and just have David in there. David is my rock and he really did help me through the breathing techniques last time. I do still feel anxious about the birth experience and labour but I am just trying not to think about it, what will be will be.

Pregnancy Eating.

With eating I have been a bit all over the place.

I wake up so hungry and have to eat before I go for a walk. For breakfast I normally have smoothies or protein pancakes. Thats its the I just swap it up between the two.

Then for snacks I have almonds, nuts, apple or a bliss ball. Sipping on so much raspberry leaf tea to ha.

Lunch is lots of greens and a source of protein or a chia sourdough with cheese, figs and cucumber sandwich or the same combo on rice cakes.

I am obsessed with Bolognese at the moment with zoodles (zucchini pasta), I am addicted love it. I also love white fish or salmon with greens for dinner, I have gone off all brown rice and sweet potato probably because my belly already fills so fall at night.

Cravings – organic milk chocolate from Flannerys Health Shop … YUM!!!!

Pregnancy Exercise

Walking 30-45minutes around the block (filled with hills) but very slowly as I get pelvic pressure. I put my podcast on and enjoy the metime I love it. Makes me feel better. I love doing about 20-40 push ups daily on the kitchen bench and 20 squats on the shower too. About 3 times a week I use my little 2kg weights and do a little arm workout too. If I have having an exhausting day I just don’t exercise at all. Maybe just do a stretch. The last week I have really slowed down, but thats okay, my body needs the rest.

Pregnancy Style

So besides loose boho styles and a few tight comfortable maternity dresses I have been living in maternity leggings and a jumper. Argh so comfy. I do love dressing up the bump, but I feel my wardrobe has become very limited and don’t really want to add to it till the baby is here. 

For this #bumpstye shoot I wore a dress I purchased for a hens day a few months back. Its called the FAWN WRAP DRESS and I brought it from the @theselfstyler online. Guess what they just restocked it too. You can buy it HERE. Its perfect to take you through your pregnancy journey and will be great for breastfeeding too. Its not actually a maternity dress but it should be its so comfortable.

Tahlia and I decided for the last bump photoshoot we would find a beautiful spot with long grass (secret location) and invite David and Cruz to come along for some family photos. We had a lovely afternoon watching the sunset and Tahlia came with her family too, so nice. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Thank you again for reading. 

Big Love,

Alice (in healthyland) xoxo

Packing my hospital & baby bag for the labour & birth of my second child. 

Photoshoot photographed and styled by Tahlia @wyldefolkstudio_

Sponsored by Baby Luno & Storksak 

Storksak Noa Baby Bag. Available from Baby Luno.

Packing my hospital bag for my first pregnancy was very exciting. I Pinterested all these hospital bag lists and I was so excited with what I packed into my suitcase, ready for my babies arrival. When the time came, my husband grabbed the bags and brought them to hospital with us. I thought I was so organised, but boy was I wrong. I had really over packed! I had so much stuff that I actually couldn’t find what I needed, when I needed it. I had to much of the stuff I didn’t need and not enough of what I actually really needed. I was so overwhelmed. So I made a promise to myself that next time I would pack a little lighter and bring more of the essentials rather than all the extras.

I have put together a list of what I need and wished I had put in the first time, for both my hospital bag and my babies nappy bag.

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Candice Williams -The Working Mumma #showtherealyou

I had a few weeks off from the #showtherealyou segment on my blog, I really missed it. I love that I get to interview women around the world that we can all relate to or learn from. Not only do the woman I have featured, inspire me daily to be the best version of myself , but they teach me that it’s okay to fail as long as you pick yourself back up and work hard to chase your dreams. 

This week I choose to feature a dear (Insta) friend of mine – Candice Williams AKA @theworkingmumma. I followed Candice, after she would continuously write kind, meaningful words on my posts daily. She constantly lifted my spirits when I needed and I would see her spreading continuous encouragement to other mummas and fitness bloggers that I followed. She has a huge heart and she bares all across her social media platforms. 

I love watching her journey, I know you will to. 

Here is my 10minutes with Candice…

Firstly, can you tell us more about your Instagram name Instagram and how you chose it? I love it, I think it totally suits you. 

Oh thanks! Well when I decided to a blog, this name instantly came to me. ‘The Working Mumma’ describes me and what kind of mummy I want to be. Before having William I worked 60-70hrs per week, slowing to a 35-40hr week at 33weeks pregnant because I fainted at work and my DR requested I ‘slowed down’ so working is important to me and I am lucky that I absolutely love my job. It also describes what my blog will be about one day too.

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about yourself and what your page/blog is all about? 

Well, I am a 27 (nearly 28!) year old who’s from Melbourne, I absolutely love the beach and would LOVE to move to Queensland one day, even just for a year. I love the sunshine and hot weather. One of my favourite places to visit is Port Douglas, I have been there upwards for 20 times in the last 14 years. I am a first time mummy to a beautiful little man, William who I call turtle. I am recently engaged so I am adding “party planner” onto my job description! I am a nurse and LOVE my job. I often find myself dreaming of overseas holidays, I want my family to be well travelled. I am a people person, but also have anxiety, so I am either really out there or quiet depending on how I am feeling. Family is so important to me and I want twins one day! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Nikes, Disney and the rainbow.

My blog right now is about my journey from pregnancy to motherhood but ultimately what I wanted to show with it, is that I CAN be a mum and work at the same time, I want mums to know that if you have a dream, you can achieve it. No matter what your dream is, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, I had SO many people kept telling me while I was pregnant that I couldn’t have both of labels, career women and mother, so my goal is to show that you can. You can do whatever it is that you want and be a great mummy too. I will share how I juggle my life, the triumphs and the down days. And to keep sharing my life as a mother because I love the supportive mummy community that IG offers. It is honestly amazing.

As a busy mumma what is your go to workout? How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I have the Ashy Bines Booty Program app on my phone and that is my go-to workout! I love it because I can do most of them at home! I aim for 3 workouts per week and 3 walks per week as well. I would LOVE to do more but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself and set myself up for failure. I try and do 1 or 2 yoga sessions a week as well, for me, moving my body is essential to keep my mental health in check.

Favourite activewear? 

Hands down – Lorna Jane! I walk into her store and just want one of everything! My goal for my work out wardrobe is to have one in every colour of the rainbow of tights, crop tops and singlets, my fiancé thinks I am crazy, and he’s probably right! I am obsessed with Nikes as well!

When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through? 

Good questions because today is one of those days! I actually wrote a blog about how to cope with a bad day not long ago. I find the best way to cope is to have acceptance that it is happening, I then just keep telling myself that the day will end, he will eventually settle and everything will be ok again. I also throw all the rules of being a mummy out of the window, if he wants to be held all day – fine, if he wants to watch tv on the couch with me – fine, if he wants his breastmilk in the bottle instead of from the boob – fine. Anything goes when having a bad day! Reaching out to other mummy friends for support is also a great way to cope and get through it.

Favourite quote or mantra? 

You can’t keep doing the same things and except to get the same results.”

This has been essential for me and my personal growth. It’s so important to re-evaluate all aspects of your life, if something isn’t making you happy or you’re not getting the outcome you want, you need to find out why. I have, at times, really needed to reflect on myself and see that I need to change my plans, change my eating, change my attitude, whatever it may be, to get the result I am after.
Never look back” is another one. I actually have a tattoo of this on the back of my leg. It got my through a really tough period of my life when I hit rock bottom personally and needed to pull myself back up. I had to stop looking back on my past – I couldn’t change it, I had to keep looking forward.

Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go? 

Yes I do! Ever since Will was about 2 weeks old we have been having date nights. I LOVE spending time with just Kyle and I, we really enjoy having a few hours away from Will. It makes us such a better parents, better people and allows us to feel like the ‘old’ us again. It gives Kyle and I a chance to reconnect and gives our parents some bonding time with the baby. Kyle and I have grown so much closer since having Will, we feel like a new couple just starting to date again. I was told that a baby changes your relationship and luckily for us, it has made it 10 times better!

Proud mumma moment since Having william? 

When he learnt how to giggle! The day he learnt how to giggle, I sat on the floor with him for a good 2 hours sitting there laughing with him, I have never felt so proud in my whole life!

Something you do for yourself? 

Working out! I love exercising and I use it as my time to unwind and get all my frustrations out. I am always happier when leaving the gym, it also makes me feel accomplished and that I am nailing mum life! I also feel guilty about going and spending money or doing other things for myself – mother’s guilt bah! But going to the gym not only benefits me, it benefits my family and it will one day show William a healthy way of living.

Who inspires you? 

My 3 best friends inspire me. They are 3 very different, but totally amazing and beautiful people; one is a business owner and she inspires me with her achievements and dedication to her profession, one is a mother of 4, she is the best mother you have ever met and she is also working really hard to start her career and the other is a intensive care nurse who is just doing amazing things in the nursing field, she is also the most kind hearted person I have ever met. They say that you become who you are because of the people you surround yourself with, so I am pretty lucky!
Ashy Bines and Chontel Duncan inspire me as well, they are hard working business women, they want to help people, they live and breath healthy living and appear to be such beautiful women, they are my working momma crushes!

Dream job? 

I want to own my own business one day, I have done a post graduate degree in cosmetic nursing and would love to open a business doing Botox and Fillers! I’ll get there eventually – watch this space

Love Candice as much as I do. 

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Facebook – The Working Mumma

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My birthing story written by @themidwifemumma. 

Welcome to the birth of precious baby Cruz, delivered by his beautiful Mumma Alice. I stumbled across Alice’s Instagram (@aliceinhealthyland) when I first started @themidwifemumma. We had mutual friends and many were reposting and praising her healthy eating and lifestyle. In other words, I was a bloated post partum mum seeking some motivation and she gave it to me. From then on, I would regularly visit Alice’s page (yes like a stalker) when I was tossing up rice bubbles for breakfast orrrrrr one of Alice’s super healthy ‘sweet potato pancakes’ – and yes this is a breakfast meal. If you think that is healthy, wait until you see her placenta granola breakfast bars, they are delicious (ok that is a joke).. but seriously she is VERY motivational when it comes to nourishing your body, something that I definitely need to do more of. Definitely guilty of this.
In true healthy Alice style, she exercised, swam and kept active right up to the day she gave birth at 37 weeks and 5 days where her little babe decided it was time to meet his parents. The lovely Alice did a stellar job bringing her babe into this world and it goes like this..

 At 2:00am on the 15th of October 2015, while Alice was dreaming away in bed, she woke up to her waters breaking (this is the classic time for your waters to break by the way..something about those little night hormones going wild in your body). After moments of denial and realizing she in fact hadn’t ‘wet’ her pants (let’s be honest we all think this at least once during pregnancy) she made her way to hospital where it was confirmed her membranes had ruptured and told to go home and rest (yeah right – I M P O S S I B L E). Have you ever heard of adrenaline? It clings to you like glad wrap and makes it hard to relax. And breathe. And relax. And breathe. Yeah No. You get the picture… But Alice being super calm and relaxed as she is, decided she was more then happy with this plan and ventured back home at all hours of the morning until she reached her driveway and realised it couldn’t just be her waters saturating her pants. She was sitting in a pool of blood. Oh dear… Oh no. It is never fun receiving these calls as a Midwife.
In a state of panic, back to hospital Alice rushes (secretly freaking out – hello again adrenaline) where she underwent ultrasounds which confirmed baby and placenta were fine, but none the less, was told by Doctors that a Caesarian Section would be the safest mode of delivery as her blood loss was unexplained. Alice, in shock, all the while trusting her body (you go girlfriend), pleaded with her Midwife for a natural birth. To at least try anyway. Big hats off to you Alice, it always impresses me when women take a stance for what they believe in. Doctors finally agreed to give Alice a bit more time to see if she would commence labouring naturally. By 1:00pm (11 hours after waters breaking) Alice began contracting, nothing regular (like a typical posterior baby), but they were definitely there. You can ask Alice’s back. Alice could sense doctors were watching the clock and once again a caesarian was discussed or she could have her labour augmented by the Syntocinon drip. Baby was always super happy so of course Alice was going to keep going. Labour is a marathon remember.
This was an easy choice for Alice, especially given that she is a nurse so was very familiar with the operating theatre and her desire to keep well away from it. The drip was commenced, and in true ‘jungle juice’ fashion, the contractions continued to roll on in, stronger and faster then before.
Alice remained an active labourer for 17 long hours until the pain in her back could no longer be tolerated. Her legs were jelly, her body was tired, she knew she had been through enough as agreed by her husband and midwife. At 7cm Alice received her epidural and managed some rest. The pain was gone but the pressure was intensifying as expected from the head descending deep through the pelvis into the vagina. Alice knew it was time to push and meet her baby.
45 minutes of minutes of pushing felt like a lifetime, especially when you are so desperate meet your baby and find out its sex. Alice said she was so eager to “touch, smell and see those little eyes”.. gosh doesn’t that take you back to when you met your baby for the first time? That gives me butterflies! After 20 long hours, at 10:02pm Alice and her husband Dave, along with Alice’s student midwife (now a wonderful friend) Jo, welcomed their son ‘Cruz David Bingham’ into their arms weighing a teeny 3070 grams of pure perfection. From birth, Cruz has breastfed like a little champion (with the help of lactation consultants), sleeps like a little prince (good work bubba) and his mumma Alice has taken to motherhood like it is all she has ever known.

Alice is no different to you and I. She is an inspiring mum who did a wonderful job birthing her gorgeous son Cruz. As Alice continues to share her journey as a new mumma I am sure we can all sympathise and relate with her highs (baby smiles, baby giggles and baby babble) and lows (poo explosions, tough days feeding and minimal sleep). So, if you are like me and you want some daily fitness, healthy eating, and motherhood inspo, check out Alice and her blog @aliceinhealthyland. She is such a caring person, who kindly shares her delicious recipes and is always happy to answer your questions. After all, let’s remember that this ‘Birth of the Week’ blog is all about understanding women, supporting them and sharing your own experiences so we can all relate.

Happy Birthing Mumma’s!

Amelia X