Packing my hospital & baby bag for the labour & birth of my second child. 

Photoshoot photographed and styled by Tahlia @wyldefolkstudio_

Sponsored by Baby Luno & Storksak 

Storksak Noa Baby Bag. Available from Baby Luno.

Packing my hospital bag for my first pregnancy was very exciting. I Pinterested all these hospital bag lists and I was so excited with what I packed into my suitcase, ready for my babies arrival. When the time came, my husband grabbed the bags and brought them to hospital with us. I thought I was so organised, but boy was I wrong. I had really over packed! I had so much stuff that I actually couldn’t find what I needed, when I needed it. I had to much of the stuff I didn’t need and not enough of what I actually really needed. I was so overwhelmed. So I made a promise to myself that next time I would pack a little lighter and bring more of the essentials rather than all the extras.

I have put together a list of what I need and wished I had put in the first time, for both my hospital bag and my babies nappy bag.

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#behindthelabel @hellomonday_active

hello monday active to me is a luxe yet functional active wear label. I love that it is created for mummas on their postpartum fitness journey or breastfeeding mummas yet you feel super stylish wearing their pieces. I recently put their essentials crop and their essentials t through some high intensity fitness classes and jogging. 

The essentials crop provided ultimate support for my breastfeeding boobies yet it was super comfortable. I love the style of the back of the crop, you could wear stringy straps singlets  or open back tops to showed off the modern style. You can breastfeed in the top with discrete clips on the straps. Even post breastfeeding I still wear it to the gym as I just love the style so much. It has adjustable straps which is perfect as my boobs have struck since I stopped feeding, so I can fit the bra better to suit my new size. 

The essentials t is totally my style, I have worn this nemorous times. Not only just to the gym either, I just love the sporty luxe feel of the t and it has a discrete no fuss feeding opening that is camouflaged with the stripes feed your little one if need be so it’s perfected teamed with the crop. My t has been put through burpees at the gym and has wondered the shops with a pair of jeans it’s just so versitle. I have the stripes but I am loving the new khaki colour. Hmmm Christmas list? Hahaha! 

I love the label so much that I wanted to share with you a little bit more about the label and the 3 people behind hello monday active, Kirsty, Carl and Lou. Seriously jump online and give them a follow because they are all genuine and so helpful. 

Can you tell us a little more about the label @hellomonday_active
The debut hello monday “the essentials collection”comprises a smart, four-piece range including a crop, a tee, a tank and full-length tights – the perfect wardrobe for the modern mum on the run. Each hello monday item features hard-working fabric in an on-trend monochrome palette of black, white, grey and stripes.

We are striving to create stylish activewear label that blends seamlessly into your pre-baby wardrobe, doesn’t scream ‘I’m breastfeeding’ and looks awesome with your favourite kicks.


What drove you to create the label, Hello Monday Active?
Over a brunch in North Bondi on Australia Day, 2015, Lou shared her frustration at not being able to find what she was looking for. When Lou was looking for things that were specifically suited to her in that period of her life, they were a little bit off mainstream trends and didn’t look like the rest of the clothes she wanted to wear.
Her options were to either wear clothes that she wasn’t really happy with or to stretch and ruin clothes that she did like.
We asked around, and seeing a bit of a niche in the Australian market thought ‘we should give it a go’.
Over many beach dates, more brunches and an impressive WhatsApp conversation we were at a point that we were excited to launch in July 2016.
What’s the story behind the name Hello Monday Active? I love it! 
We wanted a name to reflect our positive, fresh intent for the business. a name that celebrated this new and exciting period of a woman’s life. hello monday is about a different time in your life, a time when mondays are different.
hello = fresh, positive and bright
monday = a new start, a fresh beginning, a new week ahead
wake up and say hello monday!
The 2016 “the essentials collection” has taken off, how are you feeling about your new journey so far?
We’ve been blown away by the response so far. We were really confident in the quality and design, but the chance to meet customers and talk to people about our small but mighty range at the One Fine Baby Fair in Melbourne, and the Essential Baby and Toddler show in Sydney was a real highlight. We’ve got big plans for the coming months and years!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?
Kirsty – I personally love our tights. Even as a non-Mum, I love the specially designed compression high waist that holds you in in all the right places. We’ve had feedback from women who have lived in these all winter and call them their ‘feel good tights’ and others who have had the confidence to return to Pilates or higher intensity training without the fear of their top riding up (while tackling those burpees!). Empowering women to do the things they love by making them feel amazing is what it’s all about. I’m really excited that we’ve just launched our 3/4 tights with the same high waist this week too.
Lou – My favourite is the crop. I’ve been breastfeeding for the past 6 months and have lived in it (talk about great timing!). I know I’m probably biased, but it really is the most comfortable and supportive breastfeeding bra I own. The super soft modal lining is very gentle on my boobs too.
Carl – I’ve been blown away by the response to the T. We wanted to add a T to our debut range, but were genuinely surprised at how hard it was to get each detail right. It’s proven to be quite versatile with customers sharing pics of them wearing it to the gym, out to the park with denim shorts and even jeans and heels for evening outings. It’s also our first product to sell out completely, an awesome sign that our customers are loving it too. We’ve just released it in khaki fatigue, as chosen by our Insta followers, and have a 3rd colour coming out shortly! Watch this space…

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Feeling Like a Yummy Mummy in my Lingerie.


When Cruz was 6 months I decided I would do a little #selflovephotoshoot when I was 10months postpartum. 
So now Cruz is 10 months, here they are. During the last 4 months I have been working on a little self love project with myself. To teach myself to be proud of my body and its achievements. I no longer want to waste my breath on self hate chat in the mirror. Instead I will preach love. The rules of the photoshoot was to no make up, just a little lipstick, just a home camera  job (nothing fancy), no photoshop or filters. I have nourished my body with good foods, moved my body in some way everyday since the birth and rest when I need too. So hey why not be super proud of my body and my son.

I contacted Robyn from @yummy_mummy_lingerie to be apart of the shoot as I absolutely love her underwear she sells. It’s comfortable, its fits my new mum shape and I feel good in it. She has been wonderful and so supportive of my mum journey. I think its only fair that I share some love in return and tell you all about the woman behind  Yummy Mummy Lingerie?

Why did you decide to start Yummy Mummy Lingerie?

Hubby and I decided to become foster carers in 2013 so I gave up my career in health to become a full time mum, but knew I’d need to find a family friendly business to work in as well. We had tried for many years to have a family and had only been blessed with one son, who is the light of our lives. We decided that we would like to grow our family and we knew that there were so many little ones needing a loving home so we decided to embark on the fostering journey.

It was a serious commitment to make, as caring for a baby would mean that one of us would need to give up our current career and be home to care for bub and allow for the vital bonding to occur. However, once bub settled in with our family and I had time to think about work again, I starting looking for opportunities. The first day I looked for an online businesses to buy I found what I was looking for in Yummy Mummy Lingerie.

It was meant to be! I just loved the idea of offering beautiful and practical maternity lingerie to new mums and mums-to-be in a super convenient way and helping make their pregnancy and breastfeeding experience as comfortable as possible. We were lucky enough to be able to purchase the business and now I happily work from home doing something I love, whilst being able to be there for my boys.

Best selling product on the website?

My best selling range at the moment would definitely be the Cadenshae Maternity Activewear range. The best selling style in this range for Yummy Mummy Lingerie is the Ultimate Nursing Bra which is designed for larger busted mamas. They have literally been running out the door J

The other range that sells really well is Cantaloop. They are really great quality and super comfortable as they are seamless. They are also well priced which makes them in reach for the many mums who hesitate or are unable to spend too much money on themselves.

What is the most common question you get asked  by women when buying underwear?

It’s more of a statement than a question but the most common thing I hear from my customers is– “I am not sure what size I am”. This is not surprising is it as our bodies are undergoing the most amazing transformation J  So don’t be worried if you don’t know – you are not alone J My response is to ask a few simple questions so that we can work out together what size would be best for them now and some styles that would suit that particular mums needs.

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Bra and Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blush Cotton Candy Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Maternity and Nursing Bra – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Bra and Underwear – Cake Blue Cotton Candy Maternity Brief

Mums + Bubs Date.

Today Cruz and I went on a picnic with other new mummies and their little bubs.

I always love catch ups with other mummas, as you can relate to them. I always leave the play dates feeling confident about motherhood and you know you are not alone. We are in this together. I love watching our babies grow together as well! Every week they are ticking off little milestones. Such clever babies. It’s a little heart breaking seeing some of them teething.

We had a healthy morning tea, chatted and took our babes for a swim.

Thank you for the photos Lauren from Hunter and Rose Lifestyle so lucky we have you to snap these happy memories.

I made these, healthy, organic banana muffins.



The recipe is as followed..

250g organic oats, 5 tbsp coconut flour, 2 eggs, 1tsp cinnamon, 1tsp vanilla essence, 3 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 chopped banana.
You can add a scoop of vanilla protein if you wish.

Blend all ingredients.
Preheat oven to 180degrees.
Scoop into mini muffin trays.
Makes about 8-10 cakes.
Cook for 30-40min depending on the oven.