Alice In Pregnancyland #32weeks-38weeks

Pregnancy Emotions. Pregnancy Eating. Pregnancy Exercise. Pregnancy Style.

I actually cannot believe I am typing the last blog of the Alice In Pregnancyland series. (for now haha) I remember chatting To Tahlia about collaborating with me for the #bumpstyle shoots and now here we are at 37 nearly 38 weeks finishing off the bump series. I have really loved building a friendship with Tahlia from @wyldefolkstudio_ while we did the photoshoots she is such a kind hearted person. I now have a friendship for life with her. Not to mention how blessed I was to collaborate with so many gorgeous labels and maternity brands. throughout the 9 months. A huge thank you to everyone that followed the series and continued to send through such beautiful feedback. Big Love to you all.

Pregnancy Emotions

The last few weeks I have been on a emotional roller coaster. I have been so excited to meet the little one, I have had mum guilt with my one on one time with Cruzie, I have cried happy tears and I have cried god knows what tears. To me having a good cry really does help me just let it all out, breathe and then let it go. All these new emotions feel like it’s my heart is expanding and I am ready to meet our new little one now.

I finished up work at 36 weeks. Best decision as I was going to work to 37 weeks, the heaviness of nursing and being on my feet got to me a little. So I am so glad to be on maternity leave. It feels so different not having to go to work again. 

I have been making the most of my time with Cruzie too. I have been taking him to singing and reading at the library, reading and extra snuggles at night time, park hangs and babycino dates. I am loving being off work with him again. 

Everyone has been asking how Cruzie has been? Does he know? I think he knows a change is coming. He won’t let anyone rub my belly but David, he pushes their hand away or pulls my top down. We brought him a little dolly and he has been kissing it, changing its nappy, pushing it around in a pram. It’s so cute to watch. I think he will be a great big brother. 

I keep telling myself that I need to slow down as my body is tired, but its true “nesting” is a real thing. I keep thinking of new things to do and clean. I forget to rest and I am on the go all day. Then I have the worse braxton hicks and back ache in the evening. So I should listen to all the advice and just put my feet up. Haha easier said than done though. Plus entertaining my little man. He sleeps well in the afternoon so I should just lay down then and watch some Offspring on tv. Maybe tomorrow? haha.

I went and seen my midwife for a 36 week scan and check up. The cheeky bubbas legs are sitting frog legged but the head is right down there. I keep thinking in my head that the baby will be here early because Cruz came early but I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I discussed my birth plan and what I wanted. My birth plan is to have a natural birth, hopefully not be on the monitor like last time, have a bath or hot shower, use essential oils and just have David in there. David is my rock and he really did help me through the breathing techniques last time. I do still feel anxious about the birth experience and labour but I am just trying not to think about it, what will be will be.

Pregnancy Eating.

With eating I have been a bit all over the place.

I wake up so hungry and have to eat before I go for a walk. For breakfast I normally have smoothies or protein pancakes. Thats its the I just swap it up between the two.

Then for snacks I have almonds, nuts, apple or a bliss ball. Sipping on so much raspberry leaf tea to ha.

Lunch is lots of greens and a source of protein or a chia sourdough with cheese, figs and cucumber sandwich or the same combo on rice cakes.

I am obsessed with Bolognese at the moment with zoodles (zucchini pasta), I am addicted love it. I also love white fish or salmon with greens for dinner, I have gone off all brown rice and sweet potato probably because my belly already fills so fall at night.

Cravings – organic milk chocolate from Flannerys Health Shop … YUM!!!!

Pregnancy Exercise

Walking 30-45minutes around the block (filled with hills) but very slowly as I get pelvic pressure. I put my podcast on and enjoy the metime I love it. Makes me feel better. I love doing about 20-40 push ups daily on the kitchen bench and 20 squats on the shower too. About 3 times a week I use my little 2kg weights and do a little arm workout too. If I have having an exhausting day I just don’t exercise at all. Maybe just do a stretch. The last week I have really slowed down, but thats okay, my body needs the rest.

Pregnancy Style

So besides loose boho styles and a few tight comfortable maternity dresses I have been living in maternity leggings and a jumper. Argh so comfy. I do love dressing up the bump, but I feel my wardrobe has become very limited and don’t really want to add to it till the baby is here. 

For this #bumpstye shoot I wore a dress I purchased for a hens day a few months back. Its called the FAWN WRAP DRESS and I brought it from the @theselfstyler online. Guess what they just restocked it too. You can buy it HERE. Its perfect to take you through your pregnancy journey and will be great for breastfeeding too. Its not actually a maternity dress but it should be its so comfortable.

Tahlia and I decided for the last bump photoshoot we would find a beautiful spot with long grass (secret location) and invite David and Cruz to come along for some family photos. We had a lovely afternoon watching the sunset and Tahlia came with her family too, so nice. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Thank you again for reading. 

Big Love,

Alice (in healthyland) xoxo

Packing my hospital & baby bag for the labour & birth of my second child. 

Photoshoot photographed and styled by Tahlia @wyldefolkstudio_

Sponsored by Baby Luno & Storksak 

Storksak Noa Baby Bag. Available from Baby Luno.

Packing my hospital bag for my first pregnancy was very exciting. I Pinterested all these hospital bag lists and I was so excited with what I packed into my suitcase, ready for my babies arrival. When the time came, my husband grabbed the bags and brought them to hospital with us. I thought I was so organised, but boy was I wrong. I had really over packed! I had so much stuff that I actually couldn’t find what I needed, when I needed it. I had to much of the stuff I didn’t need and not enough of what I actually really needed. I was so overwhelmed. So I made a promise to myself that next time I would pack a little lighter and bring more of the essentials rather than all the extras.

I have put together a list of what I need and wished I had put in the first time, for both my hospital bag and my babies nappy bag.

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#showtherealyou Rebecca Carr AKA @becbodymindsoul

So excited to introduce to you all Rebecca Carr. 

I first met Bec at White Bohemian when I was working in store. She used to come in store as a customer and one day we really got chatting about her passion and that is naturopathy, yoga and meditation. This naturally beautiful woman glowed health to me, and I was always so interested to know more about her lifestyle. 

When Bec decided to start her Instagram I was so pleased as she shares so many useful holistic health and wellbeing tips, her knowledge about yoga and meditation and some delicious nourishing recipes with her followers. 

I was so over the moon when she said yes to being apart of my #showtherealyou feature as I know you will love knowing more about this holistic goddess too. 

Sit down and put your feet up. Enjoy the interview with Rebecca Carr AKA @becbodymindspirit

Favorite hot drink?

My fave hot drink at the moment is a Turmeric late. I make my own just before I go to bed & I find it really soothing & nourishing. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. I love to think of my food & drinks as medicine & this is one that I like to include in my day.

Can you tell me who the real Bec is?

Hi my name is Bec, I live on the Southern end of the beautiful Gold Coast with my husband Colin and our three children Sienna -Rose (7), Xander (5) and Hunter(3). I am passionate about holistic health & healing, Yoga & meditation & living a positive lifestyle. I have always been interested in health since I was a teenager & that naturally lead me to study Naturopathy. I have been working as a Naturopath for most of my adult life & I love helping people improve their health & wellbeing.

I am currently consulting from the Golden Door Health Club Main Beach. Where I work 2-3 days a week. I find this is a good balance for me with family life.

I am also a Yoga Teacher & enjoy teaching private lessons from home or the beach. Yoga keeps me calm, centered & grounded. Instead of reaching for a glass of wine to chill out I grab my mat & bliss out. Often with Hunter jumping all over me or trying his best at down ward dog.

I have also been fortunate to learn Qigong meditation and this has really helped me to cope with the pressures & busyness of being a mum, juggling daily life and work.

We live near the beach, & being outdoors is a big part of our lifestyle The beaches are amazing & you will often find me there. It might be for an early morning run & swim ( total bliss ) or on an afternoon walk with the children & the dog.

To keep a good balance with family, home life & work I try to keep the rest of our life pretty simple. We go to the beach, to the creek, we love going to Byron Bay to a great place called the farm, we have yearly passes to crystal castle & the wildlife sanctuary & we go for road trips to waterfalls & the hinterlands. Balance is super important in living a healthy, happy life. Something that I am working towards daily. When I realized that everything doesn’t have to be perfect…that its perfect just the way it is…I started to let go & enjoy my life more.

Tell me about a day in the life of Bec?

Ok, so again with trying to create a balanced life, my hubby Colin & I have alternate training mornings or ‘me time’ mornings & this works out great for us. On a training day I will wake up at 5.45am & go for a soft sand run along the beach for about 5 kms. I may have a dip in the ocean or sit for 10 minutes & meditate. So by this time I’m feeling super proud of myself for getting out of bed & really pumped for a great day. It really sets the energy of the day for me. I will then come home and be tackled by 3 little ones and then make breaky. At the moment I’m enjoying apple cidar vinegar in a glass of warm water followed by my Green Goddess Smoothie. This is loaded with green veges so my body is getting a lot of nutrients & nourishment to start the day.

If it’s a work day I will take the kids to school & kindy and then will go to work. I will always take a nutritious lunch to give me the energy to get through the day. I like to take left overs as its easy to make extra the night before. I also drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day to ensure I stay well hydrated. After I have seen all my lovely clients its time to go and pick the kiddies up from school & kindy.

If it’s not a work day Hunter & I will hang out. This is our special time together while Sienna Rose & Xander are at school. We will keep it simple & go to the beach or park and take a picnic with nourishing healthy food.

I try to keep after school activities to a minimum as this keep the stress down. There is a lot to do with 3 kids as they all have their different needs & they all want my attention. Dinner, bath, bed this is such a busy time of the day for me. AHHH im feeling stressed just writing about it haha.

Then there is me time…Yay! I will practice Yoga, eat a light nutritious dinner, chat with my hubby, meditate ( Colin also did the Qigong course so we meditate together ), one of my biggest luxuries since having kids is to have a long hot shower in peace. I will often light a candle in the bathroom and have some nice organic products to use, this time is a real pamper time for me. Before I go to sleep I like to read, usually only a few pages. And then in comes Hunter…and there is three in the bed!

We will have a date night or date afternoon every couple of weeks where we will go to the beach without the kids and then go for an early dinner. This is our special time together to connect.

I have 1 day to myself each week & I use this time to do something that will nourish my mind, body & soul. I usually have an acupuncture appointment & then go to a Yoga class and finish with a nourishing lunch. I look forward do this day so much & I feel refreshed, recharged & ready for another great week.

What drove you to create your Instagram account?

I started my Instagram account the same time I started working at the Golden Door Health club. It was a way I could connect with like- minded people. My mission is to inspire, empower & motivate others towards optimum health & wellbeing.

You have a big following of amazing women,  what do you think attracts women to your social media platforms?

I think that the fact that I’m showing the real me in day to day life with my children is something that women can relate to. I am a positive person, I enjoy life, I am obsessed with feeling great so my hope is that I can inspire other women towards greater health & vitality. The meals that I post are simple, tasty & nutritious and easy to make. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. I love chocolate as do most women & I think it’s something we can all enjoy. If its raw & made with natural ingredients & love our body is getting a lot of health benefits. I buy all organic food and use only wholefood natural ingredients. It’s very important to me that my children are growing up eating super healthy food as they are growing little bodies & they need it the most. I like to teach them from an early age what is healthy food, about vitamins & why their body needs it. So it becomes part of the norm for them.

You are a mumma and you have your own business? How do you manage the balance between the two.

Finding the balance for me means being organized, prioritizing what is really important, letting go of all the stuff that isn’t, having quality time with myself, my husband and each of my kids.

What is your favourite quote or daily mantra?

I have lots but the one that resonates with me at the moment is

‘I am a warrior not a worrier’

How often do you find time to move your body?

I love to move my body every day. Even when the children where babies I would have all them 3 of them on the stroller going for a walk or run. Now it’s a luxury to

go on the beach by myself in the morning. If I don’t run I will do yoga at home or go to a class once or twice a week.

Something you practice daily for self love?

Is Yoga & meditation. It’s a self love practice for my body mind & soul. It may be a dynamic practice if I have the energy or a soothing yin practice if im tired. Ive learned over the years to listen to what my body needs, to nourish rather than push and that sometimes…less is more.

What is your favourite piece of active wear in your current wardrobe?

Are my dharma bums yoga pants. They are bright & colourful & make me feel happy. They are also lightweight & super comfy.

Go to healthy recipe?

I am just loving my Green Goddess smoothie for breaky at the moment ( recipe on my Insta page ). Its packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fibre. Its also hydrating, alkalizing and a wonderful gut healer.

You can find Bec’s recipe for the smoothie HERE

What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a blog/business?

Find your passion, follow your heart & be yourself! Your vibe will attract your tribe x

Runners or Heels?

Runners, heels are a lifetime ago haha! 

Thank you so much for reading.
Want more from Bec?

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Brittany Scala AKA @fashionable_fitmum #showtherealyou

I was so excited and practically  jumping for joy when Britney approached me to be part of my #showtherealyou segment. (It took me like 3 weeks to get my shot together and finally write her the email of questions as let’s all face it, looking after a Bub and trying to type emails can be hard!) Britt does exactly that everyday, shows the real Britt across her social media platforms. She is REAL and tells you exactly how it is. I love love that about her!

Britt is a personal trainer, inspiring mums to live an active life. She has first hand experience as she is a mum to gorgeous little Millie. Her Instagram page tells stories of motherhood  (my god those photos of Millie are just so damn cute), her own postpartum fitness and wellness journey, motivating quotes, self love, fashion and so much more. Britt is someone that any girl/woman can relate to. I know you will all love her as much as I do. I have met Britt in real life (hahaha) over a Insta bestie catch up, yes she is just as amazing in person! 

Sit down, have a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy 5 minutes with this amazing woman! Although that 5 minutes may turn into hours googling her blog, watching her snaps (getting clucky because Millie is so cute) and reading all her inspiring stories like me hahaha. 
Can you tell myself and my followers why you started @fashionable_fitmum? How did the name come about? 

The name is simply just a combo of what I wanted my page to be about fashion (mainly bub fashion these days), fitness & mum life. 

To be honest Im not 100% happy with the name anymore as I feel that “fit mum” can turn people away because they are worried all they will see is gym posts and my page is more directed towards maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle while living a busy life.

Why did you start your Instagram page? 

I started my Instagram page to help inspire other Mums to start living more active and healthy – I wanted to show them that it is possible to be a new mum and still find time to care for themselves and the importance of doing so. From there it has really developed in to sharing real and honest stories about motherhood from the good to the bad and everything in between. 

I have found through sharing my battles with motherhood, anxiety, depression & body issues and talking about self love I have been able to connect with , help and inspire so many more women than I ever thought possible already and my journey has only just begun! It is amazing and refreshing to see how much people respond to you being real and honest instead of painting a picture of a “perfect” life

I also wanted to give realistic, correct and safe expectations and information regarding postnatal fitness. There is a lot of info out there but a lot of it is also incorrect, unrealistic and unsafe for new mums when they are returning to fitness after giving birth . A womans body has been a lot during pregnancy and birth and it is so important that exercise is done at the right pace and safely to ensure no long term damage. 

You have a beautiful little girl “Millie” What are you loving about #mumlife? 

That’s a tough one! I think for me the best thing about motherhood is how it has changed my perspective on life. I used to suffer very bad from anxiety and body issues but since having my daughter I feel like I know who I am as a person and I am happy and confident with the person I am today. I also love that she has shown me a love that I never thought possible and has brought so much happiness and positivity in my life. 

On a day to day basis I love the little thing about being a Mum like going for a walk with her in the pram, playing in the park and meeting so many like-minded beautiful Mothers (like yourself) who I can now call friends.

Proud mumma moment? 

There are so many proud moments like her first smile, her first laugh, when she started crawling or when I saw her swim alone underwater for the first time but nothing beats the first time I held her in my arms – I was so proud to call her mine.

 Mumma melt down moment? I know I have defiantly had a few?

Millie was an excellent sleeper from birth – she was sleeping 10-12 hours everynight from 8 weeks old but in the last couple of months that has changed and now she rarely if ever sleeps through . I am really struggling to deal with the lack of sleep and getting her in to a routine where she sleeps through so Im finding I am a lot more impatient and tired during the day and I forget EVERYTHING.

What is your idea of a great night out with your girls? 

My idea of a great night is cocktails, wine and tapas at bar. No where too noisy where we can chat and laugh together – BABY FREE! 
 You’re a personal trainer, how important is it to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

I have worked in the fitness industry for a long time now so a healthy lifestyle is not just a lifestyle choice but is my career and I believe that you should always practice what you preach. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing to me – not only for the physical benefits but more so the mental and psychological benefits. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety I fully understand how beneficial being healthy and active is to your overall wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle to me includes not just planned exercise but also healthy nutrition , incidental exercise and looking after my mind through yoga, mediation and counselling. 

Also, as I suffer from IBS and food intolerances I need to ensure my diet is balanced and healthy so that I am not constantly unwell. 

You are one fit mumma! What type of exercises do you do to keep yourself fit? 

Thankyou! I do a combination of different forms of exercise – I try to get to the gym to do weight training 3 times a week, 3-4 F45 sessions ( HIIT style group fitness) plus I walk most days, do some circuits in the park and try to do yoga once a week. 

Most weeks I get this all done but other weeks I don’t make it to the gym or I just need a break so I cut back a bit – I believe its all about listening to your body and having a balanced life!
What do you think attracts women to your site? 

I like to think it’s my honesty and genuine love of helping others. I want women to feel they have the power to do anything they want and I want my site to be a safe place where stories are shared and women can come to feel less alone. I also like to think the information I give regarding health and fitness is understandable, relatable and realistic.

Best moment since starting your page? 

The best moments come away from my main feed when followers send me emails and messages saying thankyou for inspiring them to get active or thanking me for being real. One email that really stands out to me and touches my heart,l I received from a followers Mother ( this lady doesn’t even follow my Instagram) – she sent me the most beautiful email, saying as a mother she wanted to thank me for inspiring her daughter and for being so real and genuine. I couldn’t believe that this woman had taken the time to tell her Mum about me and then her mum took the time to send me such a beautiful message. 

That type of moment is why I spend so much time creating my blog, Instagram and documenting my journey! For me its not about money, “fame” or anything like that for me it is to connect, help and inspire. 

Favourite healthy meal? 

I love, love, love baked salmon or snapper with steamed greens and mashed sweet potatoe! Sounds boring but its my go-to favourite. I also love home made Mexican bowls and any kind of seafood. Because of my intolerances I love things that are simple and fresh! 

Favourite activewear? 

Lorna Jane and Lulu lemon! 

Where do you look for daily inspiration? 

I look for inspiration from other everyday women (like you) who are busy raising children, working or studying but still managing to live a healthy balanced life! 

What is your favourite quote/mantra that you live by? 

This too shall pass!” – my go to mantra in any anxious moments or times

Want to see more of Brittney, check her out on her other platforms. 

Blog – The Fashionable Fit Mum

Instagram – @fashionable_fitmum

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Snapchat code – Brittany_scala