Ulu Hye – Mylk Base

I recently purchased some Nut Mylk Base from Ulu Hye to try for my family. As non dairy milk drinkers in our household, we were going through so many cartons of organic Almond or Coconut Milk. I not only wanted to be more eco friendly with using less wastage, but I wanted to be more cost efficient too. The Ulu Hye range is great value for money as well as one jar makes 10litres. Plus you can use the jar again as it’s the great size to take your breakie to work in. The almond milk we were buying from the health store cost us a fortune, even with organic ingredients the ingredients list was still not great. So I was excited to find Ulu Hye after trying it in my Secret Organics Box.

As you know I love to create recipes with different products, if I love them I love to showcase them with you all. So here are 5 ways I have loved using the Nut or Hemp Mylk…

But first a little bit about the the peeps behind this amazing biz….

Heidi Peuten and Vasia Vogias are the founders of Ulu Hye and their signature product Nut Mylk Base. Nut Mylk Base is a concentrated nut milk, allowing people to make fresh nut milk in the comfort of their home and in only 1 minute. 1 jar makes 10 litres of milk, reducing landfill of 10 cartons, minimising the damaging effect on landfill that long life cartons are currently contributing. Nut Mylk Base and Hemp Mylk Base use Australian Certified Organic ingredients, where possible, and has been holistically created bringing a dairy alternative that is not only better for you but better for the environment.

Founded in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Heidi and Vasia created this concept with a strong focus on health and sustainability.

Both Vasia and Heidi would go through cartons of non-dairy milks per week and were disturbed by the amount of waste they were contributing together. As a result, they created a Mylk Base that they could then add to water, blend and enjoy as a delicious non-dairy milk whenever they wanted. With backgrounds in business and naturopathy, the duo decided to share their passion for health and the environment, through launching products that can contribute to reducing our overall carbon footprint on a global level.

Five ways I have loved to use their Nut or Hemp Mylk…

1. To make bliss balls. I just added a few tablespoons to my favourite cacao blissball mixture. YUM 😋.

2. In smoothies. I just mix in a teaspoon of the hemp or nut Mylk base and just add my favourite smoothie ingredients with some filtered water.

3. In my daily coffee. I make up a few litres of Nut Mylk in the fridge so it’s good to go. Today I made an iced latte with it. Delish!

4. To add to my overnight oats base mixture.

5. In our favourite meals. Here I added it to our daily pancakes and also made healthy Mac and Cashew Cheese.

Want more from Ulu Hye?

Website – https://www.uluhye.com.au/

Instagram- www.instagram.com/ulu_hye

Peanut Butter + Maple Cookies

Peanut Butter + Maple Cookies

I made these cookies for breakfast as I wanted to have a bit of a change from the usual smoothies and porridge. The cookies are completely egg and dairy free. I got them out the oven and within literally 30 minutes, the tribe and I ate them all. None left haha! I guess they were a winner. They were chewy on the outside and soft on the inside, delicious!

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Voome Challenge -$10 A Day Healthy Dinners

Sponsored by Voome




Do you just want to be inspired by new healthy food ideas?

That’s what I love about Voome, it’s designed to target individuals that already have a bit of a grasp on their nutrition and fitness and just need a little motivation maintaining it. With their meal planners, great recipe collections and workout tools, Voome are able to accommodate a whole range of individual appetites and lifestyles.

As a busy working mummy, I love the convenience of the meal plans and shopping lists they have to offer, plus the variety and ability to change recipes and ingredients around if you dislike anything on the plan..

Back to the challenge. On the weekend I hit the supermarket with my printed shopping list (argh thanks Voome for having this tool, it’s seriously the best) and started shopping. I found everything I needed in most of the outside aisles and a few extra bits in the health food aisle.

My goal was to spend just $10 per meal. Depending on what ingredients the meal required, some cost only $8 per dinner and some were nearly $10. My total shopping for the five meals came to $46.40. I am extremely happy with this, David and I eat pretty simply, so we were super excited that it was kind to our bank accounts but we got to try new foods. Plus, we were still sticking to our clean eating goals!

The five dinners that were chosen were – 

Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing 

Rainbow Vegetable Salad

Chicken Rice Bowl

Quinoa, Feta, Lemon & Chilli Stuffed Capsicum 

Burghul & Chickpea Salad with Egg

My favourite was the Chicken rice bowl and David’s was the Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing ( I think that was Cruzies too).

As you can see all the recipes (listed above) from the meal plan have a good mixture of protein, carbs and good fats. This is really important to me so I can acheive my nutritional goals. Each recipe provides you with tips on how to change the recipe up a little, for example if the recipe is made with chicken and you want to change it up, it gives advice as to what other meats will be best suited to the flavours in the dish. It also provides you with tips on how to create the dish in a fast timely manner, this is great for the days when you finish work and the whole family is sitting there “HANGRY” waiting for dinner.

Living on a budget and still creating delicious healthy meals from the Voome fitness and nutritional program was totally achievable for our family. Sticking to our budget definitely will help us financially as we are saving for our family home. So it’s another win for us. Proud to say that I have completed another challenge proving that you can eat healthy yummy foods and easily afford it! Looking forward to meal prepping and planning next weeks meals. My healthy eating habits are back in action!

Want to hear more about Voome? Check them out here: 



 Voome – Aim for progress not perfection! 

Sponsored by Voome

I believe the key to having a healthy relationship with food is nourishing your body with tasty foods that are good for you. You don’t need to starve yourself or deprive yourself. Instead, we all need to learn to eat to live, not live to eat.

We all have those days or weeks when our relationship with food can be a bit shaky and off. Our intentions start off good, we wake up with a goal to make healthy food choices and move our bodies, but then throughout the day we create excuses like “I’m too busy, I don’t have time with work, it’s easier to buy takeaway” etc. However, on these days food should not be the enemy! We need to learn to create a healthy relationship with our mind and the food we’re putting into our bodies. Learning to love your body will help you to understand the importance of feeding it the best fuel.

Self-love and life experience has made me to want to learn more about healthy foods and has given me a passion to help praise it to others. Knowledge is power; the more you learn about what you’re putting in your mouth, the more respect you gain for the healthy foods you eat and feed to your family.

I am a first time mum that has recently returned to work three days a week. Finding the time to move my body and eat nutritious foods is extremely important to me, but can be a challenge at times. I need to keep my energy levels up to keep up with my little man, continue with all the #mumlife housework, go to work and run a blog. My life can be extremely busy! I want my son and future children to learn good habits surrounding food and exercise. I believe that it’s my duty as a mother. I have to make time to create these healthy habits for myself so they too can follow and see these habits as a normal part of life. All the while showing them there needs to be a balance, because there’s more to life than just nutrition and exercise.

I heard about an online health & fitness tool called Voome, which ended up being a great solution to help me achieve my goals. After researching it, I found that it was designed by the same creators of the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge. I am in love!! You will be too. It ticks all the boxes for me!

As I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle and continue on this journey for a lifetime, I believe it can help me achieve this. Voome is not just a quick fix. I love that you can access it online, anywhere and anytime! This is so convenient for me being a busy mumma, as I can workout when Cruz sleeps or early in the morning. It’s so handy, with quick and effective workouts between 10-30 minutes. Not only is it jam-packed with healthy recipes and workouts, you also receive weekly emails with extra tips and motivation to keep you inspired.

One of my favourite things about Voome is that they have created ready made meal plans. There are so many to choose from depending on your lifestyle and how you eat. The meal plans are great for time poor mummies, as they provide you with a bunch of nutritious recipes that can be downloaded straight into shopping lists! This is so handy for me as I love to be organised for the busy week ahead and it gives me more time for cuddles with Cruz. I am currently enjoying making the Apple Muesli for breakfast and the Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges and Avocado Salad from one of the collections (without avo as I’m allergic). The muesli is so easy to prepare, I make it for Cruz and I the night before in a jar.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and seeing what my mind and body can achieve with Voome. I believe it will not only help me smash my goals of self love, maintaining healthy eating and exercising but also help me to find that healthy balance with other aspects of life.

Stay tuned as I will keep you posted on my progress!

Want more from Voome?

Voome webpage Click here

www.instagram.com/voomehq – @voomehq

My Little One Eats #showtherealyou

This weeks #showtherealyou feature is Michelle Tess from https://www.instagram.com/mylittleoneeats/ I have featured this beautiful women on my blog a few times already but thought it would be great if we could all get to know the women behind the blog that little bit more. Michelle is shares her honest motherhood stories, photography skills and delicious recipes with her followers and has a gorgeous daughter that could make anyone smile with her adorable piccies.


Favourite hot drink?

Oohh that’s a toughy. That would have to be a toss up between roasted dandelion tea or warm homemade bone broth. I love the flavour in a roasted dandelion tea, it is just so earthy. When I was pregnant I heated up homemade bone broth every morning and drank it on my drive to work (1.5hour drive… don’t miss that). Bone broth has so many healing properties and the collagen I believe helped with my stretching belly!


Can you tell me who the REAL Michelle Tess is?

If I was to describe myself in three words it would be sensitive, driven & happy.


Honestly the real ‘Michelle Tess’ is an unsure Mum trying to do the best for her family and herself. Plain and simple. There are many more layers to me but that is the crux of it and I like people to know that behind what you see on my IG page, there is a Mum who doesn’t necessarily have her sh*t together.


I have always had a love for fitness and my dream was to represent my country as an adult. I reached my goal as a junior but quickly realised as I went into adulthood that there is so much more to life than training twice a day, 5 times a week. Whilst that dream faded, my love for fitness and health always stuck around. In 2012, I completed my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and while Health Coaching was not for me (listen to your gut & don’t just do things because you feel you have to), the principles and lesson learnt were so valuable to me.


My husband and I turned our nutritional lives around. We started to rely on our garden, local and organic produce to sustain our diets.

We now live on 10 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland. We have a happy 1 year old daughter, 2 cows, 20 chickens and a very large veggie patch.


Tell me about a day in the life of Michelle?


I usually wake to the murmurs of my LittleOne at around 5.30am. I bring her into bed the me where she plays with her toys, usually wacking me in the face repeatedly with her plastic phone.


I breastfeed her and then we get changed to walk up and down my street, I am sure my followers are over me capturing my morning walk but we usually say hi to the horses, geese and wallabies as we walk past them.


We come inside, eat breakfast and then play until she goes down for her first nap at 9am.


When she wakes, she has her bottle and then we usually head out for a few hours to meet up with her bubba friends, catch up with Grandparents or do really boring mum stuff.


She goes down for her second nap at 2pm. When she wakes she has a breastfeed and then we eagerly await at the mailbox for her father to arrive home….. Usually my arms are stretched out saying ‘Take her’ if it has been a rough day.


We play, cook/eat dinner & have a bath before putting her to bed around 7pm. I then eat, watch some trashy TV, plan my food shoots/recipes and get to bed by 9.30pm.


What drove you to create your My Little One Eats?

Being a new mum can leave you without a sense of purpose (for yourself). As mentioned above I have always been very driven and whilst I do enjoy the Mum gig, I felt I had lost myself in all of it.


I spoke with my mummy friend Mel and we were talking about how difficult it can be getting ideas for recipes with a baby who is just starting solids. That day I went home and started ‘MyLittleOneEats’ where I was documenting recipes that were of help to me.

For my 29th Birthday I got a new DSLR camera and fell in love with the art of shooting food. BAM…. purpose had arrived. I love the whole process of food photography and am learning all I can by reading books, watching tutorials and experimenting as often as I can.


What do you think attracts mumma’s to your site?

I think beautiful images may bring many people to my page. I hope they then quickly think ‘WOW, the recipe for that beautiful image is so simple, delicious and healthy”. I hope people enjoy the simplicity of my recipes and the realness of my stories.


Favourite quote or mantra?


You gotta stop watering dead plants.


Don’t be afraid to let go of what doesn’t serve you in order to give love to the things and people that do!


How often do you find the time to move your body?

Not as often as I used to pre-baby. I try to go for a walk up and down my hilly street six times a week. It is about a 25 minute walk which is great for exercise but absolutely clears my mind too!


Go to healthy recipe for the family?

Cold Rice Paper Rolls.

I can’t claim this recipe but you can include so many veggies in one roll. I love it!

Wet rice paper roll, add vermicelli noodles, mince, sliced egg, kale, sprouts, cucumber, capsicum, mint, coriander and crushed nuts. Add a little sauce of your choice, I used tamari.


As a mumma how do you find time to juggle your blog, Instagram and #mumlife?


Planning my week is key. I try to have my Dad/Mum come and hang out with my daughter on one day of the week, which is normally when I cook/shoot 2-3 recipes. I then edit the photos and create my website content in the evening once my daughter is in bed.


If I didn’t love what I was doing it would be a struggle. But the fact is, I love connecting with other mums and love creating images and content that inspire others.


What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a blog/business?


Do it because you love it, not because you want to make money or be famous. Being fake bleeds through every word and people will pick up on it instantly. Find what makes you excited and makes you want to go to the library and read about it. If you’re not sure what that is, keep looking and just follow your bliss.


Want more from Michelle ?

Instagram – @mylittleoneeats