#showtherealyou Caroline Fenton AKA @avidivababy

It has been lovely having a little break from blogging but my gosh I have missed it. I truly enjoy writing, even though I have never been great at it. My teachers always said that I write exactly how I talk haha. True, but that's the beauty of blogging, you write in the style you want too, it's your blog.

One of the segments on my blog that I truly love sharing with you all is my #showtherealyou segment where I get to feature some amazing people and interview them about themselves. I learn so much from these inspiring people.

So this week I am kicking back off the #showtherealyou feature with the gorgeous Caroline Fenton. Caroline is a cappuccino loving women (as am I), that is a wife to her hubby Tony, a mumma to a handsome little boy Alfie, a wifey and a business owner to the most adorable mums and bubs online store @avidivababy.

So put your feet up with your hot drink of choice and take 10minutes to sit down and read about this gorgeous women…


Favourite hot drink? 

Definitely coffee. A good hot frothy cappuccino, the more choc powder sprinkles the better.

Can you tell me who the REAL Caroline Fenton is? 

The REAL me!? Well that’s a question!! I am a Brit, living in Perth with my hubby, our little boy Alfie (now 2.5yo!) and our cat, Tony. We’ve been in Aus for 9 years… after living in Brisbane and Port Hedland, we’ve finally settled (well, maybe!) in Perth. My background is in Psychology and Marketing but I have also been an English Teacher, a Project Manager, an Exec Assistant, and now a mummy! Being a SAHM, I wanted to start up something that was for me, and that is how Avidiva came about.


I love a good café, and a breaky out and ending the day on the sofa with Lindt and Netflix. I love the outdoors, exploring and travelling – all things I don’t do enough of these days! I love cooking but go through phases as to how much I do, and also how well we eat!! If I’m on my own, I’m mostly found attached to my laptop… otherwise, you’ll find me picnicking in the park with my boy!


Tell me about a day in the life of Caroline?

For the last few months, this looks like… being woken up by Alfie at some crazy hour (I try not to accept anything before 6am from him!!). We then have a few tantrums over cold feet (but not wanting socks on!) and which bowl is acceptable to eat weetbix from, and which one of 20 spoons will be ok to use! We usually put some tunes on, have a cup of tea, and then get ready for the day. If it’s a daycare day, then I pack up our bags (me with my laptop!) and get out the door asap… drop the little tinker off, then head to yoga. Sometimes a coffee with a friend, or a biz catch up, then back home or chill out in a café to work, email, blog, post social media content, source suppliers, update the site, run ads…you name it! A trip to the post office before daycare pick up, then home for the usual dinner, bath, bed routine before collapsing on the sofa!


What drove you to create your business @avidivababy?

My little boy was born early at 30 weeks (my membranes ruptured at 22 weeks), so between that and his NICU stay, we spent almost 6 months living at the hospital. A crazy and scary time. Pretty emotional and super tiring! My start to mum life was not the best. As we gradually got used to each other, the anxiety, and the sleepless nights, I decided I wanted to do something for myself that wasn’t ‘being mum’ and also something that could reach out and connect with other mamas. I have created an ever evolving collection of beautiful (I think!) and all natural products for bubs, and am working on creating our community through The Mum Collective too I wanted to raise a bit of awareness and an easy way to shop natural alternatives, being so important for vulnerable little ones. Not with a big agenda, or any huge eco conscience… just a place for mums to source stylish, natural products and for friends to gift too.

Winter Rose with her Finn & Emma Rattle Lovie KELLAN ELEPHANT comfort toy (pictured above).

Winter Rose with some of the natural balms Avidiva have to offer to help your little one sleep and be calm you and relax (pictured below).

We love using Kiss Ready Baby Natural Relax Balm and Badger Balm ORGANIC BABY BALM.


What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a new business? 

To go for it! It is so rewarding. You learn so much. It’s great fun wearing all the different hats. It is also by no means easy, it’s not a money fixer and it’s not without hard work. If you are able to, or have the opportunity to, then it really is a great experience! Find something that makes your heart happy and give it the best shot you can…


What is your favourite quote or mantra? 

Ooooh… maybe ‘don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’. It can be applied to everything and a lovely reminder to just be who we are, exactly as we are!


How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I used to be a BIG fitness fan. I would run almost every morning, and teach Les Mills classes at the local gym. I would run half marathons, and triathlons, swim in my lunch break… loved it all!! After pregnancy complications and not such great health, I cut back completely and forced myself to take it easy. Plenty of walks for me! Nowadays I am a little bit obsessed with yoga (something I never had the time for pre bub!). We get out on walks and bike rides as a family, but no crazy gym classes for me!


Favourite activewear?

Just leggings and a tee – simple here!


Something you practice daily? 

Eating chocolate, tee hee! I try to get to yoga as much as I can.


What does self love mean to you? 

Just listening to your body. Not pushing yourself or beating yourself up. Not trying to be all things, or something you are not. Taking time to enjoy the little things.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all a little more about yourself and your family Caroline.

Want more from Caroline?

Website / https://www.avidiva.com.au

Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/avidivababy

Big Love

Alice xoxo

Airey Yoga Mumma #showtherealyou

Sophie Airey is mother of two gorgeous girls and is passionate about health and fitness. This is what drew me to Sophie’s page. We shared similar interests, plus she has made a few of my recipes. I love following Sophie, seeing her updates and photos of her yoga progress, healthy food, workouts and her family. Sophie’s  Instagram @aireyogamumma also shares her journey as she heals from postnatal abdominal separation, a medical condition many can relate too post baby.


Here is 5 minutes of Questions and Answers with Sophie Airey.


1.Can you tell me a little more about your Instagram name “aireyogamumma” how did it come about?
To be honest, I’m not really sure how it came about haha I was scrolling through different yogi’s IG names and every one that I thought of had been taken, so I decided to go with my married name, Airey 🙂 I wanted people who saw it to know it was a yoga account because that’s really what it started as. I used to be aireyyogagirl, but then realised I wasn’t a girl anymore. I’m a woman, a mother, and I wanted to reflect that in the name. Who knows, it may change again lol but for now I’m really liking it!


You can find Sophie’s Instagram name here – @airyogamumma

2. I love the way you connect with your followers? Is that why you started your page?

I started my page almost like my own personal yoga diary. I had always wanted to start a blog but I am really computer illiterate and find it really hard to get what I’m thinking into words, so IG was perfect for me. My followers inspire me everyday! When I’m having a bad day I find their support really does lift me up. I have even been blessed enough to meet some of my beautiful followers, and have become quite close friends with a few 🙂


3. Who inspires you to keep going? 

My girls really do inspire me everyday to be a better person. I want to be a role model to them and show them that having a healthy body, mind and spirit is so important. Life shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be filled with laughter, love and fun! Yes, there are going to be hard times but its how you handle those hard times that really make you become a more self aware person. I truly don’t know where I would be without those two little munchkins, and all I want to do is make them proud to call me their mum!
 4. Your little girls are just gorgeous! What’s one of your most proudest #mumlife moments? 

Omg! That is a really hard question! There have been so many proud #mumlife moments. I think just watching my oldest interact with her sister makes my feel very proud. She is so kind, gentle and loving towards her. I love hearing her call her “sweetie” because that is what I call her, so I know my actions and words really do have an impact on her.Their bond is so strong already, it melts my heart.

 5. What is your biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments? 

Hahaha there have been many of these moments also! I’m the mum that will jump in the backseat and breast feed why my husband drives (baby still in their carseat, don’t worry!), or will send my kid to daycare with dreads in the back of her hair because I couldn’t find the hair brush 😛 I think though, my biggest #mumlife “oh no” moments would be when I let toddler tantrums get the best of me and end up saying things to my Tyla (my oldest) that make me look back and think “how could you ever say that to her” When you’re tired, stressed and just over being a parent all patience just goes out the window. Thats when the best thing to do is just get someone else to take over and walk away!
 6. You can see by your photographs you have a huge passion for Yoga? Can you tell me more about your yoga practice?
Yoga has always been a part of my life! My mum put me in my first class when I was 10 and I fell in love. Over the years it has always been a constant. I may not have practiced everyday, but it was always something I would fall back on when I was down or stressed. I’ve had a long history of depression and drug/alcohol abuse and sometimes I feel like there were times that yoga saved me. It is my moving meditation, my time to go within and just keep myself in check. There are days where my practice just flows, and other days where I do 5 minutes and realise I’m just not in the right headspace. Its ever changing, like ourselves. Thats what I truly love about it. There are no rules! You create the flow you need. I have just started teaching classes and should be finishing up my teacher training by the end of the year so I am really excited to start sharing my passion with others!
7. I love seeing you workout in front of your children. Do they love to join in on the odd occasion? 
Kayla, my youngest (8 months) absolutely loves watching me workout! She thinks burpees are the funniest thing in the world haha her laugh is definitely motivation to keep going. And she definitely loves being on my yoga mat with me, so once she starts moving I can see her being a little yoga bub! Tyla (she’s 4) loves teaching me yoga haha! She is a little control freak so she always has to be the teacher. And whenever Im outside doing a workout she loves to jump in and give it a go, but like most 4 year olds, she has a very short attention span haha I just love the fact that they are growing up being surrounded my movement. Whether it be yoga, workouts, surfing, walking, they see their parents keeping fit and active and I believe this is just so important!


8. Favourite active wear? 

I have a few fav brands, but I have to admit Lululemon would be my all time favourite! Their leggings are amazing. I hate it when I’m constantly having to adjust my tops/[pants while I workout and I find their gear always stays put. Teeki is another brand I love. Their yoga leggings feel amazing on! And also Cadenshae maternity sports bras are the best!! I practically live in them they are so comfy. And perfect for when you’re breastfeeding.


9. Do you still get a chance to go on a date night with your man now you have a little girl? If so where is your favourite place?

Its definitely been a bit challenging to have date nights since Kayla was born, especially because me and my husband both work a lot in the evenings, but we have managed to get out a few times! We have a few favourite restaurants in Auckland that we love going to. Moo Chow Chow and Tasting Shed would definitely be our top 2. Sometimes we just head down the road and have a quiet drink. I think its so important to make time for each other. Life can get so busy with work and kids, and unless you really priorities it you can end up feeling a little disconnected. So we try and do it as often as we can 🙂
10. If you had a hour of “you time” what would you get up too? 
I love catching up with my girls. Going out for a wine or lunch and having a good chat is one of my favourite things to do! It really makes my heart sing. I have got such an amazing group of woman in my life, and I feel really blessed to have that support network there! If no one was available for that then it would be a really good HIIT session followed by yoga 🙂 Bliss!
 11. Favourite go to recipe? 
Do smoothie recipes count haha I am truly a smoothie addict! My favourite at the moment, and one that I love making for Tyla because she thinks its a treat is my Black Forest Smoothie. Its just frozen banana, frozen berries, spinach, cacao powder, chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, coconut cream, dates and water! Blitz up and you have one decadent smoothie. I love making them nice and think so you almost have to eat it with a spoon. Good way to hide veggies for the kids too 😛

The Mummysomniac #showtherealyou

Kirsty from The Mummy Somniac tells you exactly how it is. Her blog and Instagram is filled with gorgeous photos of her children, mumlife, her amazing #fitspo bod, new outfits and REALLIFE (sometimes wee your pants funny) stories!

When she said YES to featuring on my #showtherealyou segment I jumped for joy. I’m a big fan and I’m sure you will be too.

 I love your Instagram name!I think it is so clever! Can you tell me how you came up with it?

Haha thanks! I used to joke with my friends about ‘Preggo-Somnia’. Where if ‘Insomnia’ means you don’t sleep, then ‘Preggo-Somnia’ means you sleep like a pregnant woman, which generally speaking, isn’t that great. After I had my kids, it just turned into ‘Mummy-Somnia’, due to the fact that my kids don’t sleep that well… My eldest has always been a horrendous sleeper, she just turned 3, and still doesn’t sleep all night!

Can you tell myself and my followers a little about why you created themummysonic?

2015 was an extremely difficult year for me. I had just had my second baby (Dec ’14), and with an almost 2 year old, and a 4 month old, we moved from Brisbane to Canberra. My husband and I are used to moving, but not with two very small children. My body had been hit hard by my second pregnancy, and the recovery was taking much longer than I had anticipated. Basically, our lives had been turned upside down, and I wasn’t feeling that great. I realised I was starting to follow the same path that I did after my first daughter was born. Back then, I had suffered from mild PND and anxiety, and found it really difficult to cope with day-to-day things. When I realised that it was starting to happen again, I started to write. At first I didn’t do anything with the pieces that I wrote, but then after following some of the other amazing bloggers out there, I realised that it can be a pretty fantastic way to connect with other like minded mumma’s. So I turned my little Instagram account public, and posted my first blog. It was really the best outlet for me, and I’m sitting here almost 9 months later, feeling infinitely better than I had been, and I have made some amazing connections because of it.


As a busy mumma what is your go to workout?

Generally speaking my go to workout is throwing together a bunch of old favourites like, squats, lunges, or even just star jumps. I either do it in the living room while my little one naps, or out in the back yard. I really just do whatever I can to get my heart rate up, and to get the blood pumping. Sometimes, depending on the day, I’ll load the girls in the double pram, and take them for a walk. Pushing that thing full throttle up a hill is a pretty good workout.


How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I aim for once a day… but that doesn’t always happen. So often I get caught up in general day-to-day mum life stuff that I forget, or I honestly just don’t have it in me. So it ends up being about 3 times a week. I generally don’t do anything on the weekends, mostly because I’ve been working every Saturday and Sunday lately, but also because it’s our only time together as a family. In saying that, we do often find ourselves going for a walk to the park together, and every little bit helps.

Favourite activewear?

If we’re talking brands here, I’m a sucker for Lorna Jane. I cannot walk into that store without spending way too much money! But I recently received a Cadenshae nursing sports bra, and Holy McGoly is that thing comfortable! I’m not even breastfeeding anymore, but I still wear it more often than I wear any others!


When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through?

I actually left this question until last. I really had to put my thinking cap on to try and pinpoint what it is that truly helps! I’m terrible for getting caught up in the heat of the moment. I find it so hard to be able to walk away and take a minute to calm myself, or the situation down. As time goes on though, I’m getting much better at this. So when I’m having a rough day, I try to reach out to someone. I send my bestie a text, which is so helpful, because often times she’ll come back with something similar, and we have a giggle at how our lives have changed. I try and find some time to sit and write about it. I have found that looking at the situation and trying to find the funny in it (cause there’s almost always something to laugh at… no matter how small), really helps to put things into perspective. I guess that’s why most of my instagram posts are the way that they are! Knowing that it’s not the end of the world, that other people are in the same boat, or that there’s always a silver lining helps to pull me through.


Favourite quote or mantra?

“This too shall pass” is an old favourite, and so relevant to life with little ones! Another one I love is, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift “I shake it off, I shake it off”… Ok, I know that’s not quite a quote, but it’s always stuck in my head, and I think old Tay Tay’s got it right here… Cause haters gonna hate, hate, hate, and fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, so forget that rubbish and SHAKE IT OFF BABY!


Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go?

Sadly, date nights are few and far between for us, but when it does happen we love to go out to dinner together. We love just getting out of the house and sharing something together that we both enjoy (food), having a drink, and chatting uninterrupted. Even if the conversation still revolves around the kids!


Proud mumma moment?

I really had to stop and think about this question. I think my proudest mumma moments are those ones where I can see my girls growing and learning (given that they’re 3 and 17 months, it’s the little things! Lol). When my three year old counts her Barbies and says ‘Mummy, I have seven. See, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven’ (Ok I know, that’s a lot of Barbies… but I blame my husband for that!), or when she insists on dressing herself, or using her manners with other people, without being prompted. It’s those mundane, every day moments that mean the most to me. It means that the time and effort we’ve put into teaching them our morals and values are starting to take effect.


Something you do for yourself?

SLEEP! Oh wait… I’m a mum! Haha

Ok, but seriously, this is hard. One thing I always try to do is get my hair done, on a regular basis. I’m not one for beauty treatments, or day spas, BUT getting my hair done is definitely a ‘for me’ treat. It gives me 3-4 hours of sitting still, drinking a cup of tea or coffee while it’s still hot, and having a chat with my stylist… the man is hysterical! It’s something I look forward to every few months. Out of all of the things I used to do for myself pre-babies, this is one thing that gives me back a little bounce!

Who inspires you?

Firstly, my dad inspires me. Every, single, day. Without going into all of the details, that man as been to hell and back in his time, and he’s never once waivered in his love and devotion for me, and my three sisters… Oh god, I’m tearing up as I’m typing this. The man is unlike any other!


Secondly, my two closest friends inspire me. These women are truly amazing. Each of them have been through, or are currently going through infertility. I had never really experienced infertility until these ladies were touched by it. I’m so very lucky to be close enough to them to have an extremely open and honest relationship. There are no details spared, and I think that has really helped to give me a level of perspective on my own life, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I have been in awe of them, and inspired by the level of love they have for babies that haven’t even come into the world yet. I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to put it, but that’s just one of the ways I see it. If they can put themselves and their bodies through the kind of torture that fertility treatment and IVF is, then these babies (when they arrive) are the luckiest babies around. To be loved with such intensity before you even exist, what an incredible thing to have!

I guess these people inspire me because of the love and determination the have, and show. I can only hope to be the same way.


Dream job?

Ok, well this one’s a hard one to answer! My first answer would be SOCIALITE! Is that even a job? I mean, I know socialite’s exist, but do they get paid for it? I’m thinking Kimmy K, and Paris here… I guess you don’t need to get paid when you come from money, and I guess therein lies my answer! Ok, no socialite-ing. I would also love to be a flight attendant, for one of those gorgeous airlines like Etihad or Emirates… They always look so glamourous, and they get to travel the world, and get paid for it! I’m sure it comes with some serious downsides (like every job)… but the only problem with all that for me is, I hate flying, I get serious anxiety! Which I manage to keep in check most of the time, but I couldn’t do it on a regular basis.


So I guess I’ll go with writer! How I would love to get paid for something that I do now for fun… Let’s see if one day I can get there!

Best advice you have been given?

That sometimes being the parents of small children can place a lot of pressure on your relationship. OH EM GEE did this ring true for us. Suddenly we found ourselves in the deep end, with this tiny, little, squidgy, squawking, bundle of joy! We both had no idea, no support nearby, and the lack of sleep hit us both hard. We found ourselves bickering and arguing about every little detail. A friend of mine opened up to me, and told me that it’s really hard work, and a lot to adjust to, and it’s ok to feel the pressure! It made me realise that our relationship wasn’t failing, but that we’re just feeling the gravity of raising a little person. It’s still true for us now. We know that when things get a little tougher, or the sleep goes out the window again, that we start to take it out on each other. It’s at these times that we try to regroup, talk it out, and readjust our strategies for dealing with all that life is putting in front of us.


Favourite beauty product?

Hmm… I’m such a minimalist in the beauty department! I have always had super sensitive skin, and found that I reacted to so many different products, especially on my face. So these days I only use Jojoba oil, rather than traditional moisturisers. I don’t get the reactions like I used to, and I don’t get any of the oiliness that the other moisturisers used to cause. I have also always used (and swear by it) a deodorant crystal. It sounds super weird I know, but I won’t use anything else! Do they count? haha

Thank you for sharing your life a little more in depth with us all. Keep doing what you do Kirsty, you make me smile on a daily basis.
Want more? 

Blog – The Mummy Somniac

Instagram – /themummysomniac

Kaotic Mumma -#showtherealyou


I first came across Kaotic Mumma about a month after I gave birth to Cruz. I loved her strength to be honest on her Instagram. It inspired me to do they same. Being a first time mum I was overwhelmed and it was nice to know that there was other mummas going through the same thing. I love how something such as a social media site could help you form bonds with other people you hardly know. I wanted to know more about this community I see on the daily on my news feed. I love to follow people that are real and not just a staged photo. I am inspired by people in this world that are raw and honest. So today is the first on hopefully many #showtherealyou features on my blog.

I asked Kaotic Mumma to share a more in death part of her journey with you all.

This is her story…

Kaotic Mumma came from starting a fashion blog with my bestie but then realising I wasn’t posting contributing to our collaboration as I was too self-conscious of being unfashionable while I was pregnant with my third child. So, due to my chaotic lifestyle, Kaotic Mumma came to life. For me, it’s also a way to find out about new brands, interact with other mums and keep a little of my sanity. I just wish I had started 5 years ago as a lot of questions I had could have been answered or made me feel less of a failure along the way.

I am Mum to three gorgeous children and have the most wonderful Step Daughter who makes our life a thousand times easier than I could ever imagine. Most of the time, I could not be more proud of the 4 children we have under our roof and am blessed to call my family. Our life is busy, but it’s great. Don’t get me wrong, some days are terribly difficult flying solo. The tantrums, the crying, the wanting to be picked up and carried everywhere…but this is my life. These are the choices we made. I am blessed to be able to have children and healthy children at that.

To add to our chaotic lives, I decided to study after having our third child and I have 2 weeks to go…thank goodness. Working 2 days a week, running a household while my husband works away 5 days of the week and studying has been a big challenge, but I can see the end goal of eventually becoming a national trainer in Beauty Therapy within the next 5 years.
I have a basic routine in my life, which helps me get through each day – just to keep my tiny bit of sanity. Every morning I get up and I do a 5 minute workout. I find if I do this first thing in my pjs then I have my head space ready (most of the time) for what the day is going to throw at me…or what my “threenager” may literally throw at me!!!!!!

If I can, I will try to get to the gym. I am hoping this becomes a regular event in my week now they have just started to do classes with a crèche. Having Nug away for work eliminates any time I have to myself to allow me to duck to the gym, so to have the crèche open is a blessing. Gone are the days of Jameson (now 7 months) sitting there in his pram or being entertained by the staff…which is amazing of them, but does make me feel a little guilty to be working out. I find I am constantly in my active wear. Most of the time I have all intentions of working out, going for a walk or a class at the gym. Other days I’m literally going to do my housework or grocery shopping. Who am I kidding? Even just having coffee in my active wear. It’s funny, I am so naive about the many different and current brands when it comes to active wear but the great thing about Instagram is that I am discovering brands I never knew about. Now that I have started going to the gym more, I am looking forward to trying out some new active wear labels (let me know ladies I love a recommendation). At the moment though, my wardrobe consists of a whole lotta Lorna Jane.

When having a rough day, I honestly have no go to remedy. My family live interstate so I can’t call around to vent or grab a hug, I just have to push through. Sometimes I’ll have a cry, it can all get a bit overwhelming and other days I am not so proud of. These are the days I am short tempered and snappy, but generally I just stop…breathe.. re-group…and move forward. These are the cards I have been dealt. Breathe again!!!

My mantra is “trial and error” if it doesn’t work one way try another. I started this approach over 6 years ago with my youngest sister when my nephew was born. Every baby is different, each of my children are different. I very quickly learnt that if one way doesn’t work, try another approach. Life is a learning curve. I don’t believe I’ll ever fully have control of my life but at least I’m trying.
Like most mums I have many moments when I am proud of the kids, but never more so when I hear the girls encourage each other or compliment each other. I love how they randomly say things like, “I love your pjs Livvi”, “Your thongs are really pretty Bella” or “Your hair is so so beautiful Bella”. Even sitting on the sidelines at netball or swimming lessons, they yell at each other, “Good job Ava”, “Well done Livvi”, “Go Bella”. These are my most proud moments, when they build each other up and support each other. These are my most proudest moments, when they build each other up, when they support each other. Slowly teaching them how to care for others and the whole “treat others the way you want to be treated” is rubbing off on them!!!! Then I feel like we are doing a decent job as parents and not screwing them up for life.

Instagram Kaotic Mumma

Thank you so much for sharing your story. If you would like to be featured on my #showtherealyou blog email me at aliceinhealthyland@hotmail.com