#showtherealyou Caroline Fenton AKA @avidivababy

It has been lovely having a little break from blogging but my gosh I have missed it. I truly enjoy writing, even though I have never been great at it. My teachers always said that I write exactly how I talk haha. True, but that's the beauty of blogging, you write in the style you want too, it's your blog.

One of the segments on my blog that I truly love sharing with you all is my #showtherealyou segment where I get to feature some amazing people and interview them about themselves. I learn so much from these inspiring people.

So this week I am kicking back off the #showtherealyou feature with the gorgeous Caroline Fenton. Caroline is a cappuccino loving women (as am I), that is a wife to her hubby Tony, a mumma to a handsome little boy Alfie, a wifey and a business owner to the most adorable mums and bubs online store @avidivababy.

So put your feet up with your hot drink of choice and take 10minutes to sit down and read about this gorgeous women…


Favourite hot drink? 

Definitely coffee. A good hot frothy cappuccino, the more choc powder sprinkles the better.

Can you tell me who the REAL Caroline Fenton is? 

The REAL me!? Well that’s a question!! I am a Brit, living in Perth with my hubby, our little boy Alfie (now 2.5yo!) and our cat, Tony. We’ve been in Aus for 9 years… after living in Brisbane and Port Hedland, we’ve finally settled (well, maybe!) in Perth. My background is in Psychology and Marketing but I have also been an English Teacher, a Project Manager, an Exec Assistant, and now a mummy! Being a SAHM, I wanted to start up something that was for me, and that is how Avidiva came about.


I love a good café, and a breaky out and ending the day on the sofa with Lindt and Netflix. I love the outdoors, exploring and travelling – all things I don’t do enough of these days! I love cooking but go through phases as to how much I do, and also how well we eat!! If I’m on my own, I’m mostly found attached to my laptop… otherwise, you’ll find me picnicking in the park with my boy!


Tell me about a day in the life of Caroline?

For the last few months, this looks like… being woken up by Alfie at some crazy hour (I try not to accept anything before 6am from him!!). We then have a few tantrums over cold feet (but not wanting socks on!) and which bowl is acceptable to eat weetbix from, and which one of 20 spoons will be ok to use! We usually put some tunes on, have a cup of tea, and then get ready for the day. If it’s a daycare day, then I pack up our bags (me with my laptop!) and get out the door asap… drop the little tinker off, then head to yoga. Sometimes a coffee with a friend, or a biz catch up, then back home or chill out in a café to work, email, blog, post social media content, source suppliers, update the site, run ads…you name it! A trip to the post office before daycare pick up, then home for the usual dinner, bath, bed routine before collapsing on the sofa!


What drove you to create your business @avidivababy?

My little boy was born early at 30 weeks (my membranes ruptured at 22 weeks), so between that and his NICU stay, we spent almost 6 months living at the hospital. A crazy and scary time. Pretty emotional and super tiring! My start to mum life was not the best. As we gradually got used to each other, the anxiety, and the sleepless nights, I decided I wanted to do something for myself that wasn’t ‘being mum’ and also something that could reach out and connect with other mamas. I have created an ever evolving collection of beautiful (I think!) and all natural products for bubs, and am working on creating our community through The Mum Collective too I wanted to raise a bit of awareness and an easy way to shop natural alternatives, being so important for vulnerable little ones. Not with a big agenda, or any huge eco conscience… just a place for mums to source stylish, natural products and for friends to gift too.

Winter Rose with her Finn & Emma Rattle Lovie KELLAN ELEPHANT comfort toy (pictured above).

Winter Rose with some of the natural balms Avidiva have to offer to help your little one sleep and be calm you and relax (pictured below).

We love using Kiss Ready Baby Natural Relax Balm and Badger Balm ORGANIC BABY BALM.


What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a new business? 

To go for it! It is so rewarding. You learn so much. It’s great fun wearing all the different hats. It is also by no means easy, it’s not a money fixer and it’s not without hard work. If you are able to, or have the opportunity to, then it really is a great experience! Find something that makes your heart happy and give it the best shot you can…


What is your favourite quote or mantra? 

Ooooh… maybe ‘don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’. It can be applied to everything and a lovely reminder to just be who we are, exactly as we are!


How often do you find the time to move your body? 

I used to be a BIG fitness fan. I would run almost every morning, and teach Les Mills classes at the local gym. I would run half marathons, and triathlons, swim in my lunch break… loved it all!! After pregnancy complications and not such great health, I cut back completely and forced myself to take it easy. Plenty of walks for me! Nowadays I am a little bit obsessed with yoga (something I never had the time for pre bub!). We get out on walks and bike rides as a family, but no crazy gym classes for me!


Favourite activewear?

Just leggings and a tee – simple here!


Something you practice daily? 

Eating chocolate, tee hee! I try to get to yoga as much as I can.


What does self love mean to you? 

Just listening to your body. Not pushing yourself or beating yourself up. Not trying to be all things, or something you are not. Taking time to enjoy the little things.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all a little more about yourself and your family Caroline.

Want more from Caroline?

Website / https://www.avidiva.com.au

Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/avidivababy

Big Love

Alice xoxo

#showtherealyou Rebecca Carr AKA @becbodymindsoul

So excited to introduce to you all Rebecca Carr. 

I first met Bec at White Bohemian when I was working in store. She used to come in store as a customer and one day we really got chatting about her passion and that is naturopathy, yoga and meditation. This naturally beautiful woman glowed health to me, and I was always so interested to know more about her lifestyle. 

When Bec decided to start her Instagram I was so pleased as she shares so many useful holistic health and wellbeing tips, her knowledge about yoga and meditation and some delicious nourishing recipes with her followers. 

I was so over the moon when she said yes to being apart of my #showtherealyou feature as I know you will love knowing more about this holistic goddess too. 

Sit down and put your feet up. Enjoy the interview with Rebecca Carr AKA @becbodymindspirit

Favorite hot drink?

My fave hot drink at the moment is a Turmeric late. I make my own just before I go to bed & I find it really soothing & nourishing. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. I love to think of my food & drinks as medicine & this is one that I like to include in my day.

Can you tell me who the real Bec is?

Hi my name is Bec, I live on the Southern end of the beautiful Gold Coast with my husband Colin and our three children Sienna -Rose (7), Xander (5) and Hunter(3). I am passionate about holistic health & healing, Yoga & meditation & living a positive lifestyle. I have always been interested in health since I was a teenager & that naturally lead me to study Naturopathy. I have been working as a Naturopath for most of my adult life & I love helping people improve their health & wellbeing.

I am currently consulting from the Golden Door Health Club Main Beach. Where I work 2-3 days a week. I find this is a good balance for me with family life.

I am also a Yoga Teacher & enjoy teaching private lessons from home or the beach. Yoga keeps me calm, centered & grounded. Instead of reaching for a glass of wine to chill out I grab my mat & bliss out. Often with Hunter jumping all over me or trying his best at down ward dog.

I have also been fortunate to learn Qigong meditation and this has really helped me to cope with the pressures & busyness of being a mum, juggling daily life and work.

We live near the beach, & being outdoors is a big part of our lifestyle The beaches are amazing & you will often find me there. It might be for an early morning run & swim ( total bliss ) or on an afternoon walk with the children & the dog.

To keep a good balance with family, home life & work I try to keep the rest of our life pretty simple. We go to the beach, to the creek, we love going to Byron Bay to a great place called the farm, we have yearly passes to crystal castle & the wildlife sanctuary & we go for road trips to waterfalls & the hinterlands. Balance is super important in living a healthy, happy life. Something that I am working towards daily. When I realized that everything doesn’t have to be perfect…that its perfect just the way it is…I started to let go & enjoy my life more.

Tell me about a day in the life of Bec?

Ok, so again with trying to create a balanced life, my hubby Colin & I have alternate training mornings or ‘me time’ mornings & this works out great for us. On a training day I will wake up at 5.45am & go for a soft sand run along the beach for about 5 kms. I may have a dip in the ocean or sit for 10 minutes & meditate. So by this time I’m feeling super proud of myself for getting out of bed & really pumped for a great day. It really sets the energy of the day for me. I will then come home and be tackled by 3 little ones and then make breaky. At the moment I’m enjoying apple cidar vinegar in a glass of warm water followed by my Green Goddess Smoothie. This is loaded with green veges so my body is getting a lot of nutrients & nourishment to start the day.

If it’s a work day I will take the kids to school & kindy and then will go to work. I will always take a nutritious lunch to give me the energy to get through the day. I like to take left overs as its easy to make extra the night before. I also drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day to ensure I stay well hydrated. After I have seen all my lovely clients its time to go and pick the kiddies up from school & kindy.

If it’s not a work day Hunter & I will hang out. This is our special time together while Sienna Rose & Xander are at school. We will keep it simple & go to the beach or park and take a picnic with nourishing healthy food.

I try to keep after school activities to a minimum as this keep the stress down. There is a lot to do with 3 kids as they all have their different needs & they all want my attention. Dinner, bath, bed this is such a busy time of the day for me. AHHH im feeling stressed just writing about it haha.

Then there is me time…Yay! I will practice Yoga, eat a light nutritious dinner, chat with my hubby, meditate ( Colin also did the Qigong course so we meditate together ), one of my biggest luxuries since having kids is to have a long hot shower in peace. I will often light a candle in the bathroom and have some nice organic products to use, this time is a real pamper time for me. Before I go to sleep I like to read, usually only a few pages. And then in comes Hunter…and there is three in the bed!

We will have a date night or date afternoon every couple of weeks where we will go to the beach without the kids and then go for an early dinner. This is our special time together to connect.

I have 1 day to myself each week & I use this time to do something that will nourish my mind, body & soul. I usually have an acupuncture appointment & then go to a Yoga class and finish with a nourishing lunch. I look forward do this day so much & I feel refreshed, recharged & ready for another great week.

What drove you to create your Instagram account?

I started my Instagram account the same time I started working at the Golden Door Health club. It was a way I could connect with like- minded people. My mission is to inspire, empower & motivate others towards optimum health & wellbeing.

You have a big following of amazing women,  what do you think attracts women to your social media platforms?

I think that the fact that I’m showing the real me in day to day life with my children is something that women can relate to. I am a positive person, I enjoy life, I am obsessed with feeling great so my hope is that I can inspire other women towards greater health & vitality. The meals that I post are simple, tasty & nutritious and easy to make. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. I love chocolate as do most women & I think it’s something we can all enjoy. If its raw & made with natural ingredients & love our body is getting a lot of health benefits. I buy all organic food and use only wholefood natural ingredients. It’s very important to me that my children are growing up eating super healthy food as they are growing little bodies & they need it the most. I like to teach them from an early age what is healthy food, about vitamins & why their body needs it. So it becomes part of the norm for them.

You are a mumma and you have your own business? How do you manage the balance between the two.

Finding the balance for me means being organized, prioritizing what is really important, letting go of all the stuff that isn’t, having quality time with myself, my husband and each of my kids.

What is your favourite quote or daily mantra?

I have lots but the one that resonates with me at the moment is

‘I am a warrior not a worrier’

How often do you find time to move your body?

I love to move my body every day. Even when the children where babies I would have all them 3 of them on the stroller going for a walk or run. Now it’s a luxury to

go on the beach by myself in the morning. If I don’t run I will do yoga at home or go to a class once or twice a week.

Something you practice daily for self love?

Is Yoga & meditation. It’s a self love practice for my body mind & soul. It may be a dynamic practice if I have the energy or a soothing yin practice if im tired. Ive learned over the years to listen to what my body needs, to nourish rather than push and that sometimes…less is more.

What is your favourite piece of active wear in your current wardrobe?

Are my dharma bums yoga pants. They are bright & colourful & make me feel happy. They are also lightweight & super comfy.

Go to healthy recipe?

I am just loving my Green Goddess smoothie for breaky at the moment ( recipe on my Insta page ). Its packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fibre. Its also hydrating, alkalizing and a wonderful gut healer.

You can find Bec’s recipe for the smoothie HERE

What advice would you give to other people out there wanting to start a blog/business?

Find your passion, follow your heart & be yourself! Your vibe will attract your tribe x

Runners or Heels?

Runners, heels are a lifetime ago haha! 

Thank you so much for reading.
Want more from Bec?

Instagram @becbodymindsoul

Facebook Rebecca Carr

Naturopath & Yoga Website www.rebeccacarr.com.au

Email info@rebeccacarr.com.au

Ellie Parker AKA @livewithelle #showtherealyou

Ellie Parker, is a woman that I could sip juices with at breakfast, drink coffee with at brunch and enjoy a wine and a dance with in the evening (I have experienced the wine so far) if only we lived close by. 

I love her daily posts of cute doggies and how they can change your life, yoga inspiration, delicious vegan meals, her blog updates, honest product reviews, her stunning Sydney outfit choices and her big smile with her bold lipstick. 

I reached out to Ellie AKA @livewithelle to be apart of this segment because I just know you all will be inspired by her positive energy, big smile and creatitive writing as much as I am. 

My favourite piece of writing so far by Ellie is her blog post on  The 7 Easy Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

So sit back with your feet up, tea in hand or wine whichever you choose and learn more about this gorgeous woman as she shares her story for this weeks #showtherealyou segment. 

What is the story behind @livewithelle, why did you start?

It started off as a personal weight-loss blog, but it has turned into so much more. I started Eat with Elle because I was looking for one place where I could find recipes, beauty advice and everything else in an easy to read format and style. I’ve watched it grow over the past year and I am so excited for where it is heading – stay tuned for big changes coming!
Tell us more about the woman behind your blog? Ellie Parker?

Well, I’m 22, fiercely independent and love animals. I aim to live a wholesome, happy life and adore anyone that is an optimist in life. I studied Journalism and have worked at a few awesome places, including; World Animal Protection, Sky News, Women’s Health Magazine and most recently, Koala Mattress as a social media manager. 

What is your ultimate favourite go to healthy treat?

Definitely frozen grapes. A friend showed me them once and I’ve told about a million people about them. They go even sweeter when frozen and are a serious summer treat hit!
Favourite beauty product on the market?

Ooo this is a hard one – I love all beauty products! If there was one product I couldn’t live without it would probably have to be my face mist toner. I love Jurlique’s rosemist toner. It sits on my desk every day and whenever I need a pick-me-up I just spray it and instantly feel better. PLUS my skin always feel soft and smells divine because of it.
If you were to go to a cafe would you order a juice, a coffee or a tea?

Definitely a coffee. I love my coffee waaaaay too much. For me, tea is for home and juices are on the go. But coffee is definitely meant to be consumed in a cafe, where you can sip on it for ages and enjoy it.
Favourite activewear to rock your bod in?

Definitely either my Slinkii marble tights (in white) or my Rumi X cute yoga shorts. Both of these brands are relatively new and are killing the activewear scene.

What is your favourite form of exercise to keep active?

I love yoga so so so much. If practiced correctly, you can have a banging bod and work up a real sweat from a decent yoga class. Make sure you stay hydrated during your class and always have a towel on hand. Don’t be afraid if you’re a beginner – yoga teachers are the nicest people in the world and are always there to offer a helping hand.
Favourite Quote?

Other people liking you is a bonus. You liking yourself is the real prize”. – Alex Elle
What do you think draws women to your social media platforms?

Firstly, I’m so honoured that women follow me at @eatwithelle, and I love the community we’ve created. I think they’re drawn to Eat with Elle because I’m just really honest. I only write about products and experiences that I love, and they can relate to me. If I have a crap day, I let them know – rather than having people laugh at me I’d rather laugh with other people about my antics. Not only that, but I write about a whole heap of topics that women are interested in, especially more beauty stuff lately which is great!

Who inspires you?

My parents. They both came from average Aussie families and have both formed their own extremely successful businesses and are just killing it at life in general. I couldn’t have asked for more inspirational role models if I wanted, and they’re both so generous and willing to give me advice on anything I might need.
What would be your ultimate date night with your man?

Anything that involves wine, cheese and an element of surprise. I really think people these days underestimate the power of surprising someone… for me that is what makes a date magical. It could be a surprise dinner date or skydiving, but the element of surprise in general is what makes the ultimate date night.

Want more from Ellie? 

Snapchat – livewithelle

Instagram – 


Website – www.livewithelle.com

Ashley Gardner AKA @mumblepieblog #showtherealyou

Ashley is a first time mum to beautiful Maggie. Maggie is 8 months new and has been a huge inspiration to her mumma creating her new blog, http://mumblepie.com.au/wp/ . So proud of Ashley for taking the leap and starting her webpage. She is a farmers wife, which I think is so cool (yes I just said cool). Ashley is a journalist and a crazy cat lover. She contacted me to be apart of the segment and of course I was happy to have her share her story. Being a new mummy my self, I am constantly looking up mummy blogs and vlogs to seek what other mummas are going through and if the feelings I feel  are the same as others. 
This weeks #showtherealyou woman is Ashley Gardner AKA @mumblepieblog so put your feet up, have a wine or a cuppa and enjoy the read…
Firstly, I love your Instagram name @mumblepieblog! Can you tell me how you came up with it?
Thank you! Mumble Pie  is my blog name and came from a play on “humble pie”, my love of food and becoming a mum and its associated ramblings. It took me a while to think of something fun and original – there are so many great bloggers out there and I think being original is the key!

 Can you tell myself and my followers a little about yourself and what your page/blog  is all about?

I’m a 29-year-old, mum to eight-month-old Maggie and wife to farmer Ian. We live in a small country town in NSW on a farm and when I’m not a mummy, I’m a journalist at the newspaper. I’ve been on Instragram for a while now, mostly posting pictures of my cats, farm life and food, but when I was pregnant last year I decided to start a blog to document our lives as we delved into the world of parenting in the hopes that someone out there may relate to my experiences. I also love to feature other Insta mums and bloggers who I have a mum crush on, like yourself and Amy Waterhouse (not Winehouse). Sometimes I don’t get a lot of time to write blog posts, so it gets over taken with pictures of Maggie, but that’s mum life! I also love to cook, so often I will include recipes and pictures of food on my pages.

As a busy mumma what is your go to workout? How often do you find the time to move your body?

I find the easiest workout to do as a busy mumma is to put Maggie in the pram and go for a long walk around the farm, she goes to sleep and I get exercise, everyone is a winner. I log onto Snap Chat in the morning and see that you have gone for a walk, and I think yep I better get off the couch today and go for a walk! I attempt to do some form of exercise every day, but it doesn’t always happen, as you know, babies are unpredictable. Although I’ve recently found my motivation again and have joined a local boot camp, as well as a boxing class. I also love to play tennis, so I play in a competition once a week. My Fitbit also holds me accountable, unless of course it’s charging, then I can’t leave the couch if the steps don’t count!

 Favourite activewear?

As someone who has always been self conscious of their body, I have always opted for whatever covers everything up the best. Since becoming a mum, I am less self conscious – go figure? So now I wear tights as pants and am in love with a pair of Lorna Jane, suck me in, 3/4 tights. I also recently purchased a Caden Shae nursing sports bra, and that was certainly money well spent! I love it!

When you are having a rough day, what do you believe helps you to pull through?

Smiles from Maggie fix everything! I’m also lucky to have a very supportive husband and hands on Daddy to Maggie so if I need a break, he is there! Also going for a walk around the farm is great to clear the head.
Favourite quote or mantra?
“Happiness is simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to” – Rita Mae Brown

Do you ever get a chance to share date night with your man? If so where do you go?

We were able to have a date night for my birthday recently so we went to the movies and out for dinner in Tamworth. There actually isn’t a lot of places to go where we live, but just being able to spend some quality time together every now and again is nice!
What is one of your proud mumma moments?
Maggie has recently started to crawl, so that is my latest proud mumma moment! I think everything she does is wonderful (true biased parent here), so I have so many proud moments!

Something you do for yourself?

I love to relax in a bubble bath, so I try to do this at least once a week! I also love to cook and read books so that’s usually where you can find me when Maggie is napping.
Bootcamp has become my new proper me time. Ian takes Maggie on the tractor and I go to town and go to bootcamp with a friend, I’ve been sick lately so have missed a couple of sessions and I really miss it.

 Who inspires you?

My greatest inspiration lately is all the mummy bloggers I follow, you, Amy Waterhouse
The Young Mummy, The Modern Mumma, House of White and Mad Max Mum are some of my faves. We are all in this together and I love the support fellow mummies create, even if you don’t know them personally, reading blogs or looking at Insta photos can be very inspiring!

 Dream job?

This will come as a total surprise to most. My dream job has always been to become a pilot, very different from journalism. It’s a hard and very expensive field to get into, especially in the country, so maybe one day! I have always loved to write though, so journalism was always on the cards. Maybe I could combine the two.